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My sweet little gymnast

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She was 3 foot 11 inches and 65 lbs. She was my preteen daughter. Her name is Sophia

So I have a sexy little daughter and she is 10 and I am a single father with full custody. She takes gymnastics and has very firm muscular thighs and a fat round ass but still has baby fat around her chest that makes her nipples poke out a little. She sleeps in my bed and has since her mom left. She has her own room set up just for appearance and her clothes and toys. I have taught her about sex since she was 4. She is home schooled and I have a tutor that comes during the day while I am at work. I had not penetrated her yet. I have lubed her fat asscheeks and slid my cock between them until I came on her back. I have done the same on top of her pussy and came on her chest.Well a week ago I took her virginity.
It was a Friday afternoon and the tutor had left for the weekend. I was kissing her and rubbing and fingering her pussy and the I saw the her throw her head back and grip the sheets with both hands and moaned oooo daddy its its its I’m gonna ooo daddy and she shook and was trembling as she experienced her 1st ever orgasam. It was the most beautiful moment I had ever experienced. I made my babygirl cum in my mouth and oh how her juices fowed into my mouth. After I pulled her on top of me and kissed her so hard stroking her hair. She said daddy I love you so much. I said oh baby I love you too. She said I am ready daddy. I said you’re ready for me to to. She said I want your cock inside my pussy daddy. I was shocked that she used those words but didn’t care.
I wanted to make her 1st time special so I drew us a bath with her favorite honey suckle bath bomb. I stood her up and bathed her beautiful preteen body and I washed her gorgeous long dirty blonde hair as she stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes. My heart melted at the way she looked at me. After I thoroughly washed and fingered her pussy and tiny asshole I turned her around bent her over and stuck my tongue in her ass as I fingered her tight hairless pussy. She moaned and gasp as I tounge fucked her ass. I rubbed her clit and she said daddy Im gonna do it again and I said ooh baby are you gonna cum? And she said oo yes yes daddy I’m gonna oooh and she let out what sounded like a little squeal and shuddered as I switched and started sucking all her sweet pussy necter and she actually pissed a little and it ran down my chin and I swallowed it all. She said I’m sorry daddy that I pee pee on you. I said ooh honey I don’t mind at all. I stood up and my 9 inch cock was throbbing. I.pulled her up so she was standing in front of me and she was just tall enough where her mouth was level with my cock. I placed my hand on each side of her head and guided her mouth to my cock. She licked it and sucked the head and I would pull out a bit and push it back in going further with each push. She had to open her mouth soo wide to get almost all my cock in her sweet warm mouth until I felt the back of her throat. She sucked it the best she could. She would stop about every 30 or 45 seconds because her tiny mouth was tired but just for a few seconds and shove it right back in until it was as far as she could handle. Then she shoved it so deep she gagged and pulled it out to catch her breath but I shoved it back and I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it all the way in her throat. I was gagging my little girls throat with my huge cock and she gagged so much she had tears streaming down her face. I pulled out to give her a break and she said daddy did you cum? I tasted something salty. I said that’s my cock leaking some pre cum. Kinda like when your pussy gets wet. She went back to deep throating my cock and I told her baby daddy is gonna cum in your mouth. She looked up tears streaming again and nodded yes. I pulled her so hard by her head that she was on her tippy toes and shot my cum in her silky smooth throat. I had to pull it out cause she was choking and shot some on her face. She swallowed and coughed and ask was that good. I wiped some cum off her face and let her suck it off my fingers before I rinsed my cum off of her picked her up and kissed her deeply and didn’t care that she had cum in her mouth.
I carried her to our bedroom and layed her on her back and started kissing her and sucking her neck and down to her little buds. I opened her legs and her pussy was still.wet so I pushed my cock between her pussy folds and started pushing. I got a quarter way in before she gasp and said daddy it hurts. I said I know baby but only the 1st time. I pulled out and went further with each thrust and I had each of her ankles in my hands and I kissed her feet and pushed even deeper. She cried and whimpered and said its too big daddy. I said relax baby. Her hymen had already been broken from me fingering her but she was soo fucking tight. I was all the way in and she had relaxed and was taking the full length of my cock. Her eyes were still wet with tears and I reach down and pulled her up and licked the tears off her face and say with her legs wrapped around me and riding my cock. I held her to my chest and shoved her down by her firm thick hips and fucked my baby. I reached down and sucked her little nipples and thrust as far as I could and she wasn’t crying anymore. She was kissing and sucking my nipples and that sent me over the top and I came deep inside my preteen daughters pussy. I kept fucking her until I felt the cum on my legs and I pulled out and she layed on her back with her legs open and touched her pussy and said ooh daddy your cum is inside me and I watched as it oozed out of her tiny pussy. She sucked all the cum from my cock and we fell asleep holding each other. That was the 1st time but not the last for sure. She is my sweet little gymnastics.

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  • Reply your mom ID:1e3fs8jp5m83

    This is truly disturbing and disgusting…

  • Reply Normal Person ID:1ewve5ypyttp

    Wow your one sick fuck… One day she’s going to become famous and is gonna write a book and speak out about your creepy ass.

  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Das am Anfang mit 4 Jahren ist mir doch ein bißchen zu gracy aber der Rest einfach geil ich hoffe du nimmst dir in der vortsetung ihren süßen kleinen Arsch vor

  • Reply TvT ID:1djio03dvg9l

    I wish I had a naughty daughter

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:7zv3ebbdzk

    Well done! …look forward to more adventures..

  • Reply littlechap ID:5teiorr6ik

    Nice story, but why a 9 inch monster? Even grown women struggle with those…
    Pretty sure a 10 year old would love my 4.5 inches

  • Reply ezurex ID:645g3mj6ii

    this is impossible to read man

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Be sure to breed her

    • Buzz ID:1dqxqy96j414

      Nice story, hope there is a part 2

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    That is so hot , I would love a young little virgin gymnast to share my bed

    • nzpedo ID:cq1wbaoid

      i got a hot little gymnast coming over for a couple nights soon. i cant fucking wait

    • Ash ID:1dx3yybcyutu

      Ahhh, NZ
      You are one lucky guy! Would love to hear all about it. Or see it!
      My discord is Ash73#3109

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:y3g45aggubp

    Absolutely fantastic story please write some more

  • Reply Mr C ID:6ewpy07b0d

    Cant read this . In future space your prargraphs out to make reading easier.
    For that reason i can only give you 3 stars………………………..10/01/23

  • Reply Kevin ID:1ei9cmolt82v

    I wish i had something little and cute to play with

  • Reply Ash ID:lk2dikoic

    Fuck that is hot!
    Little gymnast and ballerina girls are the best!

    • BAREPUSE ID:1ah742a5zrj

      I agree especially with their little pussey filled with my cum seed