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Amy Tale/s – Poker Wife

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I had experienced double vaginal when I was 17, but not since, and I was eager to try it again.

This tale happened in the last month at my husband’s first duty station before we moved. It is also the last “surprise” my husband purposefully instigated involving other people. There is another tale I will share where my husband walked in on me getting fucked, but this one occurred a week before they packed our household goods. That is how close to our move it was. We had another weekend with no kids, and my husband started talking about having a kinky weekend. I reminded him of the last two times (Tonya and Shorty). He said he was over all that, but it did excite him to see me fucked. I said, okay, but if it gets out of hand, remember, this is your idea, and he said, okay.

I can set this tale up for you because it was explained to me ahead of time. My husband told me he had invited two guys (soldiers) over for Saturday at 5pm. He said one was white and the other was black (I was excited for another black guy). He told me that he had caught these two guys sucking each other off in the shower late one night when they were deployed. He talked to them a lot since then, and knew they were bisexual. So, I already knew that much. My husband said he invited them to play poker (not for money, just for fun), and they agreed. My husband told them he was married, but that he was not sure if I would be home. My husband wanted me to wait and go to the grocery store around 4:30 pm, so that I would be coming back after they were already there.

I said, whatever, you and your fantasies, and what do you want me to do when I get back from the grocery store? My husband said, tease them. I said, and if they want more are you going to get mad? My husband said, no. I said, okay. Saturday came and I was at the grocery store. I got home around 5:20pm. I entered the front door, and I could see the black guy sitting at the card table my husband setup, up the hall from the front room, and the white guy was coming from the kitchen. The front room was down the hall from the living room and kitchen area. They were just getting started, and they were drinking. My husband said, this is Amy my wife and greetings flowed. My husband said, I thought you were going shopping tonight? I said, yes, grocery shopping and put the bags I had down and went back outside for the rest.

My husband setup the card table catty-corner and he was sitting with his back angular to the couch. In other words, only his two friends could see me if I were to sit toward the middle of the couch. I know my husband’s mind, he likes me to tease, but for others to think my husband does not know I am teasing them, so I picked up on what was going on right away. I am pretty sure the table and sitting arrangements played into the hallway. Both the guys could see me coming up the hallway, and the front room entry way, and I did not know if my husband considered that.

The two guys were average looking, and as muscular as my husband, but my husband outweighed them, and the white guy (Tim) was a little taller than my husband. The black guy (Rob) was about my husband’s height. The guys were wearing shorts and shirts with flip flops. I was currently wearing a shirt and bra, and shorts and sandals. Now my husband could see me enter the living room from the hall, but he could not see down the hall, so I did not waste any time. I went upstairs and grabbed a white t-shirt and knit shorts and some lacy panties, and I came back downstairs and put them in the front room.

I went up the hall to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and went back into the front room out of sight. Both guys looked when I went to the bathroom, and I can assume they looked when I went back down the hall. I took my clothes off out of their sight and wrapped the towel around me and grabbed a hairbrush. I started brushing my hair into a ponytail. While I did this, I walked around with just the towel on and into the entry way messing with my hair. I did not look at them. At one point, I let the towel drop, and I bent down and grabbed it real fast, and my boobs were bouncing, but I had my side to them, and I quickly walked out of their sight. I heard one of them go, oh shit! It was too coincidental to be part of their card game.

My hair was up, and I walked with just the towel on to the bathroom in the hall. My husband could not see me, but they were both looking at me. I rinsed off in the shower. I dried but held the towel around my front, but my ass was showing, and I went back down the hall to the front room. I heard, damn man, look, but once I got to the room and out of their sight, I could not make out the talk. Now, I am in the front room naked out of sight contemplating, do I just get dressed, or get dressed where they can see me? I picked up my t-shirt, and I made a semicircle as I put it on into the entry way. If they were looking, they could see my tits and hairy pussy, and my face was covered by my shirt passing over my head, so I could not see them, and I went back out of their sight. I heard my husband say, are y’all going to play cards or what? And one guy said, or what sounds good. After that I could not make out the talk.

I could not figure out how to put my panties and shorts on without it being obvious, so I just put them on out of their sight. I walked up the hall with my nipples poking through my shirt and I went to the kitchen. My husband said, what the hell were you doing in there? I said, I took a shower. He said, I heard that, but these two would not stop looking down the hall. I said, well I had to use the hall to get to the bathroom, you need to ask them why they were looking? Tim said, I was just watching you go up and down the hall since you did it so much, it just distracted me. They talked about it for about 5 minutes, but bottom line is that neither guy said anything to my husband remotely resembling what I actually did. I got a drink and went and sat on the couch.

The two guys were looking at me a lot, but my husband could not see me. My nipples were visible through my shirt and I was sticking them out. I moved around and fussed with the pillows so my boobs would bounce around, then I started messing with my phone. I think my husband was actually trying to play cards, because he constantly had to tell them to bet, or it’s your turn, or go already. I went back to the front room and removed my shorts and grabbed some clear coat nail polish. My husband had painted my toenails red the night before. I sat back on the couch and started painting the clear coat on my toenails. I had on some pale blue lacy panties, and you could see my hairy pussy through them if you looked closely. I wasn’t really watching them, but my husband was ranting at them, and then he turned around and looked at me.

My husband said, what are you doing? I said, clear coating my nails. He said, you are distracting them from the game. I said, do you want me to leave? Tim and Rob said, oh please don’t go? My husband said, well y’all need to pay attention to the game. My husband did not say anything else to me, and I finished my nails. When they were dry, I went back into the front room and took my panties off. When I came back, I sat so you could not see my pussy. They got to playing a hand serious like, and when I was sure they were betting, I raised one knee up and flashed my hairy pussy at Tim and Rob. They lost all interest in the game. My husband turned to see what I was doing, and I just left my leg up.

My husband stared at me but did not know what to say. Finally, I said, the gig is up, they have seen my pussy. I stood up, and I took my shirt off. I said to my husband, I finished playing your game, they don’t want to play your card game, now we are going to play my game. My husband’s friends cackled. I looked at Tim and Rob and I said, you boys want to fuck me? Of course, they said, yes, yes please, hell yes, take your pick. I sat on the couch and I said, come on. They came over and sat down on either side of me, and started rubbing, and kissing on my breasts, rubbing my pussy, and Tim got in between my legs and started eating my pussy. I said to my husband, you going to join in? I want to be gangbanged. Tim and Rob started undressing, and my husband took his clothes off. My husband moved the table and spread a comforter on the floor.

I was not impressed with the dick selection. I had my hopes up for the black guy, but his dick was about the same size as my husbands, 8” probably. The white guy, Tim, was longer than my husband, but not noticeably, maybe 8.5” plus. My husband’s dick and Rob’s were about the same thickness. Tim may have been just a little bit thicker. I got up from the couch and lay down in the floor, and Tim gets down and continues to eat my pussy. My husband knelt beside my head, and I started rubbing and licking his dick and balls. Now Rob caught me off guard, he started sucking Tim’s dick. I watched, and then it started to excite me to watch a guy suck a cock. I remembered the big cock black gay friend of my husband, and how he sucked my husband’s dick. I just wish Rob had a big black cock too.

I told my husband to help get me off, and he straddled me and started fingering my pussy while Tim licked. It did not take long, and I got off. I wanted some cock now, and not my husband’s. I made Rob lie on his back, and I looked at Tim and said, do you suck cock too? He said, yes. I said, make sure Rob is hard, and Tim started sucking his dick. I jacked on Tim, and both the guys were welled groomed, so I leaned over, and I started sucking Tim’s dick and licking his balls and shaft. He was hard as shit, like there was a solid rod in his cock. I stopped and ask Tim, is Rob’s cock hard? He said, yes. I moved on top of Rob, and I stuck his black dick in my pussy. I started grinding. I could tell Tim was trying to lick Rob’s balls as I fucked Rob.

I told Tim, stick your dick in my pussy too. I had experienced double vaginal when I was 17, but not since, and I was eager to try it again. Tim got his dick head in above Rob’s dick in my pussy, and he was going slow. It felt good, I liked my pussy stretched. Their dicks were the right size for this. Tim managed to get most of his dick in me and we were all rocking the best we could. My husband was sitting on the couch and watching as I grunted in pleasure. I asked Tim, can you cum like this? He said, yes. I asked Rob, can you cum, and he said, yes. I said, both of you cum in my pussy and push hard and hold it. It was fucking amazing, I liked when a big dick came in me and throbbed, but two is the bomb. They did not come together, but close, Rob came first, but they both pushed their dicks in hard together, and throbbed as one, so it felt a little like vibrating with both dicks throbbing in my cunt.

We took a break and then went again, pretty much the same except I got on top of my husband, and he and Tim double fucked my pussy. Rob fucked Tim in the ass. Rob went out to their car for lube and condoms to do it. It was a little harder to move in my pussy with Rob fucking Tim in the ass, but my husband got off. Tim kept fucking me, and my husband went limp and his dick slid out of my pussy. Tim got off again but about 10 minutes later, and Rob got off in Tim’s ass about the same time (they coordinated it). We got up and got something to drink and snacked. We just walked around naked. Rob wanted to suck my husband’s dick, and my husband kept saying it was not necessary. Still, Rob kept wanting to suck it, and I joined in and said, let him suck your dick. My husband gave in and Rob gave my husband a blowjob. I was watching him, and Tim fucked Rob in the ass, and I licked my husband’s balls.

My husband lasted about 5 minutes after I started licking his balls, and Rob just swallowed my husband’s cum. I asked my husband; did that feel good? He said, I got off, didn’t I? I teased him about it after the guys left. Tim got off in Rob’s ass, and then Rob fucked Tim in the ass again, and I made my husband jack on Tim’s dick. Then after Tim and Rob sucked each other hard again, Tim and Rob fucked me again and came virtually the same time in my pussy, and I was satisfied that I had done something new and exciting. They did not spend the night, and I never saw them again. We left for the new post two weeks later.

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