Becoming a Size Queen

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So some of you ask what is it like having a gaping pussy. Well with some help from our resources we can teach you all about it.

What is it like to have a gaping pussy? How does it feel and what makes it feel that way? How much can I fit inside and what feelings do I gain fromm stuffing myself? Is it a problem or is it a massive gift? Will I be horny all the time from it or will it be in rare occasion? What are the pros that come with it and what are the cons? These are all the questions women ask themselves when they first find that fetish. I had to ask myself that from the very beginning when I started this journey.

I don’t want to give my name out to anyone so the Pussy Gaper or two of them since they work on this, highly respect my choice in keeping my information a secret. I will tell my gaping experiences however since it gives some choices if you want to try pussy gaping yourselves. So why did I choose to permanently gape my once tight pussy?

We’ll I was curious back then and since I started I have little to no complaints about it. When I first started it hurts like hell. But when I kept gaping myself I soon had some changes as well as some things I would consider as enlightenment. When I mean enlightenment, I am freeing my soul through through the opening of my source of pleasure. I have become one with the spiritual world as it enters my insides and my energy release my inner self.

You see I see my gaping pussy as a godsent since it gives me opportunities. Men last longer when they have sex with you, you can give birth easily, you can keep valuables inside your pussy like car keys or money, an much more. Sure there are problem that come with gaping like yeast but yeast can be taken care of by taking precautions as in not shaving your pubes and using honey to keep it in greater quality.

So as I kept gaping I kept track to the progress. Normally when becoming a size queen I don’t want to harm myself from tearing or brushing so I try to change sizes that was not too big but at the same time would do the job. Once it becomes too small I then switched with something bigger that follows the same yet changed steps. Once I finally achieved my permanently gaping pussy I have the choice to keep going for a bigger size or to just have it remain at its permanent self.

Now keep in mind not all women can go from different speeds and different elasticity. Some women can take bigger sizes with immense speeds and others like to take their time. Some are looser than others while others can be both tight and gaping at the same time. There are even some women who remains forever tight no matter how gaping they are. For example the female Pussy Gaper is actually tight said by the male Pussy Gaper with proof. Apparently she isn’t able to remain gaping and would always revert to to her virgin tight self.

So in many ways, people prefer different tastes, some want gaping pussies and see them beautiful while others prefer being tight or loving tight pussies. In all ways be happy with what you choose for in many ways, we must find ourselves with the decisions we make and the paths we choose.

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  • Reply The Pussy Gaper

    It’s been a while from this as well. My love and I had a lot of fun making this.

  • Reply Gaping Pussy Queen😍

    Also I am the female Pussy Gaper in this story so I hope you enjoyed my boyfriend’s tales of our fetish.

  • Reply Gaping Pussy Queen😍

    You know gals, you can give this a try. I know I have huns.

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper

    Does anyone want to try this out? I thought it might be good to gain a new pleasure.

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper

    My girlfriend and I do teach a gaping pussy class so if you want to give up your tight pussy life for something that would improve your sexual sensation in a perverted enlightenment then send you email here and we can start training.

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper

    If you gals want to take a gaping pussy class you can join us by sending your email.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver

    Oh my God I would love to find a woman like you that has a huge gaping pussy I want to find that one woman that will fit anything inside her pussy I don’t give a shit if I can feel the sides of your pussy or not just knowing that your pussy is extremely huge I want to find that woman that I can stick my whole head inside her pussy