Taken advantage – Part 2

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I asked my son to open the door and see whose there. It was richi and he gave my son 20$ and said him to go and buy something for him and then play with kids till he wants. My son said that my mom does not allow me to play with kids. I did not allow him as the kids where not good in the locality. Richi said don’t worry I will handle ur mom. She will not say u anything. My kid ran down the stairs with happiness. I was in the kitchen asking whose there. Richi locked the door and came in the kitchen and grabbed me from behind. I was stunned. He started kissing me and pressing my boobs. I resist and shout now wat u want after spoiling my life. He got angry and told that I have an offer to save ur life u bitch. Come in the lounge I will tell u. I followed him. I was so absent minded that I forgot about my kid. We sat on the sofa. I asked him to plz tell me. He said first sit on my lap then I will tell u. I was in home I was wearing knee length nighty and panty. i said plz not again u know wat problems have been created plz. He said ok fi9 I will leave then. I said ok I am coming. Then I went and sat on his lap. I could feel his cock getting hard. And I was justing trying to get out of this mess.
But was getting dragged in it more and more. Then he started squeezing my ass and pressing my boobs. While doing this slowly slowly he told me that I have a solution that will solve all ur problems. I said wat plz tell me fast. He started massaging my pussy. I was moaning in a very low voice. He told that if u agree u can earn more then 200$ per day. He removed my nighty and started pressing my boobs and bitting my nipples. I was getting aroused. He said that u will just have to cooperate. I said how in very low tone. He said first let me lick ur pussy then I will tell u. as I could do nothing he laid me on the sofa removed my we panty and started licking me. This was second time that my pussy was licked. I loved it when it happened the first time. Then he started fingering. I was just moaning with deep breaths. Then he got up and started to undress. I understood his plan. I said no plz no fucking. He said don’t u want money. I said I want but I cant fuck again. He said its ur choice. I was cursing my fate and he lifted me in his arms and laid me on the sofa. Spread my legs wide and entered my pussy while squeezing my boobs.

Then he kept on fucking me. Then he sat on the sofa and asked me to sit on his cock. I was doing it first time so I did not know the experience. I sat on his cock as he guided me. It was very painful. His cock was going in and in and in. he pumped me violently. It was painful but had pleasure. Then he sprayed inside me. I did not say anything as I was already pregnant.

Then we sat in the same condition there. He dragged me on to his lap and started talking nasty. He was touching my stomach and saying ooohh my baby. I was feeling real shameful at that time. Then I asked him wat is the offer. He said ok I will tell u. the offer is that u can earn 200$ per day as I have many people who love girls like u. I said wat do u mean. He said u just will have to pleasure them at my store. I said no way. He said there is no other way. I was blank with nothing in my mind. The bell rung I wore my nighty and panty quickly. I opened the door. It was my friend. She told that I am sorry for my rude behavior I have brought 2000$ for u. and plz don’t get into this mess again. And then she just went inside the house. I could not stop her. As she entered the lounge she saw richi laid naked on the sofa. She got shocked and saw me angrily and said u r really a big whore. I could not say anything. She want out of the house. Richi started dressing up. As he was leaving my son came. I asked him where were u. he said that richi uncle gave me 20$ and said to go out and play. Then while richi was going he gave me 130$ and said think about wat I said. I closed the door.

In night suddenly my ph rang. It was from my office as they had selected me for an add and r ready to sign the contract with 2500$ payment. I was in a joy. I said yes I am ready to sign the contract. They said do come to office tomorrow. I said I will be there. I was very happy that atlast all is over and I got a safe way out. Then the next day I went to office. The gave the contract and asked me read it and then sign it. I was just curious about the money and I just signed the contract. They gave me the cheaque. The next day I had my abortion. Rested for 2 3 days and started my work again. i stoped going to richi’s department store and started my life peace fully.

Finally the day came when my shot was schedule. I did not know which product I am been selected for. They gave me a mini skirt and a top reavealing my stomach and legs hands. I had not weared such a dress before. I was getting real feared. I talked to the incharge, but he said this is necessary and mentioned in the contract. I again had no way out so I weared the dress and came out for shoot. The cameraman and director where touching me. I was not confortable at all. Eventually my shoot went worst. I went back home disappointed.

My ph rung. It was my boss in angry tone telling me that ur contract is terminated and u will have to pay back the amount in one week. My boss was Indian and his name was ravi. I had no words and before listening to me he kept the ph. I was sad again and started crying that wat to do now. Then I thought of calling my boss again and ask for mercy. I called him he was not listening to me. But after a lot of plea he said ok fi9 come to my office tomorrow I will see to it. I was wondering the whole nite wat is going to happen and wat will I do if I had to payback the money. Next day I went to the office. Boss called me and started scolding me. And he kept on saying that u will have to return the money or face the case. I was pleading him to plz do something. Suddenly I heard something from boss. He said that I luv u shilpa. i said wat sir. He said yes I love u dear. I said sir but how come. He said I will marry u. we had a bit of argument. Then he said come lets go out for lunch. We went out for lunch then he came to my house for a coffee.

I was a bit happy. I made coffee for him and myself. Door bell rang. It was my son. Ravi did not know about my son. And was not quite happy after he knew it. My son slept. We kept on talking. Then he gave me a gift and said to open it. It was a mini skirt with panties. I said wat is it. He stood up grabbed me tite and started kissing me. He was saying I luv u shilpa. Plz wear this for me. In the mean while is hand was pressing my boobs. Then he started massaging my pussy which was feeling good. I had trusted him and I started having nice time. He was a well settled man. I just had decided to marry him. Then we both got up and went to the bedroom. I changed in washroom. the panties where just piece of rope and the skirt was bearly hiding my ass. My boobs where wanting to get released. The dress was to tite. But at that moment I was real high as I thought all my problems r solved.

Then I came out. Seeing ravi naked. I just stood there ravi came and starting kissing me violently and was pressing my boobs. Then we laid on the bed he slid of my dress. He was fingering my pussy and sucking my nipples at the same time. Then he was already to enter. He placed his cock on my pussy and gave a thrust. He started slow and eventually got the pace. Then he took my legs on his shoulder and started hard pumps. He was really good and I was moaning with pleasure. Then he was about to cum. I asked him plz cum outside. He replied ur my wife dear and smiled. I replied with a smile too. With hard thrust he cummed. But he had taken his cock out. Then we kissed eachother and had a warm bath. Then he dressed up and went back. I was resting with peace that know my life will be settled at last. Next day I went to office. As I entered in ravi’s office he said did u arrange the money. I said which money. He said u have to pay 2500$. I said wat about yesterday. He said forget about yesterday and talk about today. i simply had no words. He said remember with in one week.

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