What I Desire

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Two highschool sweethearts been marry for 1&1/2 years.They are happily and deeply in love.Except here lately sex for the wife has been kind of dull.

Lately, I been feeling a little scared. My mind been thinking about things it shouldn’t. Finding myself searching to look at hot white men dicks and possibly end up talking to one. Or, how would I get fucked if I with this person. But I can’t help how I been feeling and don’t know what else to do about it. I want to stay loyal and faithful to my husband. But it scares me if I show or tell him how I want to have sex. It’s happen before between us. A few weeks after we got marry when we have sex I never seem to get off. He would always cum and it be over. No helping me get off sometimes. I’m just left there to either finish the rest or think bout something till I’m not horny no more. Don’t get me wrong I love to masturbate but because of this I’m starting to lose interest. I don’t look forward to having sex with my husband sometimes. What’s the point getting all excited when its just going to end up with him getting off?! I Desire more than this. I desire to be tied up to the bed or my hands tie together. Getting tease all over, sending electric tingles up my spine. Making my nipples hard and pussy dripping fucking wet. Eating me out till I lose all reasons and beg for his thick white dick. Fucking me so damn hard like he’s either trying to steal something within me. Or, scare to let me go because I’m making him feel too good and can’t get enough of me. I desire to tie him up. Doing everything he did to me to him. Driving him to the point of caving and begs me to put his hot hard dick inside my tight wet chocolate pussy. Riding that dick till he creampies my insides like you do a jelly donut. I desire rough sex. Don’t get me wrong every woman loves the gentle and passionate sex. But every now n then we want to be fuck rough and hard. Like push my ass up against the wall, rip all my clothes off, deep tongue kissing me that it’s hard to breathe. Fingering me with three fingers that my hips are moving on their own and I end up climaxing losing strength in my legs. I fall to the floor catching my breathe. You let up on me but only to take all your clothes off. Picking me up, dropping me on the couch and fuck me hard as hell from behind. You pull my hair, bite my neck and shoulder leaving marks. Smacking my ass that the sound echoes throughout the house along with the sound of you pounding my sopping wet pussy. Twisting and flicking my nipples which makes my pussy tighten around your dick more. You push deeper inside me and go even harder. It hurts just a little but also feels really damn good. I find myself wanting even more of you. I desire for us to switch the sex scene from inside the house to outside the house. Either the car or the park again. Something about the excitement of possibly getting caught and seen brings out a side of me I didn’t know exisited. My body gets more sensitive than usual. I desire so many sexual things I wonder if they ever will be fulfilled one day by my husband. Were still so young and I don’t want this to be a problem for us down the road. I just wish it was easy for me to get off as it was for him. That’s truly all I really DESIRE.

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  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hi

    You want your pussy eaten; well I will probably eat it a little bit, but I’ll rather have you fuck my face roughly. Smothering,pounding and grinding my mouth as if you were trying to kill me. Riding it like there will no tomorrow for neither of us. Riding it like hell in the reverse position. My nose smelling that sweet pungent smell of ass.
    Finally as you reach that point of release and flood my throat with lots of cum shooting down my throat damn near choking me. And top it off you quench my thirst with a flood of delicious golden champagne.

  • Reply Peter ID:55x2s6tv1

    After I’ve fucked you hard enough will you fuck my ass

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbddzm

    I have no problem having you my way! text me anytime at (347)949-2811 I am a true freak!

  • Reply Mich.guy ID:fx7i918rc

    So true.sex with the strange is best.african American women have no idea how many white guys want them,alot more than you know.

    • Ess_2020 ID:43yija6ii

      I always worry about that. If we to ever part ways I worry no other white guy would be interested in a black woman like me.

  • Reply Ohio guy ID:3zxjmrkz6ib

    Tell him or come see me I love eating pussy so much it’s more enjoyable for me than me getting off. I will tell you cheating is the hottest sex you’re ever going to have.

    • Ess_2020 ID:43yija6ii

      Idk. The way my mind been here lately. Cheating has sounded very tempted but I don’t think I could ever really do it.