Sex is the best medicine

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This story is fiction. It is an elaboration of a porn movie I watched which gave me the idea to write this.

I was friends with Amy as kids. We played together, living next door to each other, and being of the same age. We grew apart from each other however as teens.

Later I became a nurse practitioner and she works as at a casino. She got pregnant and got married fresh out of high school. She has been divorced about 2 years and is living back at home.

I was visiting my parents and her parents told me she has been very sick with a fever and asked me to check in on her. “It would cheer her up seeing you again also, I am sure.”, her mom said.

I seen her in her room. She was shifting from side to side and moaning. I knocked and came in.

“Steve? Holy…*cough*…cow! What the fuck*cough* are you..*cough*..doing here?”, she said.

“Ah heard you were sick. Thought you might need a nurse?”, I said

“I feel awful.”, she said. She told me her symptoms. I checked her vitals. She had a fever going. I left for a second and called the doctor I work under and told him her symptoms. I got a couple prescriptions for her. I picked up what she needed and sat with her the rest of the afternoon and chatted. She had me pat down her head with a wet towel. She undid the top button of the night shirt she had on and had me pat the towel on her shoulders and chest. Her B-cup tits were dying to come out. Her nipples standing at full attention. “Quit looking at my tits!”, she said

“I….I….wasn’t!”, I said. She laughed and sent herself into a coughing fit.

She said all hoarse, “what you don’t like them?”

“I…I…..”, I said. I was getting up to leave.

She laughed and said hoarsely, “I am sorry. *cough* I haven’t seen you in awhile stay. *cough* Plus you are kinda cute.”

“This fever has you delusional!”, I said. She laughed.

“Look at them if you want.”, she said

“You are sick with a fever, cough and are nauseous and you want to have sex? You are nuts!”

Even being sick as she was her fun side was coming out. “Whoa! Hold on there cowboy! I never said anything about having sex! How dare you! I am your patient!”, she said and went into another coughing fit. She hit me playfully.

“Here!”, she said and exposed her breasts.

“What the hell? Your parents are home! Stop it! Cover yourself!”, I said. She giggled and coughed.

“Is that why you can’t stop looking at them? Oh my….”, she said looking at the bulge in my pants.

“Aw fuck…”, I said

She was laughing and coughing hysterically now. “Aw shit if this cold doesn’t kill me I think you will. You are funny.”, she said laughing. “I am so glad you came by.”

“Me too.”, I said and laughed

“Close the door.”, she said

“Your parents are going to think we are doing shit.”, I said

“We are! *cough*Just shut the door!”, she said

“You’re sick as all hell. We are not doing this!”, I said

“Shut the door.”, she said authoritatively. I did as I was told. “I just want my temperature taken.” She unzipped my pants and took my dick out. “Hmmmm. Nice thermometer.”, she said

Her raspberry lips wrapped around my dick. She started bobbing her head up and down. She was coughing with my dick in her mouth.

“Why don’t we wait until you get better?”, I asked. She dragged her teeth up dick. “Ok! Ok! Do as you please!”, I said. She giggled

She deep throated me. I reached down and tried touching her bush. She pulled my hand away. “This is my thanks to you!”, she said. Jacking me off now and sucking my cock. She sucked hard as she could as I arched my back and held her head as I blew my load into her mouth. “Aw my God that was amazing.”, I said. She laughed.

“Ok let me get some sleep ok? You work tomorrow?” I shook my head. “Ok can you come by?” I nodded

“If you want me to. I would love to spend more time with you. Maybe we could go on a date when you get better?”, I asked. She smiled and nodded.

“I would like that.”, she said

I kissed her forehead and went home. I came back the next morning. “Hmmm? Back again huh?”, her dad looked at me slyly. I smiled at him. He was always cool with me. “You corrupt my daughter and we are going to have words.”, he said jokingly. I laughed. We sat and talked for about a half hour and I went and saw Amy.

“Feeling any better?”, I asked. She shook her head. “Yeah you look terrible”

“You look like a dick!”, she said, laughed and went into a coughing fit

“I met that in a nice way.”, I said.

“So did I”, she said, “give me a sponge bath. It might help.”

Her fever was now 101. I got some wet towels and patted her head with it. Her parents had left for work and her kid was at school. We were all alone.

Her shirt was open. Got a nice side boob shot. “Geez! Quit staring at them!”, she said hoarsely. “*cough* what is it about a pair of boobs that mesmerizes men?”, she asked

“I am not looking!”, I said giggling. Her body was all sweaty as I opened her shirt. Her gorgeous breasts before me nipples on hard. I washed her chest and played with her nipples.

“Stop that! They are not toys and that does bad things to me.”, she said coughing and giggling. I flicked one with my finger and she hit me with her arm right in the crotch. She missed my balls and did not hurt me but I bent over faking it. She was apologizing saying she was just playing. I acted like I was going to leave. “No come on. I am sorry! Don’t leave! Anyway you flicked my nipple!”, she said. I laughed and sat down.

“Ha you missed! I was faking.”, I said

I rolled her onto her side facing away and began to wash her back. “I can feel you staring at my ass!”, she said

I laughed, “How did you know?”, I asked.

I washed her back with the towel and proceeded to pull down her panties to wash her buttocks. I slid them down to her knees. The back half of her pussy was in full view. I washed her upper legs just staring at her pussy. I was hard as a rock. I slid my finger between her legs and touched it. Her soft puffy labia felt so nice as I felt the moistness between her folds. She gasped. She rolled over real quick and proceeded to bitch me out.

“What the fuck are you doing?”, she asked, “you are about the most unprofessional nurse I have ever met!”, she yelled. She looked at my eyes, “Quit staring at my pussy!”

Her beautiful trimmed bush before me. She shaved her lips but her mound had hair cut into a nice square.

“It…it…was an accident!”, I said, “besides what about yesterday?”

“Yesterday? Where you took advantage of a sick young woman? How would you like it if I did this to you?”, she grabbed my dick.

“You’re a sneaky asshole!”, I said. She laughed, “that is not funny!”

“Yes it is! You like me so much! So afraid I am going to be offended by something you do. I don’t offend easily.”, she coughed, wheezed and giggled.

“Oh yeah? What if I did this? I pulled her panties totally off. I spread her legs and and dined and her beautiful cunt. I spread her lips as my tongue danced on her dot.

“Oh my God Steve. You’re amazing.” I jammed two fingers and a thumb inside her. I rammed her pussy and as my tongue danced along her clitoris. She moaned. Her pussy was soaked. After a few minutes her hips moved upward and down and her legs came together around my head and relaxed. Her hips were rocking as she held my head. “Ewwww uhhh”, she said as she twisted to one side and her legs closed around my head and relaxed. “Oh dammit Steve as she pulled my hair. Her legs clamped around my head as her orgasm peaked. Pussy juice shot out. She made a high pitched sensual moan as she squeezed my head and her upper body twisted. She held my head with her legs for a couple seconds and that was it. She laid back down going into a coughing fit. She slapped me playfully. “How dare you not do that to me in high school!”, she said jokingly. “Holding out on me like that! You prick!”

“That was a learned talent over the years. I probably wouldn’t of been that great when I was a teen.“, I said. She laughed.
I got up and lined my dick up. Her little wet pussy felt nice against my mushroom. I shoved it in her.

“Ugh.”, she said. I fucked her hard. Hard as I could slamming my dick into her. Sucking on her tits. Burying my face between them. I pounded her pussy like I was punishing her. I was showing no mercy whatsoever. She loved it. “*cough cough* Aw fuck me Steve! Fuck me hard!, she said hoarsely as I rammed my piston inside her engine. It was sliding in and out with ease. She was going crazy. Being loud as all hell with her passionate moans and coughs. I felt my nut coming on and I kept slamming her hole until I released. “Awww God! Awwww Amy!”, I shot my load into her. One of the best orgasms I had in a while. It felt like it lasted forever. I collapsed on top of her. She stroked my hair as I laid next to her.

That night the fever broke. She started getting better. A couple days later we went on one date and the next day I got whatever it was she had. However, she was nice enough to return the favor. She came over to my place and took care of me and showed me how sex can truly be the best medicine of all.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfym4

    I think her Dad is definitely up for you two fucking her together. Could be fun!!

  • Reply Virgil M Ontuca ID:80htg07d99

    Sex is the best Medicine, I love it.

  • Reply Tactic ID:2vqwa90pxik

    Which porn movie was it?

    • Steven ID:1dc4cx3hqyq0

      Look up: “A story about sick girl fucked by her friend. Model: Kimura Tsuna” on xvideos.

      I just loosely based it off of that

  • Reply Aruna ID:1dhexuxzpu0j

    Ya! Exactly. Sex is the magic medicine to cure all the sour. There is no doubt in it. If both the partners are horny, they could recover from any pain.

    • James ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Most def is girly😘😘😘