How i want to be treated

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This is how i wish someone would treat me

I go to sleep every night with my window open and just a little tshirt on. One day i hope my neighbor looks in and sees, and breaks in. He could tie my hands and legs to the headboard of my bed, making sure that my legs were wide and my pussy spread open. His son is in my class (im 16) and hes a huge bully. He could take my virginity, and cum deep inside. Hed call all the other guys in the class, and tell them all to cum in me. Theyd all cum in me over and over, as many times as they wanted. All of a sudden it would stop. Id look up to see someone pointing a phone at me. Theyd ask me to say my full name, and to say hi to my mon and dad. Someone else would come over with a vibrator and hold it on my clit. Theyd make me cum again and again, and make me say that i loved being a slut and wanted to be fucked by every guy i met. Theyd stop then, and tell me that they recorded it, and if i didnt want it to get out, i had to do what they said. Every day at school id get my legs tied open in the locker room after sports practices, and all the guys could take out their frustration on my pussy.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qr9

    Well UM!, times to visit the doc. Or you could come to my house.

  • Reply Daniel ID:1db7syrezzik

    Hot, I would love to tie you up and me and my friends would fuck each of your holes

    • Praveen ID:5ri1e3i8rk

      Beatifull dream
      Add that
      Yeah lifetime fucking people
      After marriage you had lots of people to have sex. Even in your inlaws family there will be many, in relatives, your husbands colleagues, his friends.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:rz5vjb0c

    I can make all those fantasy come true just mail me

    • Lizzie ID:vzg1yr6z

      Okay 🙂

  • Reply kim ID:7zv37w3qrc

    Ye we are

  • Reply T ID:fzq6lvxik

    What your kik,snap,number or Gmail let me know which one I can text you on and I’ll post it

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

    What’s your Snapchat, Kik, Instagram so I could talk to you

    • Lizzie ID:vzg1yr6z

      I have an email and a tumblr, email is [email protected] and tumblr is @freeholesforuse

  • Reply Naughty Knight ID:1ah770leqra

    Wow, real masochistic you are!!