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Fucked by the same dog twice

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This is a story of when I was around 16 I was fucked by my dog twice

When I was 16 my parents were going out for a few weeks and we had a big dog I don’t know what the breed is but he was big anyways when my parents left I was home alone and I decided to take a shower because why not after I was done with my shower I saw my dog sitting there.

I ignored him because he sometimes does this, then he does something he starts sniffing my pussy so I pushed him off of me then he jumped at me and knocked me on the ground so I started to get up then he mounts me and I know exactly whats going to happen so I freak out.

I try pushing him off of me but apparently he got the right spot and started fucking my pussy as hard as he can it felt so good but also I was decusted that this beast was going to take my virginity (yes I was still a virgin at that age) but then I felt something hitting my pussy it was his knot.

I was scared that the thought of him filling me up with his cum but just then we get knotted and I felt so much hot cum filling my womb then he just stops and trys to move but he starts pulling and pulling.

When he was pulling I realize his cock was still in me and it was starting to get hard so he jumps back on me and continues to fuck me but thankfully he was already ready to cum agian and he does then the thought came over me and I looked down to see where my womb is there’s a giant knot and a big bulge of his cum in my womb.

When he was done with me he got off and his knot finally deflated and he pulled his big cock out of me (I later measured it and it was 6-9inchs) and his hot cum was pouring out of me but I looked down and felt even more of his cum still in my womb so I thought “well shit how am I supposed to get all that out” but sadly and thank fully I did it felt sooo good.

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  • Reply Ralph D ID:bvj7tfzj

    If you had been a virgin and your first time having sex was with a dog, that dog would have destroyed your pussy and you would have been in so much pain there would have been zero percent chance of you experiencing pleasure from the sex act.

  • Reply Phillipa ID:3q4frenq6ic

    The knot is to keep him inside you, he will fuck and fuck until it swells and he will stop. How did his come fill your womb? The cervix is pretty much a one-way street and his cock won’t have breached it.

    • Shania ID:2kyee16thi

      Now Leave Your Comment…Hi im shania i was so scared at first now i love it

    • Kid ID:dbj9nkg8l

      Shania, I would like to get to know you more and watch you get fucked nicely by your dog in snapchat please? 😊

    • Deadson.com ID:7ylhc2b9d0

      Hey Shania how old are you and what’s your snap

    • DOM804 ID:7zv2v6s7d0

      Phillipa … always good to see that someone on here knows what they’re doing. Trained many a dog but mainly the owner. Too many misconceptions but once she understands …. WOW!

      VA804 on Wickr

    • Open minded mommy ID:1ardd6sp8m

      The only one i know thatcan get through the human cervix and deposit the sperm in there are pigs.
      All others, including men and dogs…deposit inside vag. The peristaltic contractions of cervix during orgasms or afterwards will suck sperm into cervix.
      Believe it or not..dog cock works differently in our human pussy but its surprisingly satisfying

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I liked reading this story of yours and I would like to know do you have any more story’s about you and your Dog and if so I would like to know about them you could send me an invite on Hangout and my Hangout information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite

  • Reply Anonymous ID:21zg5n3hri

    Did you fuck him after did you suck him

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv365nvv4

    Awesome story I have a huge stud great Dane text me 814 319 8624

    • Gg ID:fzq74g20j

      Anyone know if there are other vids like this

  • Reply Yesboi898 ID:4keebbd9k

    Very nice story