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Step daughter’s playful nature part 2

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Well Stacy’s an my relationship continued the same normal routine as nothing ever happened, as far as anyone else could tell. Until one one camping trip .
Stacy and I always went camping, even without her mother wasn’t unusual. We went a lot more often, especially after I got a small driving camper with AC in it and mostly for the heater for alone time in the colder months.
Anyhow we were going camping as always Stacy gathered and packed what we needed for the weekend.
I was off work and on my way home,Stacy called me to remind me to stop and get the food and beverage list, and to let me know that we were going to have an unexpected guest, her best friend, Breeze was joining us.
Damn I thought, we had to play nice this weekend. Well I arrived home and there they were in bikini tops and short cutoffs, and again I thought damnit just looking at them two made me get hard.
We arrived at our 5 acre lot set up as our private campground, and got settled in for the weekend. I was going to shower and get some shorts on, but I couldn’t find any under pants. Stacy had had forgotten to pack them.
So I showered and went without them, but now the problem was all the shorts were loose fitting around my legs , surely showing I had no under pants on if I didn’t watch how I moved.
It was all good so far,with no accidental flashing. Stacy brought out a game she just bought for us to play, after getting tired of corn hole. It was the game twister!
After some pleading from them I gave in and we played and I’m sure both got a view straight up my shorts. At one point my crotch was right over Breeze’s face. Then my turn again.’left foot red, I was fucked that was going to put my cock within inches of her mouth. I got into the spot and I know she could see that my cock was right there, I could feel her breath.
chuckling I thought of her name. My turn again Breeze did not have to move, but I did. And the move put my cock right at her lips. I started getting hard knowing. It was within an inch of that mouth I now wanted to feel.
Starting to get hard, quickly closing the gap of air between my cock and her now opened mouth. Then feeling her open mouth with the tip. Looking at Stacy,grinning. I felt Breeze lick the head. I lost all controll and lowered myself into her mouth as she raise up to accept and answer my question with a moan. I went to my back,Breeze went between my legs and Stacy joined her
It turned out to be a great weekend, and later I found out it was all planned between them. Stacy was calling off colors to get me where I needed to be.
Now Breeze joins us on all camping trips

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbfii

    Nice story. I have always loved it when the girls thought to bring a friend along for the ride. Went camping one time with my rommies granddaughter and friends ending with 5 girls and one horny mom in my tent. The best 5 days of my life. When I got back I had to take three days vacation as I was exhausted beyond belief. One of the girls road back with me as I was by myself. She sucked me all the way home like three nuts she swallowed. After the second load we stopped for a drink as her throat was to sticky lol!
    To this day she is 23 and still calls me her daddy lol!