Bother and sister dance together naked

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My name is Ben I have a once in a lifetime experence to talk about. I was just 10 years old my little sister was 6years old we had a family room at the back of the house . We have seen each other naked she sece she was 4 years old and was 8 years old we sleep next to each other like a married couple . I had a big t-shirt on and underwear she had a tshart and panties on . We Ware Laing thare and I said let’s dance together naked so we got up and clothing came off and we dance together naked . My penis was flipping araned . I played with her butt it was soft and smooth she was 6 year old no boob’s yet I did not know. About sex yet the boob’s came on time 12 years old and she was a lovely 34c. My penis was thare for to touch if she wanted to touch it I did not put my finger up her . vagina she touched my butt to the dancing was like baote and the best expect we ware naked . Have a opertoney to do that again with a adult at a cothing optional resort in the near future.this was a 7 day a week thang Saturday to tharsday it was her bedroom or my bedroom Friday nights it was in the family room we did it tell Dad Kick us out of the family room we still did it the bedrooms.the last time we seen each other naked I was 14 years old sis was 10 years old

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