Wheelchair lady gets fuck by handsome stud

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I met a girl from my past I was 28 she was 27 we have first knew each other from elementary school or in our area of the state it was called middle School. I meant her mother and her stepdad I never met her real dad her half-brother but not living there but her niece and nephew were when they were visiting their grandma her mom.
Our relationship moved pretty fast when we were at her house we would watch movies I liked it when she let me squeeze her boobs I would squeeze her boobs out in the frontor I would shove my hand down her shirt and her bra and squeeze her boobs that way.

She has a nice body for a wheelchair lady I learned her bra and panty sizes her bra size was a 40d panties for extra large.one hot summer day I walked over to her house I was wearing basketball shorts with no underwear on I would hold the leg of my basketball shorts up and show her my penis. Before leaving her house the night her mom would tell me to say goodbye without her mom knowing I will grab the back of her bra pole on it like a slingshot and let it go I heard a pop and then I went to the field where it was and I realize the damn thing came loose.

I said oh crap what do we do if you can’t go out there looking like that she said I was going to take it off anyway. One day she realized that we were both getting really horny we had to tell her mom every where we were going. She said we were going to a nearby park that was a big fat lie we snuck over to my house.
I lived in the old house and did not have realtor access inside so I had an idea. I had a small garage left some room in it no power or lights and no windows I get the door open.I close the door turn on the flashlight so we can see what the hell we’re doingand I lock the door from the inside with a padlock and a chain before going to my house I told her to wear something that she did not mind getting dirty.
I told her wear something that you can get off and on she wore a button-down dress in the T-shirt panties and a bra I unbutton the dress for her and slip it off. With her being in a wheelchair she pushes her butt up and I helped her get her panties off she took the T-shirt off and she told me to flip the bra exposing her boobs.
I take all my clothes off and stand in front of her naked I know she looks similar to my sister’s when we got naked when we were kids . I squeeze her boobs I take my finger and I go to the in her vagina at first I thought myself okay she’s just like my little sister it’s got be here somewhere she had no hair on her nether region . I watch her lean forward in her wheelchair she plays with my balls and I get a blowjob of a lifetime .
relieve my garage and I lock the door up and we booked it back to her house and her mom was out looking for us she was pissed and we said we lost track of time we say our goodbyes and I go home.

One night I was over at her house and we were watching a movie in the living room her stepdad was out in the garage doing his thing her mom was babysitting her nephew and playing with them he was behind the couch with her. I watched her play with her grandson I was sitting next to my girlfriend and I thought of something real fast I had my hand down my girlfriend’s pants her mama go down to the floor to play with her nephew and I would play with her ass right there with her mom in the room.

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    There is nothing like doing something naughty under risk. Great story.

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    Nice Story

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    I whade say goodbye to my girlfriend and GTFO thare .

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    what would you would have done if you were caught by mom and stepdad?