Author: Ben

Doctor became my bro 3

Doctor tore her ass with his 8inch cock and went deep in her belly. And he started smashing her ass. The blood faded with the speed of fuck. Man: doc, don’t be so rough, you are... #

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Doctor became my bro 2

Man: doctor I didn’t know, girl this age can take upto 12 inches. Doctor: bro, vagina can take long things if trained at early age. Man: (with evil smile) what about butthole... #

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Doctor became my bro

It’s midnight, doctor was feeling sleepy in his clinic. Suddenly a man with a small girl show up to his clinic. Doctor: please have a seat Man: she’s my daughter(lily),... #

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I lick my cousin and she take me a blowjob

I think I was about 7, it was in 2011 I still remember the year. It was back in my country and we visited our cousins for a few days. I was still a kid exploring the world and there... #

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Wheelchair lady gets fuck by handsome stud

I met a girl from my past I was 28 she was 27 we have first knew each other from elementary school or in our area of the state it was called middle School. I meant her mother and her... #

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Little sister shows big brother her clit

I was 12 years old my little sister was eight years old I I was bored one day nothing to do. I thought to myself I walked in my little sister’s room and I open the door. I took... #

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Big sister gives a little brother a boner

My name is Ben and I loved to get naked with my sisters I was just 10 and my little sister was 6years old and my oldest sister was 12 . We were out side on a hot summer day and I said... #

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Neighbor watches neighbor get ready for work

My name is Ben and I am 35 yours old and my neighbor is in her 40es around five years ago my house on her side she had 2 bedrooms on my side of her house and the bathroom was on that... #

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Bother and sister dance together naked

My name is Ben I have a once in a lifetime experence to talk about. I was just 10 years old my little sister was 6years old we had a family room at the back of the house . We have seen... #

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