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Mike walked into the woods a bit away from the party he and some of his friends had been doing no nut November but he couldn’t take it anymore he had to jerk off
He dropped his pants and began to pump his cock. His hand was so quick that soon he felt the cum building up in him, the first few spurts hit the ground and then he sprayed thick ropes all over his stomach. Mike sighed with relief as he felt that release, his dick still twitching for more.
When suddenly Jess started walking towards him through the trees. “Naughty Boy~.” She giggled, her voice echoing off the trees.
“Wha?” He said surprised at this sudden appearance.
She looked down at his crotch covered in thick white goo and smiled wickedly, “You’re not going to tell anyone are you? That’s a naughty boy.”
He shook his head ‘no’ even though he knew she could probably smell it on him. “I have an idea.” She said, stepping closer to him.
Jess reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him along behind her deeper into the woods. The two of them kept walking until they were completely surrounded by trees. They stopped at one point and stood looking out over a large clearing. There was nothing but grass and trees around them and there wasn’t another person or animal for miles, just like Jess said.
“What do you want me to do?” Mike asked curiously, he was kind of nervous at this point.
“Lay down.” She commanded, pointing to the ground.
Mike did as she told him, laying down flat on his back with his hands under his head. Then Jess sat down beside him. He stared at her beautiful body, which was clad only in a small black thong. It clung tightly to her pussy, and although it didn’t show much Mike could see that she was already wet.
“You know what happens when I catch you jacking off right?” She asked him playfully.
“Yeah…” Mike nodded, licking his lips nervously.
Jess leaned forward and kissed him, pressing her tongue against his. Her kiss tasted of coffee, something that Mike found surprisingly erotic. He wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her hungrily in return. Their tongues danced together as they explored each other’s mouths, both of them moaning softly as their kisses deepened.
When they broke apart for air Jess licked her lips. “Do you want your reward?” She asked him, her blue eyes shining with excitement.
“Oh… yeah!” Mike gasped, feeling himself getting hard again.
Jess grinned wickedly, “Then I guess we have to do it right here don’t we?” She teased.
Mike moaned, unable to help himself as he watched her slide her thong down her legs. She kicked it off and stood up, pushing her panties to the side and stepping out of them. Mike gulped as he saw her pussy, it was incredibly soft and inviting looking.
Jess kneeled taking his hand, before falling onto her back, pulling him up over her. “Such a naughty boy~ spraying his load on himself instead of in mommy~.” She purred, resting her arms behind her head.
Mike crawled between her legs, kissing her thighs. He loved the taste of her skin, which was just as sweet as her lips and breath. He pushed his face against her folds, licking up any cum that was left on her skin. “Mmhmm…” Jess moaned, tilting her hips forwards so he could reach deeper.
He ran his tongue up her slit, tasting her sweet nectar. Mike lapped at her eagerly, her juices running down his chin. When he got to her clit he sucked on it, making her squirm beneath him. “Oh Mike! You’re such a good boy~” She sighed, almost lazily.
Mike looked up at her as she lay back. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, it made him want to please her more. He reached up, gently stroking her nipples. At the same time he slid his fingers up inside her, curling them around her pussy lips and gripping them tightly.
“Ahhh… yes…” Jess sighed, arching her back towards him.
Mike licked her clit again, swirling his tongue around it. He felt her tighten around his fingers as he continued to suck on her little button. “Yes yes yes~” She cooed, clutching his hair and pulling him closer to her.
Mike groaned at her words, he couldn’t wait to feel her pussy clamp down on his cock. He pulled away from her clit and kissed his way up her belly, stopping at her breasts. He licked each one, teasing her nipples and pinching them roughly. This brought a low moan from Jess’s lips, she arched her neck back and held her breath as he attacked her tits with his mouth.
Mike’s hands went to her ass, squeezing and kneading her cheeks as he ate her out. He wanted to make sure she came first so he could fuck her properly, he knew she liked it rough. He sucked on her nipple, rolling it between his teeth, biting and tugging it hard.
This seemed to really get her going, because Jess cried out and bucked her hips forwards. “AHHH! YES!” She screamed, her hands flying to his head and trying to push him away. But Mike didn’t let her, he kept sucking on her tit and using his fingers to pleasure her.
“I’m gonna come!” She cried out, her hips bucking wildly.
Mike licked her clean, then shifted upwards to kiss her. He slid his tongue into her mouth, kissing her passionately as her orgasm crashed through her body. He rubbed his shaft along her sopping wet pussy lips, making them glisten with her arousal.
Jess moaned deeply, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Fuck me,” She whimpered.
Mike nodded, sitting upright and grabbing her ankles. He lifted them high above his head before slamming into her, making her scream out loud. Mike thrust into her, ramming his dick deep into her pussy. Her pussy gripped his cock tight, squeezing him as he pounded into her.
“Yesssss~!” Jess moaned, arching her back and pushing her ass backwards.
Mike grabbed her hips, holding her still as he slammed into her again and again. They fucked like animals in heat, their bodies slapping together as they got closer and closer to climax.
Mike’s balls tightened and he screamed out loud, his dick exploding inside her. Jess’s pussy clenched around his cock, milking him dry as she came too. Both of them collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. Mike rolled off her, panting.
Jess laughed, “That was awesome!”
Mike nodded, smiling at her. “It was. I can’t wait to do it again.”
Jess laughed, “Me either.”

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    Honestly, surprisingly all right with a human to correct some of the weird that it would be great

    • OP ID:bo2qeotv3

      Yea I agree if I hadn’t been going for pure ai generated it’d be a better story

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