Neighbor watches neighbor get ready for work

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My name is Ben and I am 35 yours old and my neighbor is in her 40es around five years ago my house on her side she had 2 bedrooms on my side of her house and the bathroom was on that side. I noticed her bathroom blinds Ware up just enough seen some one in thare .
The next day I got up one hour early then normal and got in my chare with my binoculars and pointed them at her bathroom window and the lights came on and she came in to the bathroom in a aqua blue bathrobe took it off and she was naked underneath it her boob’s where bigger than I thought .she steps in to the shower and I see a black hairball between her legs saying she did not save her nether region a half hour later she gets out of the shower puts bodey creme on I am whaching her boob’s blow drys her hair puts the aqua blue bathrobe back on and walk out the bathroom door. I walk out of my front door on the way to work she is walking out her fruntdoor to to her job and she is in a nice looking dress . This was going on for a month and I got ready one morning and her bathroom light didn’t come on and I get a flashlight beam to the face.
The next morning I am minding my own business and walk from the kitchen with a cup of coffee she is walking around her basement with the blinds wide open wearing panties and a bra.

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  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    that is the price you pay for being a peeping Tom!