My son the bully

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My name is Julie I am a single mum with one son named Danny who is eighteen and in college. I currently have a part-time job working in a clothing store selling clothes for both men and women.

I spend a lot of time in the mirror concentrating on my looks and wearing fancy clothes as often as possible.

Recently my son was sent home after finding out he was bullying a class mate. An Indian boy the same age as him where he would constantly hit him, throw things at him and steal from him. At one occasion Danny hit his classmate on the head with a text book and that was when the teacher suspended my son and sent him home. The Indian boy looked younger in appearance and he was a very shy as a person which made him an easy target.

I will admit I wasn’t the best at raising my son, I let him get away with a lot of things but now things really had to change, now as he is getting older and become a young adult.

I myself have a lot of bad habits such as gambling, overspending, and masturbating with my sex toys, I usually masturbated in my room completely naked while Danny played video games.

I have never been caught masturbating by my son at all, luckily enough, but I did catch him in my cupboard where I kept my collection of toys. I punished him by taking away his video games for a week he was so pissed off he took out his anger on others at college.

I’m now in my thirties and prefer to have sex with younger men, the youngest I have slept with was a twenty three year old who I knew at work before he left and moved further out into the rural areas. It has been two years since I had a good fuck.

Secretly I practice black magic where I perform certain rituals to reach a certain goal. Mainly accumulating more money, for material things and pamper my naughty son as much as I wanted.

Talking to Danny today about his issues with bullying and how I can get him to stop I am a lot more stricter towards him and if finding that he still continues to be abusive, I may have to get special advise on how to deal with his behavior and get professional advise for my habits as well.

Danny now sitting in his room hopefully thinking about what he has done and how he is going to change, he still has his video games to play but at the moment I cannot hear any video gaming going on so I assumed he was fast asleep. I decided to have a quick moment to pleasure myself with one of my toys, choosing a vibrator and sticking it to the wall I slid my pussy onto it and switched it on at full speed the pleasure it gave was good but not great I needed something a lot more exciting, something unpredictable. Still bent over up against the wall I began to makes moans where Danny even heard, I didn’t care since I knew he wouldn’t tell anybody, in fact if he heard me doing that he knew would not to come into my room. Finishing myself off I put my clothes on and went to check on my son found him with a set of headphones on listening to his MP3

“How are you?” I asked.

“Ok I guess, what were you doing?” he asked.

“I was just having a lie-down,” I lied.

Looking at me in a strange way he didn’t quite believe me as previously he had seen my collection of toys and knew what they did.

“You have been very good lately how about you go play with a few of your friends outside.”

He couldn’t wait to put his trainers on saying

“Thanks, mom,” just as he ran outside.

My sexual urges were growing and raging and I wanted more I wanted fresher meat. Using my rituals of the dark arts, I waited till evening when the sun was setting, Danny still being outside which made it perfect.

I began the ritual by drawing a circle with black candles lit around and then stepped into the circle completely naked asking for what I wanted then I said it again backwards smearing my body with an oil I repeated it three more times then called out the demons name who is going to deliver to me what I wanted. My whole body began to levitate. Inside of the circle began to morph into a pool where faces started to appear with glowing eyes, some of the faces appeared frightened and others appeared eager. My feet in a crossed position only an inch or two above the pool. Feeling a pair of invisible hands touch and hold my feet then slowly they began to climb up my legs until it fully climbed up my body, wrapping its arms around me.

This non-corporeal entity in a deep double voice said, “I will require a vessel before I satisfy your needs,” disappearing in an instance without a trace with the pool turning back into a floor again I waited patiently for my result to come getting into bed completely naked.

Danny came home half hour later it was now dark he went straight to his room and switched on the TV. Meanwhile the Indian boy he had been tormenting was at home torment and stress was getting the better of him. However karma was now coming to save him and reward him all at once. As the entity was now in his room going to take his eighteen-year-old body as a vessel. His eyes turned black and his voice deepened and doubled. “It’s now time Julie I have what you need,” he said in a dark and menacing way.

I kept looking out of the window for my new treat and was growing impatient thinking to perform the ritual again then all of a sudden, I hear the front door open, quickly sliding back into bed covering my naked body with a thin blanket, my bedroom door clicks open as my nipples harden my pussy getting wet, to such a shock I see my sons bullied classmate walk in, his soft dark-skinned body eyes turned pitch black where the demon now possessing his body. Slowly I’m becoming flustered and sexually aroused the thin blanket flies off revealing my nude body in front of him. The demon spoke saying

“You said this is what you wanted.” Looking at his huge erect cock.

“Yes fuck yes,” I replied fingering my pussy slowly.

Removing his clothes I began to see his cock lengthen to nine inches in length. We both got onto the bed and began to fuck rolling over and changing positions I let out moans like no other this was the best sex I had. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and I began to notice a second cock was emerging from his lower stomach area.

“Time for double penetration Julie,” he said in his dark demonic voice.

In a doggy style position I’m getting fucked both anally and in my pussy, getting more and more wet and squirting down my legs he fucked me so hard and fast it was like twice the speed any male could ever go.

Danny was still watching TV in the other room all of a sudden the TV screen flips over showing actual footage of his mom being fucked hardcore but the demon was completely invisible on-screen, Danny in a state of shock horror couldn’t believe what he is seeing, walked over to his mom’s room, gently opening the door slowly he could see his mom being pounded and extreme speed both of her tits slapping together adding to the noise. Julie letting out more and more moans almost screaming in pure pleasure.

Opening the door even more he saw his Indian classmate fucking her, staring back at him with his pitch-black eyes, her son in total fright shaking, he falls to his knees crying.

The demon chillingly said, “Danny I’m your daddy!”

Still fucking his mom the body of the human male vessel began to morph into the demon in its actual form, first he grew two more arms, then a tail then the face morphed into a more monstrous image much like a wedge-shaped head and horse-like mouth.

Julie soon climaxes and the demon ejaculates filling her up with enough cum to be absorbed into her body making her eyes turn white. Danny still in tears, sees his mom slide off the demons two cocks holds his face and wipes his tears, chillingly telling him”from now on he is going to be your dad!” laughing at him like not a care in the world.

Danny realized the consequences of bullying are severe. The demon morphs back down into his classmate. From this point on Julie permanently remains with her young new partner, doing everything he wants when he wants, even having Danny pronouncing him as dad.

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  • Reply Deb ID:7ylren3fij1

    Masterbating with sex stories is not a bad habit

    • IndianStranger ID:bmsc7tr445

      Ya ya. It’s a very good habit 🤣

    • Gonzo ID:vuf1mkaz5

      Yeah Deb but it’s always better with the real thing. And definitely better than your partner morphing into a demon. HA,HA,HA!