Mom and son fuck all night at the cabin

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Hi readers,my name is Vicki and I am a 43 year old brunette,5/6 140 pounds built.great body great ass.i am married to my wonderful 50 year old husband Paul,we have a 19 year old son Mike,my son is like 5/11 185 pound brick shit house,very active in alot of sports.i run a small business during the day and my husband Paul is a engineer at the big 3 on 2nd shift.with the Corona virus growing strong and these rules being placed by our government,our business is closed and my husband’s shop is closing due to infected people.we decided to pack up and head up north to our cottage 4 1/2 hours away.were not hurting for money so we looked at it as getting away from the grind,the peacefulness of being away.my son Mike and I was going to go in my car Friday morning,and my husband was coming up that night after work,he was suppose to get out early.i was wearing dark brown thin leggings with black boots up to my knees,my son and I loaded my car up because we planned on being up their like a month, with me being a women my husband wanted my son to go with me instead of him which makes sense.my husband saw us off,driving down the free way my son and I were talking,laughing,listening to the radio.we pulled off to have a nice byte together.i noticed my son Mike checking out my ass when he could,when we got back on the road I was in deep thought about my son checking out my ass,his mom.my son is such a hunk I thought,nice and young,full of stamina.his father has not fucked me in over a month.i even stopped at rest areas to stretch and take a break and give Mike a view of my ass,he was looking.i said to him honestly,does my ass look good in these leggings Mike,honestly mom yes it does,I smiled and said well thank you honey.we finally arrived at the cabin,carrying things in,Mike was looking at my ass as much as he could,I was getting moist now,our cabin was by itself,know body was around.mike brought in wood and built a fire,being up north we didn’t have cable,just a TV with local channels,Mike jumped in the shower,I wanted to finger fuck my pussy so bad and think of Mike fucking me,my own son.how perverse of me,I am his mother,instead I raided the liquor cabinet looking for a stiff drink to pour,grey goose vodka sounded good.mike came out in a tank top,God those muscles,his built legs in those shorts,I bet he could pump some pussy I thought as I sipped on the vodka,my pussy.mike and I sat next to each other talking ,laughing,the fire was going,I got daring with my son,you know Mike I bet you get alot of action with the girls,you do have a great body,thanks mom,alot of them though are game players mom,attention seekers.i like older women your age mom,the mature stuff,you do huh.look at you mom in those leggings,your ass is so hot,you think so Mike,oh God mom yes,I sipped more of the vodka,you want a good close look I said and stood up in front of him and leaned forward,oh God mom,I want to bury my face in it so bad,go for it Mike,he buried his whole face in my ass I swear,he jammed it in their nose first and sniffing and breathing it in deep.god I love it mom he said.this cannot get out Mike,this has to stay between us I mean it,I won’t say shit to know one mom.we have hours before your dad gets up here,do you have condoms,probably not,let’s go to a gas station and you grab a box.we have to go to one you and dad most likely will not go to while we’re up here,mom parked away from the front entrance,I grabbed a box of Trojan ultra thin 12 count,I’m going to fuck the shit out of you mom I said,I look forward to it Mike mom said,can I pour me a stiff drink when we get back mom,you sure can honey.we got back and I chose Jack Daniels,poured a shot and drank it real fast,mom and I sat on the couch and started making out,oh mom I said as I gripped her ass,oh Mike feel me up honey,oh yeah mom he said feeling up my boobs and ass,our tongues were dancing,the phone rang,it’s your dad honey,hi babe what’s up mom said.dad was not going to be able to get off early like he thought and decided to come up early the next day,I was not mad,I was more than glad,my husband talked to Mike for a few,I got this dad I heard him say.we got all fucking night to fuck honey mom said.mike lifted me with his strong arms and carried me over to the kitchen table,pulled my leggings off left my knee high leather boots on,started licking my shaved pussy,oh God Mike,lick it honey,lick my pussy,slurp,slurp,nice tasty pussy you have mother,just hearing him say that added to my wetness,he continued devouring my cunt,my God it was great,he continued licking and sucking my pussy until I came all over his young face,Mike grabbed a condom and rolled it on,slid that nice cock way into my cunt and pumped with those muscular legs,fuck it Mike,fuck me good baby,that he did to,hitting my cunt so nice,the table was shaking as Mike pounded my twat,you fuck way better than your dad honey,way better.he lifted me up and was bouncing me on his dick like I was a light rag doll,deep into my cunt my son’s dick went,my legs were wrapped around him,my arms were around his shoulders,he pumped and pumped at my pussy,God Mike can you fuck honey,God can you ever fuck I said as he kept those legs pumping.he then carried me over in front of the fire place and layed me on the carpet floor in front of it and started hitting my pussy with long deep strokes,you like my cock mom,you like it,I fucking love it Mike,just love it.he ravaged my fucking twat,I never been fucked this good by any man I told him,your father does not come close,Mike pounded my pussy right in front of the fire place going in deep on every stroke,I’m going to cum all over your cock Mike,I’m going to cum,do it mom,cum on my cock,he was not even tired,he stayed deep in my cunt while I shot cunt cream all over my son’s cock.my son did eventually shoot that condom full of cum.we took a little breather along with another shot of liquor,me my vodka and him Jack Daniels,Mike put more logs on the fire,ready for some more mother he said,Mike lifted me up and carried me to mine and his father’s bed,his dad and I will be sleeping in this bed tomorrow night,but right now my son is going to fuck me on it,I forgot the condoms mom,be right back.mike rolled another condom on,draped my legs back and deep into my cunt he went again,God could that boy fuck,God could he pump.and that he did,he had my pussy creaming and cumming all over his cock,that bed fucking creaked and rattled for hours,he fucked me hour after hour going through those condoms,we fucked until 6:00 am the following morning.i have never been so gloriously fucked,so fulfilled,so satisfied.mike my son went through 7 condoms that night.he fucked the shit right out of me.if you have a son fuck him,your son will be the best fuck you ever had trust me.most son’s want to fuck their moms,getting your own son to fuck you will not be hard,son and mom is the best sex.i will continue to let Mike fuck me even when we return home,his dad has fucked me 7 times in the past 5 months,Mike did it to me 7 times in one night.what a great fuck Mike is,the best.

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    Any uk boys want a slutty mum to use wickr me TrixxieJo

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      I am not from uK but I need a slutty mom

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      U have email?

    • good ID:7zv3ebacd4

      Jason No, how do you look like? what’s your number?

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    Love mother son fuck stories

  • Reply Julie ID:6rkm7buhrj

    Hi I’m back

  • Reply Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

    I want to be fucked like that

    • good ID:7zv3ebacd4

      Julie I want to fuck you but without condom

    • Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

      @good I don’t like condoms they get in the way
      [email protected]

  • Reply Jerry ID:bo1uhxyzi

    I have being fucking my mom since I was 18yrs old I’m 50yrs old still fuck my mom

  • Reply zena ID:c5rpuenm1

    I am in mid-40s, divorced, live alone. My nephew aged 19 visits me on holidays to help my household chores. Yes, I do get horny seeing this young man’s bulge when he eyes my cleavage and swaying ass cheeks. Once he caught me taking shower in nude – I asked him to take it easy and invited him to join me. That was the start – I got him totally naked, soaped each other, felt each others body, he concentrated in my ample pair of boobs, and I massaged his cock to throbbing hardness. He did not last long and came in my hand. We dried each other and moved to bedroom and had sex almost for the whole day. He still visits me …

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      @zena such a good aunt

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      Damn Zena that sounds so hot
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      Wow that is great i want to fuck a lady same age too but have not seen any

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    Mature mom is the Best….for a mature son..

  • Reply George ID:2pe37wozra

    Try using correct grammar.
    After a comma, you should leave a space. After a period (full stop), you should leave a space. Sentences should ALWAYS start with an upper case letter.
    Writing ‘i’ when referring to yourself is wrong. This must always be an upper case ‘I’.
    You should also try using paragraphs to separate different sections. All this would make your story readable instead of looking like a single long unreadable sentence.

    • Stan Johnson ID:5u1d7ch8rb

      I bet you’re loads of fun at parties!

  • Reply james ID:5rhvdh549c

    did mike get mum pregnant ? yes/no

    • Chris ID:19z0b4zi


    • horny girl ID:629546zd9c

      no they used a condom but i want to be fucked by mike

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    Made me jack! Hot story. Lucky bastard.

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    Nice story make me hard

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    Too bad you didn’t have a daughter early in life your husband could have been pumping his load deep inside of her how would that make you feel bitch why you all using condoms you get some kind of veneer disease bitch.I wish I knew who you were I would hold you down and let my husband ring you good and shoot his scene and deep inside you Vicky. Yeah deep inside your vagina Vicky but I think my husband’s cock is too big for you PS the story sucks

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    • Stan ID:2kyee16vm2

      Are you on WhatsApp

    • 6924cm ID:2y9d2a4k0d

      I think you are jealous. I doubt your husband has that much of a big cock otherwise you wouldn’t be so angry.

  • Reply Mark m ID:21c92s6r44

    I agree it was terribly written wasn’t even interesting kind of like a bad cartoon and if it was real you would have let your son bury back you and choose his semen deep inside your vagina your nasty vagina Vicky

    • 6924cm ID:2y9d2a4k0d

      And you are jealous too lol.
      Huge bunch of insecure people on here 😂😂

  • Reply Becky m 32 ID:21c92s6r44

    One of the worst stories of mom and son I’ve ever read in my life it absolutely sucked

  • Reply Billy 4421 ID:21c92s6r44

    Yes I agree one of the worst stories I’ve ever read on Mom and son who thinks this is good must not have a mind really sucked sorry Vicky

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  • Reply 3636766 ID:21c92s6r44

    Yes it was one of the work stories I’ve ever read on this site the comments that are positive and good about this story must be the author himself changing names and writing good comments about it cuz the story absolutely sucks ball juice

    • Cindy p 69 ID:21c92s6r44

      That’s I agree very lame story why did you make your son wear a condom you’re not on birth control so must be your husband uses condoms too that’s something a husband and wife maybe one percent of married people use condoms the feel of coming in your wife or anybody bareback is the greatest feeling you’re better off buy a rubber pussy and you hold it and have your son bang that and he can shoot his load in it at least he gets to shoot his load into something

  • Reply Johny ray ID:21c92s6r44

    Yes it sucked but mom didn’t suck in the story did you !!!!!!!

  • Reply Mary Jo 442 ID:21c92s6r44

    Ya he did not cum one time in your story???? You need a lot more practice telling stories!!!!!

    • Johny ray ID:21c92s6r44

      Ya mary he came 1 time out of 7 lol……..the story sucks so bad i couldn’t stop laughing it was that bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply Age ID:21c92s6r44

    It sucks

    • Rose3461 ID:21c92s6r44

      Yes it does and so not true one of the worst mom and son story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack 🎃 ID:21c92s6r44

      It was ok but not so great and y condoms?????????????

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ah770le20d

    like it dear

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