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I beloved little sister!

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My entire family left for vacation and left me in charge of my little sis (G) little did they know..

I’m going to tell you my encounter with my little sister (G) today is march 1st this encounter was last Friday around 7PM at night.. this wasn’t the first time I’ve done this with my sis so if you want to know how it started I suggest skipping this story and read my 1st one titled “my little sis (G)”.

MONDAY FEB 26: My family were planning a trip to texas to see some family members.. I was invited to go but I had so much work on my hands that I couldn’t possibly make the time to take a vacay. I kindly refused their offer. They continued to plead to come but I couldn’t. My 14 yr old sister (G) had exams coming up so she couldn’t afford also to take a trip.

She explained to our parents how she couldn’t go. They were unsure of themselves because they didn’t trust her. They knew she had a bf and that she would invite him over to do things together. But they told her “ we will let you stay on one condition!” She replied “what is it ?” My parents replied “you will have to spend the rest of the 2 weeks at your brothers house and you will do everything he says.. if he calls me that your not listening your going to get the worst punishment of your life”

Our parents were always strict.. ever since I was born so she knew not to fuck around. She agreed but she was upset.. I knew she was.. she had a plan after all. At the end she had no choice.. as my family packed their things to get ready for the trip my sister (G) packed her things to move on over to my house. She didn’t like the idea of being under the same roof as me. I mean.. after what I’ve done to her.. what we’ve done together!. A couple years back I raped my sister and man the feeling and pleasure was amazing. She was 8 or 7 at the time she didn’t know anything about sex but I changed that.

When she turned 12 we’ve been fucking non stop.. she would sometimes sleepover at my house and we would fuck in my bed even if my gf was in it. My sister is 4’0 she’s small but man.. she’s slim and has small puffy breast and the best part about her.. is her ass… it’s like looking at a mini nicki manaj..well it’s not that big but.. it’s half the size of it. For 12 yr old she had a bubble butt and I had the honor to fuck the shit out of that. Everything ended when she met this one boy.. Alex… he took her heart and she slowly stopped paying attention to me. She went from sending me nudes and sucking me off and jumping on my cock to just giving me a kiss on the cheek and just pushing me away whenever I was rubbing my junk on her. We stopped fucking when she turned 14.

My family left on Wednesday and my sister was living with me for 2 weeks.. we didn’t see eye to eye.. she use to wear cute dresses now.. she wears tight leggings and a crop top. My duty was to feed her and make sure she goes to school and does her part around my house. And sometimes she would put a fuss about it but she knew what would happen if she refused.

FRIDAY FEB 30: It was 8:00 in the morning I woke my sis up for school and my gf prepared breakfast for us. She was moody she had a grumpy look in her face. We were eating when she brought up a stupid subject. She said “ (C) can Alex come over today ? We got exams and I need a partner to study” the nerve on this girl to tell me if she can bring her little bf over.. so they can fuck.. like I didn’t know. I replied back saying “ No.. mom and dad told me about that kid.. I don’t know him so I’m not letting a stranger that I don’t know or trust come inside my house” I could tell she was mad by the look she gave me but she didn’t say anything. She just shrugged her shoulders and said “fine”. I went through out the whole day working and wondering if this girl was skipping school.. fucking her bf.

Finally I got out of work and came home around 6:20 my gf messaged me saying she will come home late around 2 in the morning. Either my gf was busy doing her job or she was cheating on me.. Aahh who cares. I call it to my sis to see if she was home.. no one replied.. 2 things came across my mind. Either she’s not home.. or… shes with her little bf upstairs. I rushed upstairs as quite as possible and went inside the guest room. No one was there but.. I did hear the shower on. And I could hear her sing. I was going to walk away when I realized.. her phone was unlocked! This was my chance to see what this girl was up too. I grabbed her phone and clicked on her msjs but I paused and said to myself “what the fuck are you doing (C) she’s not the same anymore.. mind your own business and move on!” I was putting the phone down when all sudden the phone vibrating.. she received a message.. it was from Alex! He said to her “Wish I could join you in the shower babe man I wanna fuck you so bad right now look how hard I am!” He send a dick pick and man was the guy small I say he was packing a 3 or 4 inch penis. But that dick pick made my curiosity grow! I went through her msgs and seen both of them sexting. She was also sending him nudes. I decided to go to her gallery and what I saw shocked me.

I saw videos of my 14 yr old sister sucking on Alex cock. Another one Alex was fucking my sister.. they were filming themselves fucking. That brought back memories for me. Watching another guy fucking my sister got me rock hard. I couldn’t control my lust.. I knew my sister wasn’t pleasured enough by her bf. I opened the bathroom door as Quiet as possible.. the room was steamy but man.. the view was amazing!

She was rubbing soap all over her body she was beautiful! I removed my shirt and pulled my pants to my ankles and started to jerk off to the sight of my naked sister! I was excited! But I knew jerking off wasn’t going to cut it! So I built the courage and open the door and walked quietly.. opened the screen door from the shower and walked in with her. I don’t know how she didn’t sense my presence or not seen me but. I glanced at her from head to toe and when she back up she felt something poking her back.. as she removed the soap from her eyes she turned around and saw me.

She screamed “EWWW WTF YOU PERV.. GET THE HELL OUT! GET OUT NOW!” I put my hand on her mouth and the other around her waist.. pinning her against the bathroom wall.. I said to her “I knew you were up to no good (G) I saw what you have on your phone.. I saw what you’ve been doing with Alex.. man I wonder what our parents would say. She looked frightened she looked at me like a monster but I reassured her that i wasn’t going to tell them. I said to her “ man.. look at you.. your body has been developing.. ever since we stopped fooling around… I couldn’t get the thought of your body out my mind.. the feeling my cock felt when it went inside you.. the taste of your pussy juices and especially the loud moans you released.. your moans from the videos of you and Alex sound NOTHING like when me and you fucked.. sounds like Alex isn’t doing his job to satisfy you lol” she was tearing up she said to me “ I’m not satisfied by him at all.. I’m just with him to forget about you! Can’t you see.. I don’t wanna do these types of things with you anymore. These things aren’t right.. incest isn’t right… what if you got me pregnant what would mom and dad say !” I replied to her “ fuck them.. who cares what they say.. I’ll take you away and we can live together somewhere”. She screamed at me saying “ ENOUGH WITH YOUR BULLSHIT (C) LET ME GO AND I WONT TELL MOM AND DAD ABOUT THIS.. I DONT CARE IF YOU TELL THEM ABOUT ME AND ALEX. BUT I KNOW FOR SURE.. THEY WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME!” I replied saying “ what? Didn’t you voluntarily come to my house to fuck? You even sent me nudes even when I didn’t ask for them.. your a slut (G)” she slapped me telling me to shut up.

I grabbed both of her arms and pinned her against the wall and put my leg between hers to spread them and started to kiss her cheeks and suck on her neck.. I was licking her whole face like a dog.. I was licking her tears away. I pried her mouth open and begin to suck on her tongue. I bent over to suck on her puffy breast. She wasn’t putting up that much of a fight anymore. I moved my way to her pussy and told her. “ I know you want this as much as I do.. so just accept it!” She was still crying she was rejecting it but I know she was lying. I spread her pussy lips and begin to tongue fuck her pussy.. the juices of her pussy were amazing.. it was like maple syrup.. sweet and a little salty. She was gasping and shaking.. covering her mouth to not let out any moans. For 10 mins straight I was eating my sisters pussy.. until I received a call.. it was from my friends.. they were coming over to Watch a game with me.. it was Perfect ! I told them “Forget about game night! I’ve got something more fun that we can all do!” They all were curious. I told them to come over and they did.. when they came over I greeted them with a hard on and said “Shawn! David! Miguel! Welcome guys come upstairs! The surprise is waiting” they looked at me weird and were laughing at me.. when we got to the guest room I said “feast your eyes on the best thing your about to see!” I swung the door open… and there was my sis.. crying on her knees. Shawn and Miguel looked at me weirdly and shockingly.. but I knew David wasn’t new to these types of things.

Shawn and Miguel said “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! WHY IS YOUR SISTER NAKED AND CRYING ?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN!” I replied to them saying “ we are going to have some fun man.. just relax.. it’s not my first time doing this with her.. she’s crying and fighting right now but wait when she accepts you.. she’s a real slut man” they weren’t sure of themselves but David was rubbing his junk.. he said “ Man (C) your one best fucking friend you know that! I didn’t expect you to let us do this !” He walked on over to my sister and begin to touch her but she was slapping his hands away saying “ DONT TOUCH ME.. LEAVE ME ALONE! HELP ME !” I picked her up and threw her on my bed and removed my towel and said “my little sister.. the fun is about to begin just sit back and enjoy” me and David begin to finger her while sucking on her tits.. both Shawn and Miguel looked terrified to what we were doing. I brought my sister to the edge of the bed and flipped her on her stomach. And showed off to my friends the bubble butt of my sister.. David said “DAMN! She got a fat ass for a 14 yr old ! Man I can’t wait !!!” Both Shawn and Miguel’s jaws dropped.. I knew they liked the view. I told them “ watch how this little slut takes a 6 inch cock” she was fighting but I put my hand on the back of her neck.. locking her in place. My friends were looking at me as they saw my cock go inside my sisters pussy. All they heard were the muffled screams of my sister. I fucked my sister for 10 mins in different positions.. David was in the back jerking off and I could see both Shawn and Miguel hard cocks.. I told them “ stop fucking fighting it and take those pants off and show me what you guys can do.. or are yaw pussies?” They looked at each other and smiled and said “ fuck it” we lined up with our hard cocks. My sister looking at the 4 of us with a terrified look.. she knew what was going to happen..

I laid on the bed while my sister was on top of me.. I was fucking her tight small pussy while David was fucking her asshole.. both Shawn and Miguel were getting their dicks sucked by my sister. She didn’t want to but we forced her as we were much older and stronger than her. We all took turns fucking her.. we filled her pussy,asshole and mouth with so much cum. We started taking pictures and videos of us fucking her.. we had an orgy with my sister. It was the best night and best fuck I ever had

4 hours of non stop fucking. My friends left to go home.. my sister was shocked and speechless that whole night she didn’t say a word. The next morning I crawled into her bed and pulled her pajamas and panties down and jammed my cock inside her.. she woke up quickly and turned around to see me.. I covered her mouth so she wouldn’t scream for my gf. I was fucking her under the sheets. I could tell she was enjoying it because she was rolling her eyes back. At one point she even began to move her hips. She finally gave up the fight and pushed my hand away and got on top and said “ fuck my big brother! Fuck me hard like you did last night!” I was shocked and happy.. I finally got my slutty sister back! My cock was throbbing and I was fucking my sister fast and hard until I released every single drop of my cum inside her. Good thing she was on the pill for the whole week.

For the rest of the remaining of the week.. whenever my gf wasn’t home we would fuck.. I even invited the boys over to fuck her again.. only this time she was more welcoming.

Today me and my sister still fuck.. and one day when she has kids.. I will also fuck them as well.

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  • Reply Fishman67 ID:1emu21w3nl3j

    Ohhhhhhhhh please, if you had that little slut, you wouldn’t let anyone near her. Speaking from experience.

  • Reply Pervo ID:3qm2a68ri

    What a little slut

  • Reply yuck ID:2px1n23dzzx

    that last part is really devastating what y’all are doing is bad, but when she has kids you wanna rape them as well just has me baffled

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      They are millions of people who fuck kids and do worst shit then I did.. at first I did rape my 14 yr old sister but now she begs for my cock.. she sucks it on her own will. Young pussy is the best

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Verdammt gute Geschichte du musst und mehr darüber erzählen was du mit deiner Schwester der Schlampe alles machst ja lass die Fotze auch von anderen Männern benutzen

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      Danke, ich komme davon, wenn ich sehe, wie meine Schwester von Typen gefickt wird, die ich nicht bin. Ihre Schreie machten es noch besser. wir alle teilten ihre Löcher. Wenn in Zukunft etwas Interessantes passiert, werde ich auf jeden Fall eine Geschichte darüber schreiben

  • Reply Daddylover ID:2qkz4kdv1

    Wow great story, would love to chat about this? Kik id anyone?

  • Reply Mike y ID:5q8ituf49b

    Would of been better if she was 7

    • Mr.C ID:13rdqtbqucj7

      Read “my little sister (G)” it’s gonna tell you my first time fucking her.. she was 8 at the time so it’s close to a 7 yr old

    • Fuck me ID:2x0gjo7zhr9


    • Bob.. ID:1davj7ej6p6d

      Yes i agree,, 7 is a great age for a young girl to start fucking but that is not for all men..I would love to fuck a young girl at age 7 but i would be afraid that her cunt would be much to small to handle a 9 1/2 inch cock like mine.. To avoid pregnancy a 7 year old would be perfect.. At that age they are to young to conceive no matter how many times a man shot her full of cum so they are safe and would be an excellent fuck.. I think most 8 year olds are developed enough inside to handle most big cocks like mine.. When i fuck a young pre teen i want to keep my cock inside of her for awhile and would fuck her everyday if i didn’t have to worry about hurting her because my cock is to big or that i might be getting her pregnant.. 8 year olds would be the best for me even with the worry of an unwanted pregnancy…

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Put a collar on her and tell her you own her and are going to the one to breed her