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My dog Buddy

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Buddy was just a stray that wondered up, we became best friends.

I’ve always loved playing with our dogs. Getting them hard and making them cum. So many times I was home alone. Parents divorced when I was 10. My mother was a bartender and was either working or asleep. It gave me plenty of opportunities to explore my own body. I was 13 and already been fucking myself with various things from screwdriver handles to broomsticks for a couple of years. My favorite was always the miniature baseball bat.

I had been fucked in the ass by my friend’s dogs a number of times. It had been a while since we moved away. I longed to have my own dog screw me, but any that I had, they never penetrated my asshole. I still would loved to watch the cum. It had been a year or so since my last dog, Porky, was hit by a car and died.

Then one day a stray wondered onto the property. He was very dirty and fur matted around his ass. I wasnt sure what breed he was but he was probably a lab mix.
I gave him a bath and fed him, he was very gentle. I got him all cleaned up and he really seemed to enjoy a good belly scratch. His hind leg would go crazy when I scrated a certain spot. The tip of his red dick would poke out of the sheath then go back in. I of course started jacking him and here it came, about 7 inches of smooth red meat with blue and purple veins running the length of it. I was wishing hard to have it in my ass.

I started calling him Buddy. I let him follow me into the house where I went to my mothers shower. She had an enema bag hanging there that I have used so many times to clear my asshole before a good fucking. I filled with warm water and flushed my bowels. Then I got a glob of vaseline and stuck it up my hole. Ooohhh, this is going to be so good, I said to the doggie.

He was curious about my dick and kept nosing it as we walked down the hallway. Once in my room I placed a towel on the floor. He jumped up on me before I could get sat down, I asked him, what you want boy?
His tail was wagging really fast, I could tell he wanted me to rub his dick again. I was sitting with him facing me, I grabbed his paws and put them on my shoulders. His big cock was coming out to see me. I wrapped my fingers around it and started to stroke it. It was almost close enough to lick it. I laid back and let him down on all fours. The juices were squirting me in the face, so I took his dog rocket in my mouth. Oh yeah, you taste good, salty and musky. I sucked on it for a few minutes while rubbing my own dick and fingering the rim of my ass. He was humping my face, pushing that dick way down my throat.

 I’m ready for you to mount me. I wiggled out from under him and got on my knees. He seemed a little confused because he stayed in front of me, wanting more dick play. I finally got him around and helped him up onto my back. He was just air humping until I guided him into the sweet spot, there it is, I gasped as he pushed all of it in me. Oh yeah, oh yeah boy, fuck me hard. It had been so long since the last time I was mounted. I screamed with ecstasy,  he was pounding my ass so hard. I reached back and felt his knot, it was bigger than I imagined.  I started relaxing my asshole to accommodate it and pushed back against his thrusts. Oh please get that big thing in me, I need it so bad. It wasnt long before I got my wish, it was smashing against my sphincter,  I held my breath and waited for the pain of my asshole being stretched to the limit. Yes yes yes. It was all in me. I could feel him deposit load after load of hot cum inside me.

I begin jack off with his doggie cum that had run out of my ass. I was near orgasm when he started trying to pull out, felt like he was ripping me a new asshole, so to speak. I began to cum, the waves of pain, pleasure,  excitement, and satisfaction were reeling though me. About that time he jerked really hard and POP, it was out. The flood of cum that was flowing out of my ass was splashing on my legs and feet. Cum was also squirting out of my dick. I collasped onto the floor.  He came and layed beside me, licking my face and I knew he was going to be my dog, my lover for a long time.

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  • Reply ThatWeirdo ID:7ecgnbe49d

    Anyone have a big dog around Vancouver?

  • Reply dog lover ID:1jybr2m4

    m horny and I want a dog to lick my pussy

    • Terry 69 ID:9ces2g42

      Woof woof

  • Reply Shorty ID:61jyxp5hj

    I had a dog named Raven about 20 years ago. He loved to lick my cock and ass. He reallyiked my cum. I jacked him off a few times a d he would jump up on my ass and hump at me, but be never got I my ass. O ce I had him o. His ack and he had a nice hard on so I climbed on and got him in my ass but he didn’t like it and got up but that one time that I had him in .y ass felt so nice. I still dream of him giving me a hard pounding ?

    • Alan ID:2c3gwvj5hi

      I love finger fucking My Female dog. She loves it. Her pussy tightens around my finger and relaxes letting me push deeper till i reach her cervix. Fucking her slowly she in rapture. My cocks throbbing as I match my finger fucking to jacking. If I keep fucking her she gets jizzed up and wants up. But Im continuing to work my finger deeper and faster. Once i stop and pull my finger out she jumps toward my cock and licks and licks in a frenzied manner. She wants my cum and licks under my head as im stroking faster till I
      Cum. She’s licking my cum as its coming out bringing me to a continuous orgasm.
      She licks me clean. I wish she was bigger would love feeling her tighten around my cock as she does with my finger. I’ve gotten two fingers in up to my knuckles.

  • Reply sal ID:yspcbtm1

    Yeah – love being fucked and knotted by dog cock!

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      Can anyine tell me how to get my dog to mount my wife. She is ready to take the next step. He licks her pussy all the time but he will not mount her and she wants it. He is only 11 months old could that have something to do with it. My email is [email protected] would love to hear thoughts on how to make it happen

  • Reply Jimmy ID:3zxjl2twzrb

    Is there any one on here near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that has a huge dog

  • Reply joey ID:1livrldzri

    ilove the story i always wish it would happen to me it is a turn on

    • RonJon ID:5wwp6gcdv9a

      When I was a kid I wanted to try sucking a dick but was afraid my buddy’s would tell. Finally, I decided to suck my dogs dick! I did it a couple of times but then found a friend I felt I could trust and sucked my first human dick!

  • Reply Shag ID:1zfw3cfr8l

    What’s a nice story pretty cool I was ten when it happened to me and the tub with the dog

    • Shagnasty ID:x90lbfv3

      Thanks Shag.