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Am I gay now?

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Had a sleepover with my best mate and we had sex and stuff. Does that mean I’m gay?

Is this normal?

I was in bed with my best mate the other night because we had a sleepover, we’re both twelve, and we both slept in our underwear because that’s how we liked to sleep even by ourselves, it wasn’t embarrassing or anything because we’re both mates and both boys.

We were in bed laying side by side playing on my portable console, holding it so we could both see and play, because it was only a single bed there wasn’t much room and our legs kept rubbing together, especially when we leaned over to press buttons on the console and stuff, it made me feel funny and I got an erection.

My mate noticed me fiddling with myself under the sheets, I was just trying to adjust my boxers because my cock was hard and stuck at a weird angle, then he reached under the sheets and he touched my cock under my boxers lifting it upwards, “Is that better?” he asked me, I was stunned by his actions but said yeah and thanks.

We went back to playing the game but kept giving each other awkward looks and smiles, then all of a sudden he leaned over and started kissing me on the lips and put his hand back down and played with my cock some more, it should have felt weird but it didn’t, I liked it, I dropped my console on to the bed and it rolled off on to the floor.

We put our arms around each other and laid in bed kissing, it was wet and sloppy, my cock was really hard and he was rubbing it and pulling my foreskin up and down, it felt great, then he slid under the covers and he kissed my body, when he got further down he licked my cock and then sucked on it.
My hips and legs shook violently, and I moaned, “Argh – argh – argh”, but it wasn’t with pain it was with pleasure, and I came in his mouth.

He crawled back up the sheets and kissed me some more, I knew he had an erection because I felt it pressing against the skin of my stomach, he asked me to roll over so I did, he sat up behind me and squeezed my butt cheeks, then I heard him spit and he separated my butt cheeks then pushed his cock in to my ass hole and had sex with me.

I hung my hand down and looked underneath myself, I just saw his balls hanging down and slapping against my ass, I liked the way his cock felt inside my ass and I got another erection almost instantly, I reached underneath myself and jerked myself off while he was fucking me from behind, he came inside my ass and then we both collapsed in a heap on each other.

Then after catching my breath I rolled him over and went behind him and fucked him up the ass, it was really quick and I came quite fast, I was extremely horny by now and didn’t want it to stop, I flipped him over and sucked on his nice juicy cock until he came in my mouth, it tasted a bit sour but I still swallowed it, it was really nice.

If I enjoyed fucking my best mate does this mean I’m gay? – I kind of still like girls though, I watch a lot of porn with girls in it, they look good naked, so I don’t know what that makes me.

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  • Reply AP

    Sex of any sort is is 90% in your head and that includes preferances of what and who you find attractive.
    You’re 12 with buckets of hormones starting to get dumped into you. It sounds like you have higher levels of self confidence than most 12 year olds and a good relationship with your friend.
    Society likes to pidgin hole people with definitions to help control them. Don’t do that to yourself.
    From what and how you posted, you sound like a bright, well balanced young man. Work on being the best you and not being some label or something society says you are. Share this with your friend, too.

  • Reply Sam

    I’d say your bisexual with a higher preference of boys

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Nothing you did changes who you are. It’s just sex, it doesn’t magically make you “Gay.”

  • Reply Jake

    Had a similar experience a couple years back except I knew I was bi for some time, my friend was straight at the time and wanted to experiment and one led to another. Nothing wrong with fooling around with friends just important it doesn’t make the relationship weird

    • Joe

      Share your story

  • Reply Random

    I mean you could be bi?