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Loki being naughty

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Ok you wanted another story of loki so here we go
I have a friend who is 15 (only 2 days from her birthday at the time who had seen me and Loki fuck before but never joined in (she’s a girl btw)
One day I came out the shower when she was over and all I could hear was her moaning. (My parents were working so I can fuck whenever I want most days)
. I came into the room and saw Loki fucking her brains out. She saw me and just smiled I told her to fuck with Loki but she would never do it until now.
She opened her mouth to speak but then Loki slammed his knot into her, which I later discovered was the second time he came!
My friend confessed she loved every second of losing her virginity to a dog.
At this point Loki ran off and I still had 2 hours before my parents were home
So I did what anybody would do and pulled my dick out Infront of her.
(I’m about 6 inches I’m not huge when I’m not hard)
She immediately put it in her mouth and began to suck Me. After about 5 minutes i put on a wearable I had bought (it was a canine) and put it in her he moaned constantly (I tend to get a bit rouph in sex) I then bit her neck (not hard, gently only resting my teeth on her) and then knotted her with the wearable (I had I condom on underneath)

I still fuck with her and she is 16 now
I still got more story’s so let me know if you want more

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  • Reply Anton ID:cxtrttzfik

    Jeez I like this 🙂
    Will there be more?
    Also I know some people don’t want to be found out and such I understand, anyway we can talk? Heh I like hearing from a person as much as I like the story.

  • Reply Butt-Head ID:10zh1t9td9a

    Hey Beavis, this dog is getting more chicks than us.

    • Beavis ID:10zh1t9td9a

      Y-yeah, lets dress as dogs to get chicks.

  • Reply AP ID:1dahlcf744

    Your narrative tales are short, direct, different, and hot.
    They are a lot of fun to read but please, give us more details! What do you look like, what did she look like?
    Sorry to hear Loki lost his nuts. What happened? Did someone find out that Loki was using you for a bitch?
    It’s great to hear you know what you want & have friends to get rough and nasty with.
    YES, please, tell us more!

    • Loki ID:814o15rm9i

      Sorry I’m not great with details
      But nobody found out about Loki
      Besides we pretty much only went with it because we were horny. (We weren’t exactly proud of it)
      And also my friends and I don’t want to tell people what we look like

    • AP ID:1dahlcf744

      It’s all good. Some general details like, “dark hair, fit, trimmed pubes” are pretty general but share what you guys are comfortable with.
      You are going to find you do a LOT of stuff, especially as a teen ‘because you were horny’. As someone who was there, just roll with it and don’t judge stuff. You are supposed to be experimenting and having fun now.
      If everyoneone can stay chill that it’s just fun, asking your bud something like, “Do you want to go shoot hoops or kick back here and 69 for a while?” is harmless & a lot of fun.
      I have friends from the way back when we messed around a lot and we’re all cool with it.
      Last, you should be proud, many dudes (especially your age) can’t or won’t take the knot. You have had pleasure they know nothing like.
      Thanks for taking time to share and I hope to read more!

    • Loki ID:814o15rm9i

      Gotta say taking that knot that one time was a nightmare I felt like I was gonna explode lol

    • AP ID:1dahlcf744

      Yeah, but once you’ve had it and know what’s coming there is nothing like it after, right?

    • Loki ID:814o15rm9i

      True very true

    • AP ID:1dahlcf744

      Loki, I think it would be great to hear more about you and what other out of the ordinary fun you’ve had, and your friends, both the girl & guy. Have you used your wearable on him? (Also, why the condom, isn’t a wearable extension sealed?)
      What other toys do you have?
      What else are you into?
      How did you get (or who got you) started in the path of kinks it sounds like you get into and share with your friends?

  • Reply Loki ID:814o15rm9i

    Btw after this point Loki has been neutered

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9ql

    Do part 2