no regrets part4

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All I could think about was sex and I was thinking about my older sister her breasts her pubic hair and her smell and the way she tasted so the next night I again enter the room of my 2 sisters I went to my older sisters bed listened to her breathing then proceded to move my hand down to her breast they seemed bigger tonight but her nipples started to get hard like the night before so after a while I slid my hand down to her vagina but tucked into her undies was some sort of pad I wasnt sure what it was and it was difficult to finger her I didnt know till later that girls got periods but I still played with her for a while she had been moody that day and I hoped she didnt know what I had been doing the night before I fingered her some more but she became restless so I stopped my cock ached and I still wanted to taste a vagina so I looked over at my younger sister and moved to her bed I felt some remorse that I started to prefer my older sister over her and started to wonder what she would taste like would she smell and taste like my older sister or different so I gently removed hre bottoms went to the end of the bed and spread her legs wide tonight was a full moon and the room was very bright and for the 1st time I could see what a vagina looked like not really pretty but my cock was so hard I decided to have a taste so I got on the end of the bed and started licking it my tongue probed around her slit and I found her clit which grew as I licked she tasted good and was really wet so I started to spread her lips with my tongue and stuck it inside her I could feel her breathing faster and she started to shudder and I brought her to orgasm it turned me on licking her and started it again from the to down to the bottom stopping just short of her arsehole but I got carried away and started to lick her arsehole too each time I did her body would shudder so I started just to lick her arsehole I went back to fingering her but still could not put my fingers inside her I didnt know girls had hymens at that stage.I went back to licking her again vagina and arsehole together I put my finger on her bumhole and it started to go in so I decided to finger it 1st off it was very tight and felt like a vise round my finger but each time I removed it and put it back in she would let out a soft moan I was so horny now that I though about putting my cock inside her arse hole so I decided to try I rudded my cock against it and slid my cock into her about an inch it was so tight but felt great I put it back in again but suddenly she woke up and let out a scream I put my hand over her mouth and wispered it was only me she calmed down and wispered her bum hole hurt I didnt tell her that I had stuck my cock in it and said that I would rub it better she said ok so I gently massage her bumhole and she said it felt nice I stopped doing it but she said dont stop so I contined this made my cock ache unbearable so I genly probed her bum hole with my finger she didnt say anything so I slide my finger in and out she start to moan all of a sudden her arsehole clamped around my finger her body shudders and she came I was so turned on I just grabbed my cock strocked it a few times and shot come all over her My other sister started to cough and I was afraid she would wake up so I quickly left and went to my room part 5 soon

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    • no regrets ID:5tek8gf20i

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