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I let my brother pee on me

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I was sitting on the toilet having a pee when my brother walked in and saw me there. Hey I yelled get out I am going t the bathroom. He just stood and looked down between my legs for a minute and then asked if he could piss between my legs while I peed. Please he said I really have to go and he pulled his cock out from his shorts. I had never seen a cock before and was totally stunned. I thought it looked kind of neat. He stepped forward and pushed my legs wide open and piss gushed out of his cock and hit my stomach and I yelled . SHHHH he said as he adjusted his aim and piss sprayed over my little pussy then finally into the toilet bowl. I sat there watching as his hot piss hit the water and the smell of it hit my nose. His piss was still running down off my stomach and my pussy and it made my pussy tingle. He finsihed his piss then just stood in front of me and said lick it clean. I don’t know what I was thinking cause I just stuck out my tongue and licked his cock for him tasting his strong piss and then he squeezed his cock and a little more leaked out over my tongue and my pussy was totally tingling now.
Thats a good little sister he said and stuffed his cock back into his pants. Next time I will lick you dry he said and walked out of the bathroom leaving me sitting there thinking about what had happened. I thought it was gross but I also thought it was wonderful.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d5zw4xaj3q0

    I love piss, i find it erotic. Any time any place

  • Reply Kenya girl ID:89zr4j7zrk

    Woow. That’s my fantasy

  • Reply Stranger ID:gjzi92ehl

    Whosoever you are. Nice fantasy story.

    I hope you would find an amazing partner without whom you can try golden shower, anal sex and alot more.

  • Reply Horny Old Geezer ID:n4n7zxw40

    I have a daughter who likes to suck on her daddy’s cock and drink his cum and piss, she is such a sweet thing and I know you are off to a good start with your brother

    • Captain America ID:2kye84kizm

      How old did she start

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:bcdaon53hxc

    When I was younger and growing up in a house with my older sister I never got undressed in front of her one when my mother was working she was in the bathroom and I had to go really bad she told me to just come in and do my thing and she wouldn’t look I couldn’t even get anything out and she just kept saying it was alright and that no one was home she told me to take down my underwear and she would do the same when I went to leave the bathroom she told me she had always wanted to see what it tasted like and then she said yes can I taste it she sat on the counter and I was just about to go all over the place when she told me to put my penis in her mouth before I could think about anything else she was drinking it and I was just so excited that I told her I couldn’t hold it anymore she said to let it come out and she would drink it all

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ebmcvx9b7qa

    Anna I’d love to lick some cum out of your ass. Feel free to piss all over me as well. Yummy

  • Reply A101 ID:n4n7zxw40

    that sounds so gross and so cool … I would let my brother pee on me if he wanted

    • Joe ID:1ek56s78ra

      when I was a teenager i lost a bet to my sister and had to let her pee on me. it was amazing. it was warm and after she finished i licked her smelly pussy clean.
      [email protected]

  • Reply Lewd ID:y27qi5xa39w

    Extremely hot story. I’d love to hear more.

    Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply Nate ID:3zm5lcywxid

    I so like pee sharing..

    • Lewd ID:y27qi5xa39w

      Me too

  • Reply aaa ID:crabbri8i

    pee-ure shit!! WTF were you thinking??? just go to your sister and show this comment. she will slap you for making fun of her pussy with this story. go to hell

    • Jolly James ID:bttbyuenm0

      Your just jealous your brother thought your sad ass so ugly he wouldn’t even waste a piss on it!!