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BRITNEY – A Lady’s Companion part 2

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“You really let strangers touch you here?” Tiffany plucked at Brit’s pussy lips.

Half an hour later Tiffany was on her knees on the bed with Britney tongue burrowing into her ass and two of Brit’s fingers pumping her pussy, her climax steadily building, when Dominic came in.

“Don’t stop.” She pleaded as Britney head lifted to look at the opening door. “Evening, Dear.” She added.

“Good evening. Having fun?” Dominic asked. Britney was very conscious that she had her ass to him and was dripping wet. She wondered which of them he was lusting after. She could hear the sounds of undressing behind her.

“Lots of fun.” Tiff purred, managing to hold a conversation despite the delightful distraction of Britney’s tongue and fingers. “Brit’s teaching me some new games.”

“I can see.” Dominic said. Indeed he could see Britney’s tongue swirling around his wife’s butt. He was down to his shorts and his cock was rising. “Britney. Would you excuse us?” his hand touched her shoulder, gently easing her away from Tiffany.

Without a word, Britney got off the bed and went into her own room.

The door wasn’t soundproof. Britney could hear every moan, every sigh as her employers made love on the other side of it. She lay back on her bed and frigged herself as she listened to the sounds of sex. She was seriously aroused anyway: Tiffany hadn’t touched her intimately since the front door and she really needed an orgasm.

Listening and masturbating, she came before either Tiffany or Dominic, but she didn’t stop lashing her clit, hoping for a second climax. She heard Tiffany wailing in ecstasy as she came, closely followed by Dominic who uttered a leonine roar as he unloaded his balls.

“Britney!” Tiffany called out, sounding rather breathless.

“Yes?” Britney opened the door with unseemly haste and stood looking at them. It was her first chance to see Dominic’s body and she was impressed. He clearly worked out and his cock, now resting limply across his thigh, slick with juices, would have easily got him work in the gay porn industry. It wasn’t the biggest she’d seen, or even enjoyed – Eric Kruppa still held that honour – but it looked a good runner-up.

“Come and clean me up please.” Tiff asked rolling onto her back and letting her knees relax sideways. Britney didn’t hesitate. She’d done this once today already and was more than willing to have another mouthful of Dominic’s seed. She knelt beside the bed and buried her face between Tiffany thighs, lapping hungrily at the mingled male and female juices oozing from Tiffany pussy.

“Good girl.” Tiffany crooned. “Lick it all up. Dom likes to watch me being licked out, don’t you dear?”

“Very much. It looks like Britney enjoys her work too.” He stroked his stiffening cock as he watched Britney’s tongue work its magic.

“That’s enough.” Tiffany pushed Britney’s head away.

Britney stood up to leave.

“Stay.” Tiffany said. “I want you to watch.” Tiffany reached for Dom’s erection, drawing him towards her. As he settled between her thighs, Tiffany fingers guided him into her still soaking hole with a sigh.

Britney stood at the side of the bed and watched Dom’s taut buttocks rise and fall as he pounded into his wife. He seemed much more forceful than the first time and Tiffany squealed with delight as he fucked her hard. Britney noticed that Tiffany kept glancing at her, assessing her reaction. Well, she thought, if I’m expected to react, why not? She reached between her own thighs and started to masturbate, shuffling her feet apart to make it easier to delve into her swollen pussy.

Tiffany smiled at her and reached out a hand, beckoning for her to come nearer. Understanding what Tiffany wanted, Britney pulled her fingers from her pussy and offered them for sucking. As soon as she’d lapped all the nectar from Britney’s fingers, Tiffany turned her face to Dom and kissed him open mouthed.

Dom first taste of Britney’s sex clearly delighted him and he fucked Tiffany even harder. Britney started frigging herself again but this time the couple beat her to the finish line. With cries from both of them, Tiffany and Dom came together as Britney watched, lashing her clit and sinking two fingers deep into her own body.

As Dom rolled off his wife, exhausted, Britney dropped to her knees expecting to clean Tiffany again.

“Finish what you were doing first.” Tiffany wanted to see Britney climax.

Britney happily complied, lying down when Tiffany patted the bed beside her. Britney thought of Tony the taxi driver watching her through the Perspex that afternoon. He could be sniffing her moist thong right now and jerking off thinking of her. Dom was the second man today to see her play with her pussy but he showed less interest in what she was doing than in his wife’s reactions to it.

Tiffany toyed with Brit’s nipples while she watched her masturbate, twisting the rubbery buds gently, coaxing moans of pleasure from Britney that she smothered with her mouth, kissing Britney passionately. When Britney climaxed, crying out in her ecstasy, Tiffany held her close until she stopped shaking.

“Now you can lick me.” Tiffany said, rolling onto her back. “Don’t get up.” She stopped Britney when she tried to get off the bed. “Just turn round so I can return the favour.”

“Oh goodie!” Britney giggled. She swivelled round and swung one knee over Tiffany, lowering her pussy towards her face just as she started licking at Dom’s second libation. It felt so good to have something more than her own fingers in her pussy. She couldn’t see Dominic but he must surely have a great view of both her holes now. How long, she wondered, would he be able to resist: Yes, he’d said Brit was his wife’s toy, not his, but – damn it! – How could he not want to fuck her too? Perhaps, if there were something Tiffany wasn’t into? Anal maybe? She could always offer her ass as an alternative.

She had to stop thinking about Dominic’s magnificent meat because Tiff’s tantalising tongue was getting her close to coming again and Tiffany pussy was clean now – at least, it only tasted of pussy. She used a finger to catch a stray drop of Tiffany’s juices that had dribbled down over her anus. Brit’s finger lingered, massaging the drop of cum into the tight hole, easing just the tip of her finger past Tiffany’s sphincter. She hoped Tiff would follow her lead.

She did. She dipped a finger into Britney’s pussy then teased her ass hole with it before pushing it in to the second knuckle. This wasn’t new to her – not like the rimming – fingers had always been fun. It was just that Dom’s cock was too damned big to fit comfortably. The one time they’d tried, it had hurt too much and they’d called it off.

Britney orgasm was like a freight train, powerful and seemingly never ending as it rattled through her. Her excitement was enhanced by knowing that Dom had a perfect view of what was being done to her. No way was he going to be able to resist.

* * * * *

“So? What turns Dom on the most? You getting licked out or you going down on another woman?” Britney asked Tiffany. Dominic had left early and they were snuggled together, nipple to nipple and cupping each other’s slippery crotches after some early morning pussy grinding.

“I think that’d be hard to call. He did really like watching you lick my butt. That’s new to us.” Tiffany recalled that her two previous ‘toys’ hadn’t shown any interest in anal sex but they had been strictly lesbian. Britney was her first bisexual toy.

“Don’t you guys ever do anal?” Britney was genuinely surprised. Most – no, all – the swinging couples she knew had been into anal for years.

“We tried. Dom’s just too big.”

“Go wash your mouth with soap! There’s no such thing as too big.” Britney admonished.

“Too big for my ass.”

“He does have a lot to offer a girl.” Britney mused. “But I’ve had more than that up my ass. It just takes practice – and lube. Lots of lube. Maybe that’s something Dominic would like to try. I’d be happy to oblige.” Britney made her pitch.

“Forget it sweetie. You’re my toy, not his. And that’s his rule, not mine. He just wouldn’t. Sorry.” And Tiffany was a little sorry. She’d have liked to see Britney try to take Dom’s dick in her ass.

“Then I should work on getting you more … accommodating.”

“We’ll see.” Tiffany dismissed the subject. “Tell me about you.”

“What d’you want to know?”

“Anything kinky.”

“Like why I don’t wear pants?”

“Like why you don’t wear pants” Tiffany settled back to listen.

“That’s partly down to my college roomie, Helen. She was really experimental and I guess it was kinda contagious. She invented this game called ‘cheerleader fantasy’. We’d go on buses or trains in cheerleader skirts and no pants. We’d take turns finding some lonely guy to sit next to – they had to be older men though. At least old enough to be our fathers – anyway, I’d sit next to some old geezer and wait until I caught him noticing my legs – not long because I’d be making damned sure my thigh kept brushing against him – then, when I had his attention, I’d slide my skirt up and touch myself. You don’t score any points unless you have an orgasm so I’d start to masturbate right next to this stranger, making sure he could see what I was doing and smiling encouragement if I could make eye contact. You’re not allowed to talk to them so eye contact is important to encourage them. If they touch you on the thigh its extra points and if you can get them to take over and frig you, that’s major bonus points.

There’s also bonus points for how crowded the bus is so it pays to pick a busy time of day.

Anyway, I got really into letting random strangers get an eyeful, so I stopped wearing pants and started wearing shorter skirts almost all the time.”

“You really let strangers touch you here?” Tiffany plucked at Brit’s pussy lips.

“Oh yeah! The oldest guy must have been about 80. The older ones were always the easiest to score points off but that one guy… not a twitch in the trouser department – Probably couldn’t get it up without Viagra… even for a cheerleader – but he knew what to do with his fingers. When I came I had to bite my knuckle to not scream and shout. After I put my skirt back down, he sniffed his fingers and said thank you. A real gentleman.”

“You know what? I only came on to you the other night because I’d noticed the missing pants. Now I feel like a dirty old man.”

“It’s not just old men. I’ve flashed everyone: young and old, male and female. I like random acts of kinkiness.”

“And look what happened last time? You met me.”

“Oh, that wasn’t the last time.”

“When have you had the chance since then?” Tiffany was incredulous… and curious. This sounded like a good game and she was going to make Britney play it for her often.

“In the cab that brought me and my things over. The cabbie was nice so I put on a show for him.”

“You masturbated in the back of a taxi?”

“We were stuck in traffic… I got bored.”

“So you jerked off for the driver?”

“Actually, I jerked off for me. He only got to watch. Oh and I gave him a thong as a souvenir.”

“A worn one I hope.” Tiffany was warming to the story. She was beginning to realize how fortunate she’d been to find Britney.

“Not worn as such but…”

“But what?” Tiffany tweaked Britney’s labia again. The girl really was dripping now. Just telling these stories was turning her on.

“I stuffed them in me to soak up my juices. Tony – the driver – was very grateful.”

“I’m sure.” Tiffany kissed her long and tenderly. “I think I’d like to sit on your face now.”

“I think I’d like that too.” Britney rolled onto her back and smiled.

As Tiffany lowered her groin onto Britney’s mouth, feeling Brit’s tongue lancing out to meet the descending flesh, she reached for her thighs, gently urging them apart. Being of the flexible persuasion spread and lifted her legs so far that Tiffany could hook them under her arms and now had the best view in the house – Britney’s pussy, pink, puffy and pouting and her tiny ass hole were both as exposed as they possibly could be. As she settled herself on her face, enjoying the delving agility of her lover’s tongue, she wondered if Britney had been exaggerating about being able to take Dom’s cock in her ass. There was one way to find out. She didn’t have any lube apart from what was bubbling out of her pussy but there was plenty of that.

She sunk two fingers deep into Britney’s pussy, feeling the girl writhe under her. Pulling out, she smeared slick juice around her ass then dipped once more before pressing both fingers past the rubbery resistance of Brit’s sphincter and plunging deep into her rectum. It was so easy that she tried to do the same with her other hand – dip first then force two fingers into her ass. That made four fingers and Britney hadn’t at any point stopped tonguing Tiffany pussy.

Tiffany lifted herself up a moment to allow Britney to speak.

“It’s better if you only use one hand.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels great but if you use all the fingers of one hand, you can use the other hand on my pussy. Betcha I can take it all.” Brit’s’ pulled Tiff back against her mouth, being far more interested in cunnilingus than conversation. She did, however, start to insinuate a finger into Britney’s ass while she slurped at her pussy.

Tiffany withdrew her fingers and started trying to squeeze all four of one hand into Britney’s overflowing pussy. It was easier than she anticipated and as she felt Britney push a second finger into her ass, she pulled out her slick hand, instantly substituting the other. The lubed hand she worked, finger by finger into Brit’s anus, twisting and pushing gently until her knuckles were the only part of her fingers still visible. It looked at once filthy and very, very sexy. She could feel her climax approaching, feel Britney fingers and tongue tag teaming her nervous system. It was going to be a good one. A third finger pressed hard against her ass. It was momentarily uncomfortable but it went in and, once inside her, felt good. With all that distraction going on down below, she’d barely noticed that both her hands were buried to the knuckles. Brit had taken them all.

Tiff’s climax sent spasms through her abdomen, wave upon wave of hot delight coursed through her body and she squirted copiously into Britney’s mouth, soaking her face and the pillow under her head. She wailed like a banshee as she surrendered to the moment, inadvertently pressing her weight forward so that one hand at least, pressed past the knuckles and sank to the wrist in Britney pussy. She yelled too at that, but Tiffany flanks muffled her ecstatic cries.

Britney hadn’t been fully fisted since saying sayonara to Helen, her roomie, and how she’d missed it.

As Tiffany came back to Earth, she realized where her hand had got to and just stared. “That’s… incredible.”

“Feels incredible. Hold still a moment. I want to do something.”


“Just hold still.” Britney pulled her three fingers out of Tiffany’s ass and, lifting her head off the pillow, poked her tongue right inside the slowly closing sphincter, letting it contract around her tongue, forcing her back out. “Now imagine me cleaning up Dominic’s jizz like that.”

“Oh God! That’s so… Dirty.”

“Isn’t it?” Brit’s answered with a girlie giggle. “Now can I have my ass back? This isn’t the most comfortable position to be in.”

Tiffany eased her fingers out of Brit’s ass then gently pulled her other hand out, feeling Britney push against it too. The two gaping holes were such a pervy, sexy vision that she couldn’t resist dipping her head between Britney’s thighs as soon as the girl was lying comfortably. Tiffany tongue barely touched the sides of Brit’s stretched vulva but she slurped hungrily at the bountiful flow.

“I think this pillow’s ruined.” Britney said, enjoying the little aftershocks from Tiff’s tongue and the view of her bottom still just in front of her face.

“It’s a good job I didn’t pee on you. Then the mattress would be ruined too.” Tiffany clambered off Britney and flopped on the bed beside her.

“What time do the cleaners come in?”

“In about twenty minutes.” Tiffany checked the clock on the bedside table. “We’d better get up.”

Britney soaped and shampooed Tiff first then, when she had the shower to herself, cleaned herself thoroughly and washed her own hair. She was just finishing dressing when Tiffany came into her room.

“Bend over please.” Tiff asked, without preamble.

Britney turned her back on her employer and bent over, palms to the floor, legs straight. Tiffany flipped up Brit’s skirt, found the girl pant free, as expected, and stroked her anus with one finger, probing and testing its resistance.

“See?” Britney knew what this was about. “Back to normal. Although, if it’ll make you kiss it better, I could pretend its sore.”

“Cheeky little slut.” Tiffany slapped Brit’s buttock playfully.

“Absolutely! But oh how my poor sore ass hurts.” Brit felt Tiffany move, felt the light tickle of hair cascading over her buttocks and against the tops of her thighs, felt the tip of Tiff’s tongue flicker over and around her anus.

“There. All better now?” Tiffany straightened up and flipped Brit’s skirt back into place.

“Much better. Thank you. What’re your plans for today?”

“I’m meeting some friends for lunch and shopping, then this evening we have to pack for New York. We’re flying there tomorrow. I thought we’d dine out tonight so we’ll need to find you something dressy.” Tiffany had inspected the formal outfits Britney had brought from home and condemned them as unfit. ‘No P.A. of hers was going to look like she’d been outfitted from Walmart’ had been the gist of her comments.

“Lunch and shopping. Gotcha. Should I come with you or meet you afterwards.” Britney wasn’t sure of the protocol for P.A.s yet.

“Come with, naturally. Besides, we’re taking the bus. I want to see you play… what did you call it?”

“Cheerleader fantasy?”

“Yes. I really want to see you play cheerleader fantasy.”

“Oh Goodie!” B clapped her hands. “And can I ride up and down in a glass elevator later? Please?”

“If you’re good.” Tiffany felt inclined to indulge Brit’s whimsy. She was by now pretty certain if there were going to be any boundaries in this relationship, they’d be hers. Britney didn’t seem to know about boundaries.

* * * * *

“So what’s the glass elevator game?” Tiffany asked. They were in a cab because she didn’t live anywhere near a bus route.

“Simple really. Get into a glass elevator at ground level in the shortest skirt possible. Smile at some guy through the glass and when the elevator goes up, he’s bound to follow me with his eyes and find out I’ve got no underwear.”

“That skirt’s not short enough for that.”

“No. Something tight with a hem about an inch below my pussy is best. A skirt like that can be fun on escalators too.”

“I can imagine.” Tiffany knew just the store to find the perfect elevator in. They could probably find a suitable outfit there as well.

“Oh, you don’t have to imagine. I’ll show you if you like.”

“This’ll do.” Tiffany said to the driver. She paid the cabbie and they got out to wait for the bus.

“How do we do this?” Tiffany asked as a bus approached.

“I’ll get on first and pick a guy to sit with. You sit across the aisle so you can see the action, but don’t get caught peeking. It’s easy to scare these guys off. Ok?”

“Ok.” Tiffany glanced along the length of the bus. It looked about half full. She wondered if this was going to be as much fun as she hoped.

“One to Sunset and Ninth please.” Brit bought her own ticket then glanced down the aisle and spotted her victim. There were two empty seats opposite him so Tiffany would have a good view. She sat beside the elderly but very dapper looking man, making sure her leg touched his and smiling as he briefly made eye contact.

Tiffany sat adjacent to her a few seconds later but gave no indication that they knew each other. She immediately thought how much the guy looked like Dominic’s great-uncle.

Britney eased her skirt up as soon as the bus started moving and began by stroking her inner thigh. She parted her knees enough to press one against the gentleman’s without sticking the other too obviously out into the aisle. He glanced across at her movement then quickly looked out of the window. Britney upped the ante, raising the front hem of her pleated skirt all the way up and rubbing her clit with one finger. She leant lightly against the man’s arm and he glanced towards her again, his eyes fell to her lap and stayed there. “Hooked!” thought Brit. “Now to land him.”

She lifted her knee over his to spread her legs further and ‘accidentally’ trapped his hand between her thigh and his. He pulled it free as though electrocuted but he didn’t resist when she caught his wrist and placed his hand halfway up her inner thigh. Her free hand was rummaging under her pussy, a finger sinking into her hole.

A few more seconds of frantic fingering and his hand started to inch up her leg towards her pussy. She waited until his little finger touched the back of her hand then took her hand away and looked at the guy imploringly. His hand moved to her pussy at last, cupping her mound and feeling the heat radiating from it.

Tiffany had her shades on so she could look sideways without being obvious. She saw Britney starting to masturbate, saw the old man take interest and saw him reach for her pussy. She wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it but here was a man touching up a girl who could easily pass for his granddaughter and it was turning her on just watching it. That surprised her too – it was actually incredibly sexy and Brit looked to be enjoying the attention so much. The man’s hand was moving steadily now and Britney was starting to look flushed. Tiffany couldn’t help pressing a hand to her own crotch, through her jeans. Britney really was going to have a manual orgasm on a crowded bus in the middle of the day.

Britney closed her eyes. She didn’t care how many people had noticed what was going on. The old man’s fingers were rubbing her clit and she was going to come in seconds. She bit down on her knuckle to keep herself quiet and let it just happen. It wasn’t the biggest orgasm ever – not even the biggest today, but it was still fun.

The old man felt her climax approaching and stuck a finger inside her, feeling her vagina clench spasmodically around it. When she’d finished, he kept his hand there until she touched his wrist again.

Britney covered herself as soon as the man’s hand was out from between her thighs. She moved her knee off his and sat demurely, smiling innocently when she caught his eye. She reached across and gently brushed the crotch of his trousers to confirm that – yes – he was toting wood. She gave it a little squeeze and felt it twitch against her hand. Conscious that Tiffany was watching her every move, she deliberately stroked the man’s cock through his trousers, wondering if she had time to get him off too.

She had time. It took about a minute before his erection twitched violently and a dark stain appeared a few inches down his leg. She let go of him then and turned away, catching Tiff’s eye and winking.

* * * * *

“Did you see?” Brit asked, skipping off the bus a couple of stops later.

“I saw. I’m still not sure I believe it, but …”

“Did anyone else spot us?”

“Not that I noticed. How many times have you done that?

“Dozens. It’s different every time but its always fun.”

“Let’s get a cab. We’ll be late for lunch.” Tiffany stepped to the curb and waved at a yellow cab. It pulled over.

In the back seat, safely out of public view, Tiffany reached under Brit’s skirt to find out just how wet she was. Really wet as it turned out.

Britney got out some tissues and wiped herself. “Don’t want a damp patch on the back of my skirt.” She said quietly, to exclude the cabbie from the conversation.

“I’m going to have to start carrying our camcorder. Dom will never believe me when I tell him.”

“You aint seen nothing yet.” Britney replied, quietly confident that she could surprise Tiffany and Dominic a lot more yet. She had lots more games in her personal compendium.

“Well keep that under wraps during lunch.” Tiffany indicated Brit’s crotch. “My friends actually do think you’re my P.A. Tomorrow, I’ll give you my diary so that you can start acting like a P.A. too – some of the time at least.”

“Ok. I’ll remember to keep my mouth shut… And my legs.”

“Oh, feel free to be sociable. They’re used to my P.A.s being part of the social scene. Just remember these people are vanilla.

“Gotcha. But if I do overstep the mark, which can easily happen, just ask me the time and I’ll know to shut up.”

“Good idea. Here we are. Best behaviour.”

* * * * *

Britney was a very good girl all the way through lunch. Tiff’s friends warmed to her and were actually quite nice. Britney did find herself mentally undressing them and trying to imagine them going down on her, but it didn’t really work as an image. None of them were her type and she just couldn’t build a convincingly sexy fantasy around them so she’d concentrated on planning what she was going to do to Tiffany tonight.

Dress shopping took the rest of the afternoon and they never got as far as the store with the glass elevator.

“Save that for New York.” Tiffany had said. “I know too many people in L.A. anyway, it might embarrass Dom, professionally.”

Britney wasn’t disappointed. She had a couple of opportunities to flash Tiffany and that was fun too. She got several dresses, all on Tiff’s credit card, including a very tight, very short white dress that was going to be so much fun in public, just as soon as Tiffany let her wear it.

* * * * *
Tell me more about this experimental roomie. Helen?”

“Helen.” Brit nodded. They were waiting for their first course in the poshest restaurant Britney had ever eaten in.

“What else were you two into?” Tiffany was admiring Brit’s very low cut new cocktail dress – cock tease dress, Brit had called it – and thinking about the cab ride to the restaurant. Britney had recognised the driver instantly as the one she’d put on a show for the previous afternoon.

“I tipped the dispatcher a hundred bucks to give me any fares from this address.” Tony had owned up when Britney commented on the coincidence. She had been openly flattered by his willingness to pay for just the possibility of another peek at her pussy. She’d whispered in Tiff’s ear, asking if she could reward him. Tiffany had agreed because she was caught up in Brit’s exhibitionist nature and wanted to see her showing off again.

Britney hadn’t flashed him again but she’d leant close to the grill in the perspex screen and told him in graphic detail how she’d been fisted that morning. Britney really was shameless.

“Oh, Helen was into everything. She got us both jobs as web cam girls.”

“Web cam girls?”

“Yeah. It’s the 21st century equivalent of the telephone sex lines. You sit in front of a web cam and play with yourself for four bucks a minute. The guy on the other end of the camera tells you what he wants you to do and you do it while he jerks off. It’s sort of an interactive porno movie. It was fun for a while but it turns out that there just aren’t that many male fantasies and it got really repetitive. Helen quit first because she got bored, but I needed the money. I stopped doing it when Helen found out that one of her regulars was actually her father. I really didn’t want to think that it could be my dad watching and telling me what to stuff up my ass next.”

“So Britney actually does have boundaries.” Tiffany was wondering just how many people had seen Brit’s pussy. It must run to thousands.

“Not really. It freaked me out at the time but When Helen came clean about fucking her father, she made it sound ok, so I sort of warmed to the idea – not of fucking him, but it became a regular fantasy that he might be watching and I went back to work.

“Helen fucked her own father?”

“Oh yeah. Still does, any time she visits home. Says if her pussy’s inspiring his hard-ons, her pussy should reap the rewards. She moved from web cams to escorting. She likes getting paid to date businessmen. She tells her dad everything. I used to hear their phone calls.”

“But… her own father?”

“Well, as Helen said, lots of the guys she dated wanted her to call them Daddy. At least with her real dad she knows he means it when he says he loves his little girl.

I got to meet him once. He drove up to the campus to collect Helen and stayed overnight in a local motel. We had a wild threesome. It was my first ATM experience: My ass and Helen’s mouth. He’d been ass fucking us in turn and I got the cream so Helen pouted and complained until I said she could have it back. So he got to see his little girl licking up his cum as it oozed out of my ass.

We had a pee party in the tub too. He was really into water sports. That’s why I wasn’t grossed out when you pissed in my mouth.”

“Is there anything you haven’t done?” Tiffany, in spite of herself, was turned on by the story of Helen and her father.

“Sucked Dominic’s cock.” Britney retorted. “D’you think he’d at least let me clean him, like I clean you?”

“I doubt it. He’s got this thing about fidelity. Personally, I’d love to share, but he just won’t.”

“Does he like water sports? That wouldn’t be like fucking me.”

“You know, Sweetie, I really don’t know. The subject’s never come up.”

“Hope springs eternal from the sex toy’s loins.”

“But, just for suggesting it, you’re getting a golden shower tonight.”

“Oh goodie!” Britney reached for the wine bottle and topped up Tiffany’s glass.

To Be Continued…


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    I would like for a older catholic lesbian nun to teach me a lesson sugarbud if you know what i mean. britney

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      Aw, My BRITNEY! I definitely love the sounds of it. I will do anything for you my Britney. Your request granted! Should be ready in day or so. How’s that sound.?

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    Hi Sugarbud. Another well written story but I’m afraid it didn’t do anything for me. I like seeing Britney bring fucked by hard cocks and there wasn’t enough of that for me in the story. I’m not a great fan of girl on girl sex especially when Britney is the main character.

    • Sugarbud16 ID:c8aw7949b

      Appreciate your feedback Spunky.. we can disagree and agree, but I only write accordingly to what I learn of My BRITNEY comments and liking as preferences.. Anyway there is a last part of this story.. I’m Sure that will wrapped up what I’d thought. But thanks for your honest opinion.

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    Spunky darlin please read this story and comment for me? your girl Britney

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    I love your story on me but i’m not a fan on rimming. but i like the crowded bus part because i did stuff like that in high school and crowded trains. I loved dressing in a mini skirt or dress with either dark tights or pantyhose and wear white lacey ankle socks over them with my 5 inch stilettos and walk in front of all the guys. can’t wait to see what you have planned for me next sugarbud . love britney