The surprise

My cock stiffens as I hear my cell phone buzz again. You’ve been sending me texts all day. Teasing me while I’m at work. You’ve been sending me naughty texts, pictures... #

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Accidental encounter

In South Africa, Eskom ( Electric power supplier own by Government) implented load shedding. Lemme me introduce myself. I am known as Rider from my soccer playing days. The name stuck.... #

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Horny in December

I never knew at that being horny can drive even a preacher wild. Now in South Africa, the legal sex age is sixteen. I am a 35 year old Health professional who joggs 18.5 km twice a... # # #

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Masturbate in bus station 3

i go to close my legs but tom stop them and open them again wide then he start pull down my underwear he is going to fucked me #

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Mom and I on halloween

Now that my sister Kathy is away at college,mom and I can do alot more fucking in the evenings without worrying about being caught by my sister,for months we had to be real cautious.mom... #

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A true die hard ass man

I remember about ten years ago I was in a adult book and video store and me the clerk and married couple were having small talk about things I cannot fully remember,but I do remember... #

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One afternoon

Several years ago when I was still trying to appear straight , my girlfriend thought I was Bi and knew that I sucked and I wanted her to watch me have sex with a man or more, One day... # #

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It was snowing that night

It was snowing on the night of December 14, when 25-year-old schoolteacher H.G. slid behind the wheel of her red Toyota Paseo. Her dear schnauzer, Nikki, sat beside her on the passenger... # #

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