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Cheating wife PT4

Sophie came in from school very excited a out the recording. She ran upstairs into the shower and came down a out 15vmins later in some loose shorts and a vest top. I made us both a... # # #

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Cheating wife PT3

I started planning my next move. I ordered a large memory sound recorder a d collected it on Saturday. I tested it out on the night by fucking my wife in our bedroom. It was so clear... # #

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Cheating wife pt2

I was pretty confident that they would not continue during the week as my daughter came home after school on Monday after having spent her usual weekend at her mum’s house. I... # # #

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Plan to rape my mom

I’m a 13 year old boy who’s constantly horny and I want to penetrate a pussy. The perfect target would be my mom, she’s a 5’2 46 year old woman with perfectly round 38 DD breasts... # # #

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Second Time with my 14 year Old Daughter

I came home from work lastnight. The wife had to go to town for groceries and that takes her s couple hours. After she left i went and changed. I put on a tshirt and loose pair of shorts... # #

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Caught by my 14 year old daughter

Every morning when i get up to get ready for work i watch porn and rub one out. Yesterday morning i was doing my normal thing. I must have been really into the incest porn i was watching... # #

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