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Cheating wife pt2

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I was pretty confident that they would not continue during the week as my daughter came home after school on Monday after having spent her usual weekend at her mum’s house. I went to work as usual and my idea seemed correct until Sophie ( my 13 yr old daughter) got up early Thursday morning to talk to me.
She said she could hear sounds downstairs after she had gone to bed but thought it was the tv. On Wednesday night she had got up with the intention of asking Lisa ( my wife ) to turn TV down a bit.
She said when she got to lounge door she could see Lisa and Sean ( wife’s son ) doing stuff. I asked her what she meant and she blushed and said sex stuff. I pushed her more and she said she saw her sucking his thing and he was touching her down below.
I know this makes me bad but hearing my daughter describe it all was getting me horny. I looked at my cute little girl in her pj’s, small budding tits and started having seriously bad thoughts.
I asked her if she went back to bed or stayed and watched. She put her head down and said she watched. She said Lisa stopped sucking him and lay down on sofa. Sean got on top and put his thing in her. She said she kept on watching and I asked her how she felt. She said that it wasnt right for Lisa to do that to me but couldn’t stop watching a d it made her tingle.
OMG hearing her say these things got me hard. I should have been appalled but instead I had a overwhelming desire to see my daughter naked and fuck her. She just told me it turned her on

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