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Little Alice is pedo loving girl

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Little Alice journey into being a fucktoy for grown men

Hi l am Alice, l am 11 years old going to be 12 soon. I live with mom and dad and l am an only child. We live in a flat with long hall way outside ours and other neighbours’ front doors, and l often play out there. Next to our flat on the right lives Mr Bennett and his wife, and on the left it used to my friend Daisy, who is the same age as me, with her parents but they moved away so now the flat is empty.

Today, l was playing on the hallway as usual and l noticed a man walked towards me and opened the door to the empty flat. I smiled ar him and he introduced himself as Henry. He looks as old as my daddy who is early 40’s. I asked is he moving in next door and he said yes. After he moved in, he introduced himself to my parents and Mr and Mrs Bennett, and they quickly became friends.

Henry is often at home and he told me his job requires him working from home a lot. Because my parents is now friends with him they often ask him to babysit me while they are working, both of them work shifts and sometimes overtime and they were worried about me being on my own. Uncle Henry stated he would make sure l will be okay. So now it’s a regular thing where l would play on the hall way after school and hang out at uncle Henry’s flat.

One evening l was playing in my flat, I was bored so l went to uncle Henry’s flat, his door is unlocked so l was able to walk in and closed the door. He was sitting on the sofa, headphone on, eye closed, and his hand was moving up and down stroking his cock. I’ve seen daddy’s cock when l was little, when we used to have baths together. Uncle Henry didn’t hear me as he was stroking his cock up and down very fast. It was big, thick, with veins and stood straight up hard, he was moaning and saying my name…l got closer to him and peeked at the laptop on his lap, and it was showing a video of a girl similar age to me, on her knees, and a grown man is putting his cock into her secret place, and she was moaning.

Uncle Henry opened his eyes and saw me standing there, he quickly stopped rubbing and slam the laptop shut, and yelled at me asking what l am doing. I said l was bored and wanted to hang out with him. He looked at me and asked what did you see. I replied l saw him playing and he looked like he really enjoying it. I also told him watching him, and the video is making me feel funny with a tingle sensation. He asked where and l pointed to my secret place and said there. He picked me up and put me onto his lap and l can feel his hard cock hidden in his pants:
“My sweet Alice, the tingly feeling you have is in your pussy. That’s right, your secret place is called pussy, vagina, slut holes. And it feels really good when you touch it, let me show you.” He said as he slide his hand under my dress and stroke my pussy, which is wet. “Mmmmm, you are soaked! You are turned on watching me wanking, good girl! Let me make you feel even better.” He pushed my pink panties aside and is stroking my pussy slits, separating the fold he called lips, and push a finger in me. I feel so wet down there and l move my hips back and forth on his lap. I am wearing a dress with thin straps, uncle Henry pulled it down, exposing my chest. “Ohhhhhh Alice, you are going through puberty, look at these perfect titties..” He started squeezing my right tits with his other hand, pull me close to him, bend down and took the right nipple into his mouth to suck it.

Mommy had told me a few weeks ago about the birds and the bees, what sex is, and that my body is changing. She planned to take me bra shopping as my titties is growing but she has not has the time. Here l am sitting on Uncle Henry’s lap with his mouth sucking my nipple and making me feel soooooo good. He let go of it and tells me my tits are the best he’ve seen: round, perky, with pointed juicy nipples that need sucking, he tells me he is a pedophile, l didn’t know what this means. He explained he like young girls like me and it excites him. He said knowing l live next door turns him on, and he goes to bed wanking his cock imagining doing filthy things to me, and here l am, on his lap, with a wet pussy and juicy nipples he just sucked.

He reopen the laptop to show me the vid he was watching. “See this little girl, she is similar age, and she is enjoying getting fucked by grown man like me. Do you want to be like this girl? You are getting more and more turned on, such a good girl”. As l watched the film he continues to finger my pussy, telling me what he is doing to me, and bend his head to suck my left nipple. I couldn’t take my eyes off the laptop as he is using my body, making me wanting more and more of the sensation and l tell him l want him to show me everything about sex.

He looked at me and said “l will teach you everything about sex, and make you to be my little fuck toy. You are a nasty little slut, letting a pedophile using your body and getting off on it. Such a hungry and obedient bitch. Look at you, soaked pussy and your nipples need more sucking and biting. Starting now, l will be your daddy, and you need to call me that, okay? Before and after school you will come here and l will teach you, show you and fuck you with my cock. Don’t worry, I will make sure my 9 inches thick hard cock fuck your little pussy so good that you beg for it, think about it at school and bedtime. You will do everything l tell you to do. From now on, you are made for sex, a piece of juicy young fuckmeat that need to be filled with pedo’s cock, and l will share you with my other friends who like little girls like you”.

As he’s telling me this he kept fingering me and squeezing my titties, pinching my nipple and it is so good. “I want you to moan as loud and as nasty as possible. The sluttier you are the more l will fuck you”. I nod my head and tell him l will be the best toy for him. He took the dress off me, and my panties off as well, he also took off his clothes, and carried me to his bed. He switched the TV in the bedroom on, and the film he was playing on the laptop is now playing on the TV. Watching the little girl having her pussy filled with a big cock is making me wanting the same.

Daddy Henry pulls me closer to him as he stand on the edge of the bed, his hard thick cock standing proudly, and l think there is no way it will go into my pussy. He tells me he need to fuck me now, he will lick my pussy later, but RIGHT NOW he need to bury his cock in my tight juicy, swollen, virgin pussy, and have me experience his pedo cock. He spread my legs wide, and placed his big cock head to my pussy lips, with one push, he is inside me. He start to move in and out of my pussy. I did not expect the pain but he was telling me to take it, that the pain will be gone and l will feel soo good as he continue to thrust into me. He’s right, the pain did go away and now his cock is giving me really good feelings. I start to moan and tell him to keep fucking me and he does. Daddy is filling my slut baby making hole, as he calls it, with his lthick cock and l don’t want it to ever stop. My slut juice is leaking all over my pussy and all over the bed. The room was filled with my moaning, his grunting and calling me filthy names and the porn film playing on tv, with the little girl slut enjoying being fucked by pedophile cock.

“That’s it, such a fast learner, you little whore. You are a perverted nasty girl, and you need pedophile’s cock, say it! Good, good….you are perfect, so fucking tight and wet, pussy completely mould to my cock. Little girls are the best and they need to be used by men like me. I wonder what will your real daddy think? His little girl is getting fucked and filled with meaty adult cock, moaning like a bitch whore. Have you started your period? Good, l will breed you. You are fertile and ripe and need nourishing cums from me. You are far too good being an obedient little fuckslut, l will bring more men to use you after l teach you face fucking and l fuck your ass. God…..you are gripping my cock, you want harder, deeper? Bitch you are getting it”. Daddy Henry is now pounding my little swollen fuck juice pussy so hard and raw, hitting this amazing spot deep in me, that l feel this overwhelming sensation building and building, and l cum, gushing out liquid all over his cock and bed, and this made daddy lose control and he pushed and pushed squirting hot cream into my preteen pussy (later he tells me what preteen means). I was embarrassed about soaking the bed but Daddy assured me it’s perfect, that l cum squirting juice.
We lay in bed and he kissed me full on the lips, pinching my nipples and tells me l am such a sweet little whore, and he will show me everything. I am grinning and tell him l look forward being his little bitch slut student, and plan to get A in the sex education he will be giving me.

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