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My young neighbour

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Story about, how I fucked my young neighbour and made him fall in love with me.

I’m a female and I’m 17, I’m and my neighbour is 12. He is almost the same height as me already, he is fit and pretty strong for his age. He plays basketball in his school team.
He is also shy, which

We have always had a good contact with each other because our parents were friends. This time his parents were supposed to leave the city for a weekend.
That’s what they did, before leaving they told me to look after him and spend time with him.
His parents left around 1pm on Saturday and that’s when I came to him. First we both went for a walk with his dog.
When we came back, we ordered some food and watched a show. Time passed by and it was around 8 so it was getting dark. That’s when he proposed to chill in the jacuzzi, I forgot to mention earlier but yes his parents were pretty rich, so their house was great.
The thing was that I didn’t have a swimming suit, so I had to go back home to get one, it wasn’t really a problem, cause my home was literally right next to his.
I took my blue bikini and went back.
He was already in his shorts waiting by the jacuzzi, so I told him i would go change in the house, when I was changing I was thinking briefly about his body and his little abs.
I went back and hopped into the jacuzzi, he did the same.
We talked for most of the time, he told me about some games he played and how the school been.
I couldn’t count on my fingers how many times I caught him staring at my boobs, which wasn’t surprising because of the bikini I wore. It was flattering to be honest so I decide to give him some more show.
I stood up and decided to go make myself some drink, I turned my back on him and went and I could feel his eyes staring at my ass.
I got back with the drink, finished it off quickly and went back for another one. Got back again and went into the jacuzzi.
My boobs itched, so I adjusted my bikini and I could see him staring at them once again.
“Do you wanna touch them or what…” I asked
“No I didn’t mean to stare…”
“I know you did and it’s okay, I don’t blame you.
I know boys this age are horny and it’s perfectly fine…”
He didn’t say a word, I could see he was shy. I got close to him, nearly sitting on his lap in the water.
With serious tone this time, “You can touch them if you want…” I said.
He gently guided his hands on my boobs and started caressing them through my bikini. Not long before, I took off my bikini and revealed fully my breasts to him.
I must admit my nipples are very sensitive, so his gentle movements were perfect.
“Have you ever kissed a girl…” I asked him.
He said he did, but only on the cheek.

I took the initiative and kissed him on the lips.
He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I did to. I must admit for someone his age, with no experience he kissed great. While we were kissing, I could feel his young cock growing under me.
He stopped kissing me and unexpectedly started kissing and licking my boobs. His tongue was going around my nipples.
I think that blast of pleasure took me down to earth and I decided to stop things here. I told him I would go change in the house and then go back home.

I woke up pretty late with a headache. I remembered everything that happened last night and I honestly didn’t feel bad about it.
It was Sunday and we were supposed to go the cinema together later in a day, but before that his friend was coming to his house to hang out, so I decided to make them dinner.
When I came to him, his friend was already over, so I just said hi to them. While they were playing games, I was making some food. His friend left and went to the cinema, after the film, we went to shop to buy some snacks for the evening.
For the whole day we didn’t say anything about what happened the day before.
We got back and he wanted to teach me how to play some games and that’s what we did for quite some time(I still can’t play it lol). We finished the day by watching a horror.
When it ended it was after midnight and his parents told me to make him go to bed early, because he has school in the morning.
I told him to go to bed, but he refused, which wasn’t very surprising. I proposed to him to give him a kiss, if he would go to bed.

He was a little surprised but he agreed immediately.
I told him to come to me and I would give him a kiss.
I kissed him gently and before I wanted to break the kiss, he pushed me to the wall and started kissing more passionately. Even though his age, he was almost the same height as me. In the same position he began to kiss me lower, on my neck and shoulders. We were right beside the sofa, so he sat on it and pulled me with him.
I was sitting on his lap, while he was taking off my top and slowly pulling down the straps of my bra.
He revealed my tits and licked them properly.
Similarly to the situation in the jacuzzi, I could feel his dick growing and poking me through his shorts.
I took off his shirt, revealing his young and fit body and then took off his shorts and boxers.
His cock surely wasn’t the biggest one, but for his age it was okay.
“You want me to taste it, oh I can see how bad you want it…”
I took it inside my mouth and sucked it good. I could fit his whole dick inside my mouth.
He came soon after I started, blasting his young semen in my mouth. There was so much of it, that some leaked out, but the rest I gladly swallowed.
I cleaned his dick with my tongue and I can’t describe how badly I wanted it inside.
I took off my leggings and panties and immediately sat on him again.
I started off my rubbing his dick with my pussy, but I was so wet that I had to be fucked right away.
“Are you ready for me…” I asked him.
He just nodded, because he couldn’t let out any words this moment.
I guided his cock inside and sat on it, pushing his whole dick inside.
“Oh my god, ohhhh, your cock feels amazing inside…”
I was moaning how good he and his young cock feels.
I was lost in the sensation of his cock filling my pussy.
That’s when my first orgasm came and it seemed to go forever.
“Fuck me, fuck me and pleasee don’t ever stop…”
He kept pounding my pussy and I was going up and down on him, stretching my pussy.
“Ohhh, I’m close Anne, what do I do?…”
“Don’t worry, just lay and enjoy and I will do the rest…”
I could feel his dick pulse and twitch inside.
One last time I went down and he pumped his cum deep inside my pussy. I kissed him and waited until last drop of cum will be inside. He claimed my pussy.
I got off his dick and his young cum was leaking down from my pussy.
“You sure know hot to treat a girl…” I said
He was about to leave to clean up, but I stopped him.
“Oh don’t worry, I can do that for you…”
I took his cock inside my mouth once again. I sucked him for a moment and I stopped saying he is all clean now and laughed with him a bit.
We got dressed up and I had to leave. We said our goodbyes and I came back home.

That’s all for now, I hope you guys liked it.
It’s a real story, that happened not that long ago and I decided to share it.
I have a lot of more experiences and stories with him that I can share.

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    Where in the hell were girls like you when I was 12 or 13? Thank you for the service you did. He’ll never forget you.

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