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raping amber

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Amber got home from school and went to her room i went in and she was watching cartoons i sat down and pulled her onto my lap her skirt rose exposing her panties i put my hand on the crotch and started rubbing her pussy she just continued to watch the tv qs i slipped her panties down her thighs and off her feet .
Her tiny pussy was smooth i couldn’t barely fit my little finger inside she squirmed as i pushed it into her i couldn’t wait any longer i picked her up and layed her on the bed taking my clothes off and instructed her to do the same i putmy cockin her mouth and told her to suck as i grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock into her tiny throat her gag reflex was in overdrive pushing me over the top and I came down her throat harder than I ever had.
She coughed and gagged i took the opportunity to push her on her back lubed her tiny little girl pussy and started pushing myself into her grabbing her hips pushing as hard as I could the head slowly opening her up she screamed as I popped inside her ripping through her virginity and raping her with reckless abandon forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her her tears running down her cheeks as I bottomed out i pulled back and rammed back into her with hard deliberate strokes faster and faster harder and harder until I pushed deep and released a torrent of seed deep inside her.
holding myself deep until I started to soften and pu.lled out my sperm and her virginal blood seeped out and down her ass i instantly got hard again pushed back into her coating my cock with the mixture i pulled out and put my cock against her anal opening pushing hard she pleaded for me to stop as the head pushing past her anal ring i keep pushing myself harder into her little rectum until I was all the way in and started to rape her ass her eyes bulging every time I bottomed out inside her fucking her ass until I deposited yet another gooey load of cum deep inside her…

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    Thats exactly what I was thinking Horny af

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    So hot how old were u two