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Caught by my 14 year old daughter

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Every morning when i get up to get ready for work i watch porn and rub one out. Yesterday morning i was doing my normal thing. I must have been really into the incest porn i was watching because i didn’t notice my baby girl walk into the living room. She saw me with phone in one hand and rubbing my cock with other hand. She was like Dad what are you doing? At first I was in shock. I told her this is what guys do when wives wont give them sex. To my surprise she sat beside me and looked at my phone. She said she saw this video before. She layed against me and pulled my arm around her. I could not resist and put my hand on her firm C cup boobs. To my surprise she reached up and pushed the play button. As the movie played she started rubbing my cock. It felt so good I almost felt guilty. I moved my hand from her boobs to her pussy rubbing it through her shorts that she wears to bed. She started to moan but I told her to keep quiet or she would wake up her mom. I put my hand under her shorts and felt her fresh young wet pussy. She pulled out my hard cock and started kissing it. She started sucking me like a pro and I was finger fucking her. I could not take it any more and got up pulled her shorts off and pulled mine laid her down on the couch spread her legs and saw the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I started licking it as she wrapped her legs around my head and ran her fingers through my hair. Every time she moaned I had to tell her to keep her voice down. After a few minutes of eating her out I had to be in her. I kissed up her body and grinded my hard cock on her very wet pussy. I put it in her and she is very tight. She let out a little squeal and I covered her mouth with my hand. I fucked her for like 15 minutes before I blew my load in her. She got up gave me a smile and kiss and she went back to her room. 5 minutes after that the wife came out and told me to have a good day at work. Can’t wait till next time sh catches me watching porn.

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  • Reply Titts

    This make remember my past. I have son with my stepfather but untill now my mother don’t know that it’s her husband son and i don’t know want to say luckily or not but mom is died now and her husband is my husband. Even we 3 child.

    • jackyboy

      i really like to text you, shall we?

  • Reply Beast

    good daughter. lucky father

  • Reply 21

    Do another one

  • Reply Anon

    Breed her

  • Reply Tj

    Mmm glad you got to fuck your little girl