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My Daughter my Lover- a true story

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A reflection on a night with my beautiful baby girl.

Hi guys, my name is Dan. I am an evil pedo…, apparently.

I love this site, it is one of a kind. I wanted to contribute by writing a story. You see, I fuck my daughter, well, we make love really. I don’t see it as “grooming”, or “abuse”, I don’t think she does either. It is just our relationship.

More than 10 years ago one of my friends fell pregnant with my child. Since we weren’t actually together we settled for a co-parenting situation. So my daughter grew up in a shared custody environment from the start. Me and her mother are still great friends, although now we are completely platonic, it is easier that way. Currently i am 45, am youthful looking and fairly fit. Sex with my daughter is not like a, this is all i can get sort of situation. Sex with my daughter is a beautiful experience that is hard to put into words. Unfortunately I am a little limited by what I can say regarding her upbringing due to site rules and feel uncomfortable using her real name, so let’s call her Ava.

Ava, is a beautiful little girl. Currently she is 11. She has fine, long blonde hair down to her bum, like her mother, they both have a very Scandinavian look about them. Ava is average height for her age and skinny, although strong, she is crazy about football and plays in the under 12s. She has, silky long legs, perfect olive skin and a cute perky little bum. She does often wear sports bras but there is not much there right now. She has her mother’s kind eyes and is very witty.

I don’t manipulate her, actually I talk to her like an adult, she is very smart. She has no mental issues to my knowledge, has lots of friends and she excels at school. She knows what we do is, “wrong”. That society sees it in a prejudice, not looking past its polarised, fixed view on the topic. That it is morally, “unacceptable”, whatever that means. I tell her lots of people do it, but everyone has to keep it a secret, that it has to stay between us. I have to tell her that mom will get jealous if she told her and when her and mom and me are together or we are with my girlfriend, she has to behave and not grab my cock or anything. She gets it. She has accepted it, and she loves it.

It was a Monday afternoon. I had not seen Ava in over a week as i work away often. I hear her cute, cheeky laugh as her friend and her walk home from school. As they walk in, Ava runs up to me and jump-hugs me. “Daddy, I missed you”. She screams as she clings to me as if she hadn’t of seen me in years. At this point I was holding her up, cuffing her ass, my finger sliding through her sport shorts inappropriately, her legs wrapped around my torso. “Hi Ashley, how are you going”, I say to her friend, acknowledging the other little girl in the room. “what are you ladies doing?” I ask as I put over excited Ava on the ground again. “We are working on a project”, they both say at the same time. “OK girls, have fun, if you need a lift home later Ashley, let me know”. “OK thanks Dan”. She replies.

Ashley was Ava’s best friend. She was a regular for sleep overs. She had long curley black hair but always had a ponytail. She was shorter than Ava, and a little more plump, but also fit as she too played in the under 12s football. I’m not going to lie, I have explored Ashley’s body, when she is sleeping. She is developing a nice set of little boobs, and has a chubby little pussy, with little adolescent hairs, and a sexy little clit I’ve rubbed my cock though. Maybe I am a bad person because of this, i am very careful. I would never hurt her, Ashley feels safe with me, i would never do anything to compromise that. Even still, there is something memorisingly sexy about exploring a sleeping girls body, especially a pre-teen.

After a few hours, Ashley leaves, her dad picks her up, I say my hellos, and then start preparing dinner. Ava jumps in the shower. As I am in the process of finishing setting up for dinner, Ava finally comes out and gives me another hug from behind. ” Did you miss me daddy”, she asks in a cutish baby tone. ” Of course baby, I always miss you”, I turn around and give her a kiss on the forehead. She grabs a plate of food and skips off, dancing and singing quietly to some song and sits down to go watch Netflix.

I smile to myself as I get instantly aroused at the site before me. Ava is wearing a t-shirt, barely coving her bum and no panties. As she walks away from me, she shakes her little bum at me, almost like a little twirk. Now, we were used to being naked around each other. We would often shower and sometimes bath together. But her coming out for dinner with no panties was definitely, sexually provocative. In other words, it was her way of saying she was horney.

We have dinner and sit down to watch a series. We joke and laugh and tell each other about our day. I really do cherish my time with her. After dinner Ava comes to sit on my lap as I lay across the couch. I lay there, holding her from behind, my arms wrapped around her, her legs spread, entangled around my legs. I glide my fingers over the inside of her thigh across her clit and back down her thigh in a circular motion. She is completely relaxed. As I start to get hard, brushing across her now moist, bald little pussy, she grinds her bum against me, telling me very subtlety that she can feel my cock against her. This continues for the remainder of the show.  As we get ready for bed Ava runs to the bathroom and I take a quick shower. I return to find her curled up in my bed, waiting for me. We usually go to bed together, but as she has gotten older, sleeping in her own room has gotten more regular. Not that I mind really, she is a sheet stealer.

As I approach and climb on to the bed, Ava rolls over on to her back. I climb on top of her and pull up her shirt. I start working my way across her body, kissing and tickling her. She giggles with satisfaction then gasps and tightens as I make my way towards her pussy with my tongue, gently working my way down her clit. I spend a while here getting her ready. What makes sex sustainable between us is that she is always the primary focus, not me. Her having an orgasm is the primary objective, and after all this time I had gotten pretty good at giving it to her. I bring her close to orgasm then stop, I love teasing her. She looks at me in sexual frustration.

Ava rolls over and gets on her knees, spreads her legs and buries her head into the bed, grabbing a pillow for support. She backs her bony ass and open pussy lips towards me, slowly rocking, enticing me to slam her. I run my hands up and down her groin, massaging her clit and gently entering my fingers inside of her. She is moaning quietly. She is very horney now I can feel it. We both are. As much as I wanted to slam her right then and there I stop, flip her over and stand at the end of the bed while she is on her knees facing towards me. “What does daddy like”, I say to her in a cheeky tone. ” to watch me get deep throated”, she replies smiling. “How deep do you go”, I ask, “until I gag”, she replies, half laughing as she said it. ” well, go on then”, I reply. Without hesitation, she gets my cock out from shorts, grabs me from behind and engulfs my cock down her throat. Over time, she had become very good at giving head, I was a great teacher at this. I don’t have a ridiculously big cock, maybe 6 inches or so but it is quite thick, like a soda can, Ava tells me. So watching her trying to fit it in her mouth while she tries to drive it deeper down her throat is a major turn on for me. She takes my cock for a few minutes, gagging everytime it bounces off the back of her throat. I hold the back of her head, stroking her hair as I gently face fuck her.

I stop myself from blowing in her mouth, although she usually doesn’t mind if I do, and I lay her back down on the bed on her back. She wipes the dribble off her chin and give me another cheeky smile. I take my shorts off and spread her legs, getting ready to mount her. Ava grabs the head of the bed, and closes her eyes. Watching a little girl brace herself as you are about to penetrate her is a sight that never gets old. I am very turned on at this point. I want to fuck her hard and rough, but I show restraint. I move inbetween her legs and direct the tip of my cock over her moist, bald little pussy. Ava starts to breathe deeply as she feels my cock move up and down her pussy lips.

When i am lined up, i grab Ava’s legs so her feet are facing up and I start to penetrate her. She gasps and grips the bed tighter as I push the full length of my cock inside of her. Even after all the times we have had sex the first part of penetrating her always feels like a vice grip around my cock. I have to take it easy, so I don’t hurt her. I take it slow to start with, slow, full-length thrusts inside of her. She gasps, moans and yelps quietly everytime I push it in, her little body twisting and reacting as I gradually get quicker and harder.

After 5 or so minutes I am thrusting at a normal pace now, admiring her beautiful little body, watching my cock penetrate her. Ava is still gripping the bed hard, her body is tense now, her back is arched. Her eyes are fixated on me and her month is constantly open, as she tries to gasps for air and moan at the same time. I feel her body shake, she is having an orgasm I thought. I go harder now, ramming my baby girl. I watch as she cums, her eyes start rolling and she goes into a type of paralysis, then her body just drops, like all her muscles relax at once. I can feel how wet she is now. I continue to fuck her for several more minutes.

As I start to cum I push even harder, ragdolling her. She tenses up again as I ejaculate inside of her. I hold myself up above her body while my cock still throbs, pushing the last of my load up into her. She looks up at me and smiles, exhausted and sleeply. I slowly pull out of her admiring the blob of cum dripping from her pussy. I wipe her off and grab the blanket and tuck her in. “I love you dad”, she says quietly as she drifts off too sleep. “I love you baby”, I reply, “get some rest, we both have a big day tomorrow”. I lay down next to her and she puts her arm and legs around me, cuddling me. We both drift off to sleep.

Also I know I should be pulling out, blowing in her is very addictive, but it is something i have to start thinking about. I had a baby at 16 I don’t wish that for her.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Reply Big dick daddy ID:1cyit7azi7dh

    Man I would love to have been there watching that.

  • Reply Al_lain ID:174a3lfib

    A good tale, great memories

  • Reply Jake ID:1ck7chbh27i0

    Dan, these are the type of stories I enjoy. Loving, satisfying, consenual.
    Love to hear more regarding Ava.
    Nice job.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      I totally agree. Very very nice story.

  • Reply Dan ID:1elcfzooop56

    I am glad there is other like minded people out there. Incest is a beautiful thing, it doesn’t have to be associated with rape, abuse, trauma all the time.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      I agree. I have often wondered why so much negative feelings are out there about this.
      Every person that I have known that has incest experiences, is very happy and comfortable with it. And stay mostly secrete about it, of course.

    • Ren ID:41ery97d1

      If you plan on emptying your balls indie you daguther and don’t want her pregnant stat using birth control

    • Dude ID:gp1aj2em0

      I’ve heard stories of both kinds: abuse and consensual. Abuse is just abuse — rape is rape, and it’s always traumatic. But I’ve mostly heard positive things in the consensual cases.

      I’d love to hear these stories, by the way; if anyone feels like telling me how it went for them, I’d be happy to chat.

  • Reply a ID:gnrvcvoid

    You made a mistake, it was not soda can thick, it’a car tyre thick.

    • Jim ID:1elcfzooop56

      Lol, there is so much far-fetched stories on here, everyone has a nine inch cock. I wanted it to remain true

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cnqgz33ptf9

    I think the first time my daughter and I came together we were so damn shocked we started crying together the emotion were so intense and flowing. We just laid there in total awe of each others love and emotional bond. Even when the tears were flowing down her cheeks she was still twitching from the massive orgasm that threw her into an uncontrollable fit of emotion. Her head instantly buried into the nap of my neck and balled like a baby saying over and over “I love you so much daddy”. It was so intense that I started streaming down my face. Love like that is unconditional and the closest thing to heaven I can imagine.
    I try to get each girl lover I have had to experience that and for the most part I have succeeded. Many have burst our crying and in my heart I showed them what pure unadulterated love is all about. Every girl on this planed should feel that emotion as it is their natural born right to love and connection. If you girls are not receiving it them just maybe your looking in the wrong place for it.

    • Dan ID:1elcfzooop56

      This sounds beautiful, thanks for sharing

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Very well said.

  • Reply Wtf ID:1esbcr917uz6

    Dude, you both need help

    • Dan ID:1elcfzooop56

      Why, people like you are the exact reason we hide in the shadows, because of your bullshit, unjustifiable witch hunt. Yet here you are reading it.. closet pedo maybe…

  • Reply I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

    Beautiful Storey, you are a very fortunate to have each other. And I agree with incestlover, having your baby at 12/13 may be a wonderful experiece for you both, ask Ava if she wants to be bred.

    • Dan ID:1elcfzooop56

      Thank you, breeding her definitely turns me on, and worst is she is supportive of it. But I don’t know it is a big commitment

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Her having a baby at such a young age is wonderful. But has some big negatives. The negatives should not be ignored. Once you both are comfortable with those and she wants your baby growing inside her, and her mother agrees, I say enjoy making love to your pregnant daughter.

  • Reply incestlover ID:5az3cep8k

    Honestly a baby at 12 sounds much better than 16 😋 , but it sounds like she’s a smart young woman, ask her what she wants. More creampies and maybe a few baby’s or no creampies (I don’t think hormone birth control should ever be used)