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Mommy has needs

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I 38F had my son, Leo, 12years ago, turning 13, but ever since I had him, I haven’t had sex. So now I found someone who can help…

It wasn’t like I couldn’t find someone to date/get married too, but it would just take too long and ever since his father left, work and everything else took up so much time.

I had to have sex or at least feel someone’s cum inside me. Nobody could help, until I realised my son was around. I know it’s wrong but it was a risk i was willing to take, I made sure to be prepared when I did it. While Leo was in his room lying on his bed, I came in with only my pyjamas on and no bra or panties. He asked what I want and with a small smile I asked,” Do want to be an adult?” He looked confused but I continued,” because I could show what we adults do, since you are almost gonna be a young man, I thought now would be perfect to show you.”
He had a little twinkle in his eyes and agreed immediately, I was lying to him but he didn’t have to know.

I stood in front of him and asked if he licked lick lollipops. He nodded so I said while lifting the bottom of my pyjamas ,”then why don’t you start by licking mommy here?”
He turned red and covered his face saying,” w-w-what are y-you doing mom?! Isn’t that y-your u-umm..”
He knew what it was? I guess he was still in school after, I giggled and said,”yeah your correct, this is mommy’s pussy, but they probably call it a vagina at school huh?”
He nodded while still covering his face, I took his hands and wrapped them around my waist, I then told him how it was ok for him to look. He hesitated but after a bit more convincing he finally opened his eyes and stared at my freshly shaved pussy(I had it shaved to look like a martini). He stared for a bit which made me turn a little red, I took two fingers and spread the lips of my vagina and told him to lick it. He didn’t hesitate as much as before and planted his mouth right on the opening of it and started licking vigorously.

It was so sudden but it definitely felt better than my fingers ever could, he obviously didn’t have to much experience but I helped him along the way and even got him to stick his tongue inside me. I had to lay on the bed while he ate me out, I almost didn’t have to say anything else, it’s like he knew what to do after what I said, I couldn’t handle his tongue or how his sucking made me get wet, and even made me orgasm in his face. I spasmed as I squirted, covering his face with it until I could finally focus again, even though this was his first time he still made me orgasm. Either he was secretly spying on me or I must be seriously horny.

I took his head away and took a few tissues to whip it off his face, I asked panting,” so, ha..ha, how did it taste?”
He said it tasted like nothing he ever had before, and it made him feel strange. After he said that I noticed the bulge in his underwear and I suddenly felt hornier now. I grinned and slowly moved my hand down to it and started rubbing it. I said,” this is called a boner sweetie, people get it when the really like someone.” He moaned as rubbed it and eventually I sat him down on the side of the bed, I smiled and said,” you must really like mommy then huh? Want me to make you feel…better;)?” As I pull his underwear down to reveal his dick. He was almost 13 so it wasn’t like 6 inches or anything but it was half bad for his age, it looked like half an inch longer/girthier for his age!
He looked embarrassed that I was looking at it and apologised but I told him,” don’t worry honey. You know, I’m actually flattered that you got so hard because of me!”
He turned even redder, but it just made him look cuter. I wrapped my hand around it and kissed the tip, he peeked at what I was doing and started groaning softly.

I licked the top and put my lips over the head and sucked, he moaned and I could taste his precum slowly leaking out.
I took some more of his dick until I had it all in my mouth, he let out more moans that just made my want more of it. Sucking from the top to the base was amazing, it was even big enough to touch the back of my throat which made me gag a few times. I took it out my mouth and lifted my shirt up and over my breasts. I then placed them around his dick surrounding it, I slowly moved my tits up and down the shaft while dripping my saliva all over the tip. He soon said that he felt strange again and I knew he was gonna cum, so I wrapped my mouth over the tip and let him fill my mouth with his cum. He screamed as he ejaculated into my mouth and he surprisingly cum a lot, it was even leaking out my mouth. I lifted my mouth off it and swallowed it licking the bits that were even on my lips.

His dick was drooping and I got sort of annoyed so I started licking it again while touching myself, he said how sensitive it felt but soon it got hard again. This was it after 13 years I could finally have a cock inside me again, I crawled onto of him and my dripping pussy was eager to swallow up his dick, it even looked like it wanted to be inside me too. I told him,” sweetie, mommy is gonna have fun with you with you now ok. Is that ok with you?” He nodded slowly as I lowered myself on his dick and in a few seconds all of it was sucked up, but suddenly everything hurt! His dick was too big to hurt so why did it hurt so much?!? Maybe because it’s been so long my body isn’t used to something inside it, I could feel his cock ripping into me. I sat on him as he was balls deep inside me, he asked what was wrong but I could feel him in pain as well. This was his first time and his mother took his virginity, it actually made me wet thinking about how dirty it was. My body finally got used to the shape of his dick so I started moving again, I can’t even describe the pleasure I felt while riding my son’s cock, he also seemed to start enjoying it more, though it still was painful for us both. His dick started pulsating inside me and I knew he was gonna cum so I slammed onto him and let him fill my body with his seed. I could feel the spasming of it and even the squirts of cum. I was on a pill for incase but that doesn’t mean I would let perfectly good semen go to waste, especially since it’s the first I’ve had in years.

Eventually he stopped and I cleaned his dick with some tissues, I leaned over his mouth and kissed him sticking my tongue down his mouth, afterwards I grinned and said how he did a great job. I left his room after tucking him in and went back to my room lying onto of my bed. I reached down to my pussy and scoped a small bit of his cum and started sucking my fingers clean, I did that until all of it was gone of my pussy. I stared at the roof wondering if he will be ready for the other things I want to “teach” him 😉

That was the story, if you want to hear the rest or even just how the full story ends, then you can ask for a pt2 down in the comments.

See ya 👋

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    He went and when came back he said you get here cut me free and then gave me a cigarette and as I was enjoying it he made up gigantic lines 2 them and told me sniff both nonstop now ,, and so I did and then straight after door opened and 4 naked guys walked in all with hard cocks and I got seriously excited and so then he said as I tried to talk, shut up you whore and, then 4 others grabbed me and slammed me down over bed and 1 said hold her and he said, fucking take that and forced his cock violently in my ass and viciously fucking it and hearing me whimpering they all said , lift her up and sat down cock in my ass and legs held wide and 2nd guy, forced cock in pussy and 3rd joined him and forced his in pussy too….. And then last 2 painfully forced both in mouth and all mercilessly fucking me and then as I groaned starting orgasm, they shouted at me called me a dirty useless cunt and, all started to hit and beat me really hard and rough and I was screaming out in both pain and pleasure…. Then he pulled out mouth and heard them egging him on saying yh yh and then felt him forcing his cock in ass then thrust hard so dp both holes same time yh… And destroyed me

  • Reply Housewife and mother .bored ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I’m Shannon I’m 41 and a mother of 3 also a wife , and been so frustrated and just bored and not satisfied for a while and so, started chatting on a fantasy app, and connected with this nice guy and we met up for drinks and same again today but , we ended up bit drunk and so then he giving me a lift and I opened glove box and there was a few bags of coke and so I took them out and said park up somewhere, and so made up a few lines and sniffed 4 or 5 up and so did he then I light cigarette up and he started driving and so I just put hand down his jeans and undid them and pulled them down a bit and then started sucking him off as driving,, and then he said want a drink at his, and I took cock out mouth and said, I rather you fucked me tbh.. so at his and we did few more lines and then I light up another cigarette and then he groaned and kissed me hard and then as we’d spoke about fantasy,, he just pushed me onto his bed and ripped cock out and forced in mouth lay ontop of me and really rough and was also verbally abusing me.. I was loving it… And so then he told.me.strip.off and he bound me up and I was completely helpless and so felt him stick something iny ass and then after pulled out couple of minutes later I groaned out loud and said arreggghhh fuck ,, started feeling no inhibition at all and desire for disgusting and so then he fetch box of toys and big vibrating butt plug and as tip went in my ass switched on and so felt incredible so I collapsed on it and it rammed right up my ass and then he stuck dildo to door and pushed mouth fully onto it and then vibrating love egg in pussy and also rammed cock In to started fucking me savagely and after 10 minutes o was screaming and grunting his house down , and couldn’t take.much more ,,, but he just ignored me and that pushed me over the edge and, so then I shouted at him and said hurt me , I’m begging you and so as fucking me he started ramming me furiously onto dildo making me vomit this drove us both wild and

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Let your son breed you. Show him what a good mommy slut is for. Teach him to treat you like property.

  • Reply Lloyd ID:1esuwgfl6qn0

    I love it

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    Love to hear more as it’s a hot story

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    Very good would truly like read part two

  • Reply T.C.P.R ID:1evqnaubdhbk

    Real or Fake Dosen’t matter You Guys Are Sick Fucks! You all must be really ugly and creepy to do that kind of stuff to kids. They are not old enough to make their decision, yet you guys have sex (AKA RAPE) with those impressible kids. You guy are cowards, and yet when you read this you will laugh like little cowards that you are.

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

      And yet here you are reading the stories. Just like the rest of the people who you are calling sick fucks. So that means that you are the expert on being a sick fuck. Congratulations.

    • Mabel ID:y8hyzb0d

      You are a poor, hypocrite shit commenting in all these stories. So sorry for things like you.

  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5w49d

    Pt2 please. If I was female I’d have him bring over all his friends and “teach” them too. (And their dads)

    • Noname ID:bo1wlg20i

      I want to hear the rest of the story

  • Reply Lewd ID:1d2v09nu13ps

    Lovely story. I’d definitely love to hear more.

    Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

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  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    One night she asked me to get her lotion from the bathroom and I didn’t even think twice about it and when I got back to the living room she asked me if I wanted to put it on her legs so she could relax so she moved her leg over to the other side of the couch and I could see between her legs she took the lotion and spread it down her leg and asked me to use my hands and rub it in as I started to rub her leg she moved her body down the couch and I couldn’t help but look at her sexy little ass she spread her legs open all way up the couch and asked me if I wanted to lick it

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1d45vbj6lc0x

    While growing up in house that mom worked all the time my aunt came to stay with us to help out around the house my sisters were older than me and for the most part my aunt would usually just keep an eye on me she was very thin and had long legs and she would rub lotion on them before she went to bed

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    Keep writing. There is an entire book in this storyline

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    please write more and teach your son to dominate his mom

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    hey you should contact me is u wanna have more fun wit someone that can be ur son i’m 16 hit my email car[email protected] if anyone else wants to hit me up u can

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