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Cheating wife

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Caught my wife with her son when they thought I was working

I met my second wife and after a whirlwind romance we married.
I have 4 daughters from my first marriage, the youngest (13) lives with me. My wife has 2 sons, 25 and 19 and a daughter, 23 who all live in their own places.
When we married my wife’s daughter used to come and stay once a week.
I work nights so would get home as they were getting up in a morning. On many occasions her daughter would sit on the sofa drinking her coffee and I could see right up the leg of her shorts with a clear view of her pussy.
Anyway back to the story. My wife’s oldest son asked if he could stay with us for a few days as he was getting some work done at his flat. He arrived on Saturday and we all had drinks and a takeaway.
Sunday was my first night back at work so I left for my 6PM start. Whilst at work there was a major breakdown and we got sent home around 11pm.
When I got home downstairs was in darkness and my bedroom light was on. I quietly let myself in and could hear voices upstairs. I thought it was the tv at first until I heard my wife say how much she has missed this cock.
I crept upstairs and looked into our bedroom. There on the bed was her naked son a d my wife sucking his cock. He was mauling her tits with one hand and stuffing her pussy with the other.
After a few minutes she took his cock out of her mouth and told him she needed to feel him inside her. From the way they were positioned I could see she was soaking. He moved around and I watched him push his decent sized cock into his mother, my wife.
She told him how much she missed him fuxking her and how good it felt. I watched as his cock, glistening with her juices pounded my wife’s pussy. After some time she groaned and told him to go deep inside her and fill her up. He sped up and groaned as he cum in her.
He eventually rolled off her and I could see the river of cum leaking from her gaping hole.
I crept back downstairs and out of the door. I left I half a hour before going back home and making more noises I entered. He was back in his room and my wife was laying in bed reading as if nothing had happened. I was as horny as fuck but when I tried with her she said she was too tired.
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  • Reply Ale. ID:7ylren4oic

    Not that good of a story.no lust, no excitement.fucking boring.iv’e read way better stories on here of husband catching mom and son.especially bill’s.

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    My wife was always a great piece of pussy and when I told her that her pussy lips looked so sexy and long she told me she had always had long lips

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    Can’t wait for more on this