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why i love daddy! and his big…

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My names Mia,

I’m 15 nearly 16, and I’m writing this as I was asked to by my “boyfriend”, he’s defo not a boy though, so more a man friend… I don’t know, he writes stories about Grace on here. I don’t know his name.
I know his name, I just don’t know his name on here,
He’s a little older than me but I don’t care,
My mum doesn’t really care, she’s met him but he’s just another parent to her, although he was with grace’s mum, but I know differently as whoever has read his things on here.
dads just got his other family so doesn’t want me.
So, a little bit about me, I was born in the uk, my dad was born in Hawaii, my mum is British, I was born in London, moved to here when I was 2, as mum got a job at the hospital. We’ve lived here ever since.
Mum and dad divorced when I was 4, mum remarried when I was 12, my stepdad is a proper cockwomble. I hate the man, he’s so creepy.

I’ve read all his stories that he’s wrote on here, some of the comments are creepy, but each to their own, some of them are written by men posing as women, but this will be my 1st and last post.
I started wanting my daddy… for absolute ages, ever since I saw him at my 14th birthday party, dancing with Grace, he would come near me and I’d smell his deodorant, cologne, whatever he wore, it smelt lush.
That was the first time I spoke to him, my mum was talking to him, so I joined, and just stared at him.
I wasn’t a virgin when he did naughty things to me in her front room when she was upstairs, she still doesn’t know I fucked him right there…but I’m sure you do if you read his stories.
He’s my dilf… or now dad I have fucked!
Not having a dad in my life, made me yearn for acceptance elsewhere, I would see how he acted around Grace, and how she would dress around him.
I started dressing like her to get him to notice me, and actually getting to know Grace a lot more, just to be around him, most of the time she ignored me, sometimes she came round, he would drop her off in his car, and I’d smile at him, he’d smile back, I just wanted him, I needed him.

After I let him fuck me in her front room, I didn’t hear anything from him, I didn’t care, I had his scent on me, until a few months later when I got a text off him…. A text!! He literally texted me, I replied straight away, he needed to know I was keen.
A few days later he took me out in his car, and we had sex in the woods near some lake, I don’t know where we were, I remember he throatfucked me… my throat was mega sore for about a week after!
Although he did fuck me like that Saturday again so I gave him my underwear to keep.
I know there’s an age gap but I don’t care, if my dad cared, or if my stepdad and mum weren’t dicks, then I would feel accepted.
That’s why I went for an older man, because he accepts me, wants to be around me, wants to spend time with me,
I love him, and I hope he loves me, I don’t know if he’ll see this as I don’t know how this site works,
Anyway, I love reading daddy’s stories, I’m sure he’ll write about them 1 day,
Love Mia xx

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  • Reply Nouuuuu ID:ndpr9l16ij

    Hello, Can we get to know each other? I am a boy the same age as you. I have been in a relationship before, but now I am single. What do you think?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f744

    Mia thank you for sharing. The sad thing today is there is so many lonely your girl your there that just want to be loved and wanted. People like my have always loved younger girls because That is just that way it happened. I was 12 and they both were 7 1/2 and we started having full on sex by almost 8. I have always loved young girls my entire life and trust me when I know it sucks to be lonely and not wanted. Age is just a number if you ask me because love had NO BOUNDARIES and if any human wants to be with another so badly then never let anything get in your way. Right now I am in love with a 14 year old and she is in love with me. We were put together for a reason because we need each other the same as you.
    I loved it and I hope you share with us again…..Love you and thank you.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story, I was 12 when my Grandfather was fucking me after school and loved it, I was trained at a young age into the 46 year old slut I am today and wouldn’t change a thing, love my life and all you horny people out there 💓💕💖💗🌹Emma from Australia.

    • [email protected] ID:8ds9qz5zrj

      Emma, I continue to love your comments. Hearing about all the sexy things you get up to always makes my day.


    • Itsmashruba ID:10virwujhzco

      My daddy was fingering me at the age of 10. By 11 he was eating my sweet juicy pink wet slit.

  • Reply BayratPirate ID:1ck7za574h3r

    Thank you so much Mia. I know your “Daddy” too. I’m glad he asked you to share your story and your reasons for pursuing him.

    Having talked to him about both you and Grace… I know he adores you… well he really lusts after you too, but you know that.
    Again, Thank you for your insights.

    If anyone wants to talk…

    Teleguard … 6SYPD2FWH

    • SmuttyMia ID:agya8fi9

      Pirate man!!!

      He litro mentions you all the time, okkk maybe not all the time, but close! Ahaha he’s gonna kill me haha

      No probs about the reasons, surprised ppl read it tbh haha

  • Reply Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

    I’m Jen 12 years old . Me and my dad have a great relationship. My mom not around she ran off with her drug dealer. I live with my dad and grandpa . I get all tge love and dick I can handle from dad . I love it

    • Nickuk ID:5az2k7bm1

      Message me jen on telegram.


    • pappabear99 ID:1ei8an4sdfwe

      I would luv to compare experiences with you Jen❤️@ proton.me

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    Any older man would be happy to have you they would appreciate fucking you, so if he doesn’t there is lots of money out there that will [email protected]

    • BayratPirate ID:1ck7za574h3r

      Lots of money? Thatsan odd turn of phrase.