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Uncle David Part 2: Backside

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David was sleeping in his room. Molly came in and laid next to him. She carefully reached in his underwear. Looking for that thing that brought her so much excitement the night before. She touched his cock and he chuckled in his sleep. She chuckled herself. He was so handsome to her. She just adored him. She gently pulled it out of his underwear. Molly snuck under the covers and examined his big cock head. She kissed it and licked it. David moaned. She put it in her mouth and sucked on it. He said a girl’s name in his sleep and she bit down in anger. He gasped and became awake.

“Molly! What the fuck are you doing here? What are you doing? If your Grandma and Grandpa catch you we are both in trouble.”, David exclaimed

“They are outside talking to the neighbors!”, she said. She got all sweet, “Uncle Dave, can you lick me? Please! Like you did last night. Please!”, she begged. He laughed.

He made monster noises and picked her up and held her above him. Shaking her and bringing her down kissing her cheek and lifting her back up. She was laughing hysterically.

“Come on Dave! Please!”, she begged.

He teased her, “No! I was a very bad boy yesterday. I set a very bad example.”, he smiled and said. He set her down on top of him and she slapped him playfully. He laughed. “Oh you want to fight huh?”, he said. She slapped him again. He put his hand down her pants and squeezed her ass cheeks hard. He ran his index finger down her slit.

“Uhhhh”, she said passionately as he did. “Uncle David! Please!”

“You are a spoiled brat!”, David said.

“I am not! You are not giving me what I need! That is child abuse!”, she said

David laughed. “Oh so I abuse you now?”. He got up. Picked her up and cradled her and dropped back in bed. She went to get away but he grabbed her leg and held her upside down. She went into his underwear and touched his dick. He set her down and had her lock the door. “You gotta be quiet ok? No loud moans or anything!”, he said

She nodded and took off her pants all excited and full of energy. Dave rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I’m going to lay down. You are going to play with mine and I’m going to play with yours. Ok?”, Dave asked

“Yeah my Mom and Dad do that.”, she said innocently. David would rather not hear about his brother having sex but his little step niece enjoyed voyeurism.

“Am I on top or are you.”, she asked

“Well I will gladly shove my dick down your throat or we can do it the other way!”, he laughed and said

“Top it is, ok!”, she said.

David laid down and she got on top. She grabbed her favorite toy. Eager to play with it. Eager to make it erupt. Eager to please her David. She went to work sucking his cock. She engulfed his head with her mouth and slowly made love to it. Licking it and sucking on it.

“You going to lick my pee pee or what?”, she said.

David laughed, “Nah!” She bit down on his mushroom. “Whoa! Ok ok! Dammit your mean!”, he said. He bit her ass cheek and she giggled. He lightly spanked her and she giggled. He licked her outer folds and then went to work on her clitoris. He danced his tongue off of it. She was moaning. He spanked her ass. “No moaning we gotta be quiet!”, he said. He started licking her again.

“Spank my butt while you do that please! It feels so much better. Not hard.”, she asked

David reddened her cute ass as he pleasured her. Digging his fingers into her cheeks. She enjoyed it. She ground her pussy into his face. “Ew ahhh more Dave! Do it Uncle Dave!”, she said. David stuck his fingers in her pussy and ass and felt the lining in between. That was it for her. She silenced her moan as much as she could as her ass cheeks tightened. David dug his fingers in her ass cheek and it made her orgasm even better. Her legs clamped around David’s head as her juices shot on David’s face.

She giggled and got up. She took David’s dick and pushed it against his body as she rubbed her pussy against his dick. She was rubbing his cock head with her fingers. He told her harder and she responded. Grinding her pussy against his big cock. She saw his eyes close and facial gestures and knew he was about to come. She really ground down now as he let out a soft moan as his big gun went off on his chest. Molly rocked on him until every last drop came out. She got up. She took his dick and licked the cum off of it.

“Uh hello! Chest!”, he said

“I ain’t licking that off your nasty hairy chest. You do it!”, she said. He grabbed her buns and squeezed. She smiled.

She went out and talked to her grandma and grandpa while David showered.

David came out and asked, “Can I get the keys to car? I got a girl I want to take out on a date.“

“You said we were doing stuff together today!”, Molly protested

“You are the girl! Dufus!”, David said

David’s mom told him to be nice. Molly kicked him and said, “Yea!!!”

David picked her up tossed her it the air and caught her. She was laughing and hitting him playfully.

“David be nice!”, his mom demanded.

“Oh but she can kick me?”, he said

She smiled, “all she wants”

He stuck his tongue out at his mom. “Anyway thought the brat and I could go fishing at the lake?”, David said.

Molly acted all excited. Not for going fishing, but she knew what was gonna happen at the lake house.

They left and drove the hour to the lake house. When they got there Molly was a bundle of energy as she ran around the yard. “Come on lunch”, David said

They went in and ate their lunch. Molly was at the kitchen sink and David came by and spanked her ass. He picked her up and sat her on the counter. “I want to talk with you about something.”, David said, “Serious business!” She giggled

He discussed with her about anal sex. “No! Oh no! No! No! No! Uh that uh sounds painful. Look how big that is! It will tear me in half.”, Molly said.

“It won’t hurt. I got some lube from the store. It will slide in and out back there no problem.”, David said.

“Nah. Actually I ain’t feeling to well maybe we should go home.”, Molly said.

He picked her up and kissed her. Looked her in the eye. “I am not going to hurt you! I love you!”, he said

“Ok”, she said reluctantly.

“Come on! You like me spanking you and when I stick my fingers up there.”, David said.

“I am never sucking your dick again then! Plus I want to supervise cleaning! I want to make sure it is clean!”, she said

He laughed “Why? If you’re not gonna put it in your mouth anymore, what do you care?”

She hit him and smiled. “You will stop if it hurts?”, she asked and David nodded.

She got in a knee-chest position. David lubed up his dick and her asshole with lube. He lined himself up and started poking it in. Molly’s eyes became wide and her mouth dropped open. It took him a few thrusts to get it in but Molly was taking it well. He started slow. Just barely thrusting. He was spanking her ass to get her going and reaching down and rubbing her pussy. Slowly taking longer strokes.

“For fucks sakes! Can you just do it? Gosh damn! Do it if your going to do it”, she said

“Hey what is with the language young lady? You are not going to talk to me that way!”, David said angrily

“Well you are not the one with a big dick shoved up your ass! Prick! This was your idea so do it.”, she said

He smacked the back of her head lightly. He slammed his cock into her ass.

“Ain’t talking to me that way you little brat!”, he said

“Awwww!”, she yelled. He rammed her again, “Awww yes! Like that David! Spank me! Rub my pee pee”, she said. He tried to oblige her but doing all these things at once didn’t work. He rammed her hard again.

“Show you how I treat bratty kids like you!”, he said

She went “awwww uhhhh” as David slammed his cock into her. “I’ve been a bad girl David! Show me no mercy!”, he pounded her asshole without remorse. “Oh man David this is amazing!”, she said. David’s head went back as his cock swelled. He moaned loudly, “aw Molly! I love you baby!” As he came unloading into Molly’s ass. He pulled out and spanked her butt with his dick.

Molly laid in a prone position on the bed. Her face went into the pillow and she was whimpering.

“You ok honey?”, David asked

“You hurt me!”, she said in a sobbing voice.

“You said to do it harder.”, David said

“I just wanted you to finish! I hate you! You hurt me.”, she said

David tried rolling her over, “Aw Sport I am sorry sweetie.” Molly jumped up and kissed his cheek. She was rolling and laughing on the bed. David rolled her back prone and spanked her ass to Molly’s delight.

“I love you David!”, she said. “Man! Your were right that was fun but my insides feel rearranged.”

They laughed together. They spent the day fishing and boating together. Closer than ever now. Molly hung on David’s arm in the boat. He was everything to her. She held him until the sunset over the lake and it was time to go home.

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