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The Minnesota Goodbye

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After being with the company for 13 years I was given a new job offer with a substantial raise. For most of those 13 years Claudia had been my closest friend, my therapist, my confidant, my work wife. I had also been there for her. When she caught her husband cheating she had cried on my shoulder. When she had issues with her kids I was there. We really grew close as two people could get over the years.

Claudia was also an extremely attractive woman French and Italian mix she had perfect olive colored skin that darkened beautifully in the summer. Her athletic long legs were attached to an amazingly curvy ass, thin waist and supple breast with nipples that stood continually erect. Thick flowing brown hair the revealed her heritage and the face of an angel.

On my last day of work I was saying my goodbyes and Claudia was nowhere to be found. When I finally discovered her she was in the storage room on the other side of the building. As I walked into the room Claudia quickly turned her back to me and I impulsively locked the storage room door behind me.

Claudia was wearing heals, a “school girl” style skirt and a white silk blouse. I couldn’t help but wonder as I stared at her perfect figure and shapely ass “what kind of idiot cheats on a woman like that?” As I walked across the room to her I began to ask her where she had been, but before I could get the words out she quickly turned to meet me and throwing her arms around me pulled me into the most loving embrace I’ve ever felt.

I could see when she turned that her eyes were full of tears and they were streaming down her beautiful European cheeks. As she pulled me close I became acutely aware of her hard nipples pressing o against my chest and as we hugged she firmly pressed her pelvis against my crotch the pressure of her pelvis being firmly pushed against my cock gave me an instant erection and I could feel the heat coming from her vagina.

Instinctively, when Claudia’s pelvis started rubbing my cock my hands moved down her back and began to caress her perfect ass cheeks. As my hands reached her ass she pulled me even closer (if it were possible) and began to beg through her tears “please don’t go…” when she looked up at me I began to gently kiss the tears from her cheeks, savoring the love that’s was represented in their salty flavor.

As Claudia continued her now incoherent begging that I should stay, our lips met and we began to passionately kiss for the first time. My hands pulled her ass close and her hips violently rubbed against my cock making me even harder. As my hands massaged the perfect roundness of her ass, I slowly began to pull her skirt up exposing the silk panties she wore and I could feel the heat coming from between her legs even more.

When our lips parted, I began to kiss her neck and my hands caught the waistband of her panties and stealthily slid inside and down the crack in her ass. Claudia’s hands quickly moved from my neck to my waistband and nimbly began to unbuckle my belt and open my pants.

As my hand reached her anus on its heat seeking quest for her vagina. She turned her hips allowing my finger better access and giving her room to slide her silky hands into my boxer briefs as she lovingly begin to stroke my throbbing cock. As two of my fingers penetrated her slippery opening her back arched and her vagina walls began to clamp on my fingers while she let out a soft moan. Immediately, our lips met again as the stoking of my cock intensified and I began to remove her blouse with my free hand.

Having opened her blouse I used the leverage of my fingers that were buried to the hilt in her vagina to turn her around and then I used my free hand to bend her over the countertop. Claudia began to whisper “please, please, please” in a tear choked voice. I unzipped her skirt and slid it down her sexy legs slowly lifting each foot out and tossing her skirt on the counter. My hands then began to peal down the waist band of her silk panties. As I slipped them off her hips and let them fall to her ankles their removal revealing the most sexy tan lines demonstrating how tan her olive skin would turn in the summer, so much so that that her ass still showed evidence of the suns warm kiss even though it was late December.

As I stared at the beautiful sexy display in front of me. My concentration was brought back into focus by the the sound of her sweet begging voice. “Please fuck me. Please please please make love to me. Please please please.” She repeated. As I slid my pants and boxer briefs off I stared at her beautiful wet pussy. Drops of moisture had already began to stream from her love hole and collect on her pussy lips and pool on her clit. As I stood up I slid two fingers immediately into her slippery vagina and rested my thumb on her dark colored anus. The walls of her vagina clenched down on my fingers in reaction to the surprise intrusion and her anus began to relax and open as if in anticipation of the penetration that was certainly coming. Her pleads to be fucked now switched to sounds pleasure as she began to whimper “oh God oh my God!” My excitement could no longer be contained as I slipped my fingers out of her swollen wet vagina and lined the head of my cock up with her love hole. My dick could feel the heat coming from within her and while I would have liked to slowly slide my cock in making it possible to enjoy the experience, excitement got the better of me and I shoved my cock in balls deep in one quick thrust. Claudia had a shallow vagina which meant the quick thrust rammed the head of my cock into her cervix and she let out the combination of a moan and a squeal, as she began to crawl across the counter in an attempt to flee from the next thrust that was already on its way.

Tenderness, Passion and love for this exotic beautiful woman that had been my best friend, my work wife, my secret crush for 13 years was replaced with animal instinct at the sound of her squealing. I impulsively wrapped both hands hard around her hips and slammed my cock as deep as it could go again, slamming once more in the bottom of her pussy. Claudia let out a long guttural moan and instinctively grabbed my hands in hers in a feeble attempt to free herself. Shaking her hand away I took one hand and shoved my thumb into her tiny anus and clenched down on her with my fingers completely taking control of her. Every attempt to move was met with resistance by the thumb in her ass and the grip of my fingers now completely controlling her.

At last the shock of the sheer violence of the fucking she was getting faded away and Claudia began to enjoy the primal passion being displayed and submitted herself to the pounding she was sure she would never forget. While her mind resisted the assault of the steel rod being shoved hard into her. Her body betrayed her mind and her vagina began to squirt its pleasure out with each thrust and both of our legs started to be covered in her warm sweet love juice as she came the first time. Her anus also began to throb open and closed around my thumb with each thrust as if it was trying to beg to be included too in the extasy being felt.

Taking my thumb out of her ass and guided my dick up to her smaller opening i began to push its head into the tiny gape my thumb fucking had left behind. Suddenly, realizing what was going to happen Claudia started to say “wai…” but it was too late as the shaft found it’s way completely inside her and she felt my balls slap against her soaked vagina. Claudia’s protest was replaced by screams of “Fuck fuck fuck fuck me” that filled the room. I began to thrust my cock harder into her smaller opening of her ass, her back door griping the entire length of my dick and making me want to push deeper. While maintaining a firm grip on her waist I grabbed a handful of her thick brown hair and sped up the pounding to match her moans to be fucked more.

What a sexual sight we had become. This beautiful Italian woman bent over the counter, legs spread, panties stretched between her ankles. Pussy dripping in pleasure with a cock buried into her ass, blouse open hands holding the counter, head being yanked back by her hair in her lovers strong hands. Finally, the combination of pain and pleasure at the pounding in her ass overwhelmed her and she began to beg for me to stop. Her pleads snapping me back from the primal place my mind had been and I slid my cock out of her tight ass.

I ordered Claudia to roll over to which she dutifully complied slipping one leg out of the panties still around her ankles and sliding up on the counter legs spread in the air her dark pussy lips swollen and waiting to be spread again. Sliding my cock between her lips and against her clit the feeling of animal dominance returned and I slammed my cock fully into her pussy again. Her head falling back as she moaned and said she alway knew I’d be a fantastic lover. Her approval only quickened my thrust as I held her arms to further enhance the pounding I was giving her. At that moment I could feel her pussy begin to gush again and I knew she was cumming for at least a second time.

Deep inside my gut I too could feel the impending eruption begin to build in my balls. As I sped up to seek its release. Claudia began to beg me not to cum inside her. Her pleading brought my mind back to reality and I removed my cock from her. She quickly slid off the counter into a kneeling position and slid my now throbbing organ into her mouth. The wet warmth of the inside of her mouth along with the expert use of her tongue sent my mind into a trance. As I placed both hands on her head, my mind began to wonder again how her husband could even consider cheating on this woman. Then I began to think of all the times in the past 13 years I have fantasized about this very thing happening and now here it was…This the last thing we’d do before I left for good. As Claudia eagerly milked the cock that filled her mouth I again felt the pressure building inside me. Filling both hands with her thick long hair I pushed my member to the back of her throat as it began to convulse and fill her waiting mouth with the cum she so eagerly worked to obtain. As best she could she swallowed her prize as my cock continued to spew glob after glob of its thick salty cream.

When the throbbing came to a stop I released the death grip I had on her hair and I stood her up to look into her eyes. Still sad and filling again with tears I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her more passionately than I’d ever kissed anyone before. She whispered in my ear “thank you and I love you.” To which I responded “I will always love you.” And as quickly as the heat of passion filled us both, it was replaced with the reality of the present and we dressed in silence and parted ways.

Nineteen years have passed since that day and while I still think about it often, we rarely have spoken since I left. I heard she and her husband have gotten back together and live a globe trotter lifestyle. Which is fine cause I’ll always have the memories of the best Minnesota goodbye in my life.

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