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My teenage carer 5

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PENNY was my only carer now but ot was more she was my girlfriend and the carer part covered up till she was18

That morning after breakfast and a quick bj I told her when she comes back we can go to the mall shopping and we can buy her nice clothes and anything she needed, I have enough money to have a very nice life.

She kissed me before heading home I kept thinking of how good last night was and how good it would be to fuck Sofia her little sister too , I had to be careful don’t want to loose Penny but I was sure that’s what she wants me to do by the way she says be good friends with Sofia.

I knew it wasnt long till Penny’s birthday her 18th and she has told me she was going to move in with me then and I can’t wait .

A few hours passed and I saw Penny’s car come up the drive through the gates I watched on the cameras as she got out she was wearing a white blouse and a black leather short skirt and black tights or hold ups and white trainers, she came running in put her arms around my ne k and gave me the biggest kiss, what’s that for I asked for being you she said and I can’t wait to go shopping.

I explained she could have what she wanted but she needed to buy a nice dress as we were going to a friends wedding in a few weeks.

We walked out to the range rover I told her you can drive she looked and said it’s big I said it’s OK it’s insured so don’t worry as we got in I showed her the controls being a automatic she hadn’t used before but I explained and we set off I watched as she drove looking at her beautiful legs her skirt was so far up I’m sure I could see her panties through her tights making me hard she concentrated as we drove and did fine as we parked up before we got out I had to have a feel between her legs whichh she obliged opening them I smiled and said let’s go spend some cash.

We walked in holding hands like a father and daughter we went to a women’s clothing store looking through the window she said they are to expensive no that’s what you need when with me and we went in the assistant came over asking for help and I said we need a full wardrobe for Penny, a full wardrobe she replied yes everything from dress clothes to casual and I said take her round get what ever she wants as I showed my American express card she smiled Penny smiled as the lady introduced herself her name was Diana and she would be Penny’s personal shopper, she said leave your daughter in my hands you go have a coffee I watched as Penny picked up clothes and the Diana showed her other stuff half a hour went past and Penny ran over to me she said I’ve got loads of nice clothes and a dress I mentioned underwear she said oops I haven’t and went over to Diana and they headed off again this time when she came back Diana said she has a lot do you want to check no its OK add them up and put it on this, the total came to over 1500 and Diana said for being a good customer you an pick anything under 100 free and Penny went and came back with a long dress .

That was a good shop I said as we walked back to the car Penny smiled and whispered in my ear thanks Alan when we get back to the car I want give you a bj I wasn’t going to say no as we loaded the car she got in the drivers seat and leaned towards me and undone my zip pulled my semi hard cock out and put her mouth over it ,it felt fantastic in a car park she didn’t take long 10 mins and I was cumming she swallowed the lot looked me in the eyes and said your the best as she started driving home we arrived and took all the stiff into the spare wardrobe and she started unpacking and I whispered there when your done come downstairs in your bra and panties as I want to have sex infront of the tv with you .

20 mins later she came down dressed in a satin red bra and panties set I got these today I hope you like as I scanned her body my cock was rock hard and I looked and said look this says it all, let’s lye on the rug and have fun as I took of my shorts and tshirt leaving my boxers with my cock tenting we cuddled and I had my hand down her panties fingering her as she had her hand around my cock we were kissing and playing as I pulled her panties down and rolled on top of her as I rubbed my cock up her lips She groaned and her lips opened and my cock slid in I was groping her tits and thrusting her pussy her legs went around me as I was like a steam train I wanted to cum but also wanted to last but to late as my balls erupted and streams of cum went up her I lay on top of her and kisses her and rolled off as she moved down to lean my coke with her mouth . I was just lying back and my mind was in heaven I never ever expected to have a 17 year old beautiful girlfriend doing whatever I want

We lay on the floor cuddling for ages and I was nearly time for her to go home I told her take my car show your friend’s if you would like and I will see you tomorrow.

My life from now on was going to be great and I still had Sofia to sort out but I was starting to fall properly in love with Penny and I had to make that work and I knew only a short while and she’s leaving home to live her and I will make her my princess and I had plans to make Sofia a webcam girl .


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