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I Got Raped And It Turned My Husband On

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I’m a married woman who has a great husband. We’ve been married quite sometime. I’ve kept my figure. I wear a size 8, my husband is a titty man. He loves my titties. They’re pretty big for my frame. 34D but, momma had big boobs, actually most of the women on mommas side have very big boobs. But, my husband Reid, insists that I wear low cut tops so, he can see them. So, most of my clothes show off my girls. I’ve gotten used to it after so many years and don’t think anything about it.

But, I went out with a few girlfriends a couple weeks ago to a bar to have some drinks and socialize. I hadn’t been out in awhile so, I got all dolled up. I wore a periwinkle blue low cut dress with a kinda full short skirt to it and white heels and purse. I’m only 5’1″ so, the heels help. The dress is so low cut it has pads in it to hold my titties so, no bra. The girls were all complementing me. I thought I might be over dressed but, they were dressed up too. We were having a good time and the drinks kept coming. I had a buzz going, for sure.

There was several guys talking to us and we were enjoying it. It was nice to be hit on and flirt a little. This one guy was really taken with me I guess. He wouldn’t leave me alone. He was mostly taken with my tits.
He was starring at them all night. He was getting touchy feely too. I was pretty high so, I didn’t stop him. I get kinda loose when I’m drinking. He was flattering me a lot an I guess it went to my head. He would reach his hand inside my dress and cup my breast. I would say, “Hey, you can’t do that.” It didn’t really stop him. A bit later he would do it again. He said, “I just can’t help myself, you’re so beautiful.”

I admit, it had been awhile since I had any attention from another man so, I was letting him get a little to close and I might have been teasing him a bit. I was feeling very sexy and horny. Most of the girls were leaving but, I along with two other girls stayed. We were the ones talking to the guys. Awhile later I finally said, “I guess I really should get going.” His name was James, he said, “Well, I’ll walk you to your car.” I said, “Well, thank you.” So, off we went out to the parking lot and to my car. I said, “Here’s my car.” James said, Wow, a Cadillac Escalade, its beautiful.” I said, “Thank you.” He opened the door for me and said, “Can I stand here and talk a minute?” I sat in the seat with my body facing out the door. He was standing inside my door. I said, “Well, just a few minutes.”

So, he got close to me and leaned down and kissed me. I let him and as he was kissing me he reached between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I heard myself moan. Why did I do that? He’s kissing down my neck and toward my titty. I just leaned back on the arm rest and let him. I guess that was the go ahead sign for him. He was sucking on my titty then, reached up under my dress pulled my panties aside and stuck his fingers in my pussy. I was caught up in the moment. He was fingering me with two or three fingers when I heard him unzip his pants. Then I tried to sit up but he was mounting me and pushed me back down.

I said, “James we can’t do anything, I’m married.” He said, “So am I but, were gonna do it anyway.” He started putting his dick in me an I tried to push him off. I said, “Stop James.” He said, “Your not gonna play up to me all night and tell me no now.” Then, he rammed his dick in my pussy and started fucking me fast and hard. He pulled my hips down on his dick then, pulled the top of my dress open to expose my tits. He grabbed them with both hands squeezing them hard. It hurt. I said, “James, you’re hurting me.” He said, “That’s how I like to fuck teases like you.” “You deserve to be fucked rough and hard, you can’t lead a man on, make his dick hard for hours then say no.” He leaned over and bit my nipples hard. He was getting ready to cum, I could tell. I said, “Please don’t cum in me, James.” He said, “Fuck you.” Then, he cum in me.

He stood up and put his dick back in his pants then said, “Thanks for the pussy.” and walked away. I pulled myself up, my back was killing me the way I was laying across the console. I wanted to cry. How could he be like that? Was I a tease? Maybe I did tease him. I straightened up my dress and started home. All the drive home I thought, he raped me. I just got raped. What do I do? Do I do anything? Do I tell Reid?

I was conflicted and ashamed. Maybe I deserved it. I got home and Reid was awake. I went in and put s nightgown on then got in bed. He pulled me close and ask, “How was your night with the girls?” I said, “Oh, it was fine.” He spooned up against me, pulled my nightgown up in the back, pulled down my parties and said, “Sorry honey but, I gotta have some of this pussy tonight.” He slipped his dick in me and started
fucking me. He slowed down and said, “Why is your pussy so wet?” I burst into tears. He said, What’s wrong?” I told him, “I was raped.” He said, “What, where, who did this?” I told him about talking to James and how he walked me to my car and I said, “I don’t know Reid, maybe I did tease him, I just don’t know.”
Reid’s dick was still in me and he started fucking me again. That surprised me because, his dick was so hard.

He said, “Did he hurt you physically?” I said, “Not really, he squeezed my titties hard and bit my nipples.” Reid said, “Well, did you let him do anything to make him think you wanted to.” I said, “Well, he kissed me and then, he stuck his fingers in my pussy and fingered me.” He said, “Well, I would have thought you wanted to too.” I said, “He just assumed I would I guess but, when he unzipped his pants I said no.” “Then what did he do?” I said, “That’s when he pushed me back and pulled my panties to the side and stuck his dick in me.” Reid was fucking me a little faster with his hard dick.

“Did he fuck you hard?” I said, “Yes, hard and fast.” “Did you like it?”” Was he big?” I said, “Reid, this is turning you on that some guy raped me.” He said, “Yeah, it is, I’m pretty sick ain’t I?” “I’m sorry honey, I don’t mean to be insensitive.” But, you wasn’t hurt which, I’m thankful for and when you started telling me, my dick just got hard an I wanted to hear more.” “Can you understand or am I just a jerk?” I said, “I guess I understand. I was excited at first but, when he stuck his dick in me I changed my mind.” He said,
it was too late then.

Reid said, “So, was he big?” I said, “He wasn’t as big as you but nice.” Did it feel good being fucked by someone else?” “It just felt different.” He cum in you, even though you ask him not to?” I said, “Yeah.” Reid was fucking me and pulling me into him so he could give me all his dick. Reid’s dick is good 8″. I love it.
I told him how he mauled my tits. He loved them. Reid said, “I know how the guy feels.” Reid said, “I might have to send you out to get fucked by somebody else.” I said, “You’d really like me to come home with cum in my pussy for you?” He said, “You see how hard my dick is, what do you think?” He said, “I’m gonna cum baby.” Then he did.

He laid there and I was getting ready to drift off when he turned me over on my back and got on me and made me suck his dick. He said, “I’m so hard I can’t sleep. So, he was fucking my mouth and he said, ” I’d like to have seen him raping you.” “I d like for him to rip your panties off of you then stick his dick in you.”
I wish he’d made you suck his dick.” Reid’s dick was so hard. I was sucking it and he was getting ready to cum. He said, “I’m gonna cum baby, are you ready?” I moaned yes and he pushed it deep to the back if my throat an released his load. He’s moaning saying, “Oh baby, you know how to suck my dick so good.”

I thought now, maybe I can get to sleep. But, awhile later he stuck his dick in my pussy and fucked me again. I thought, all this because some guy raped me. Interesting.

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  • Reply Renee ID:7ylren4oic

    You people get off on the most ridiculous bull shit on here.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Well what the fuck are you doing here Renee !!!

    • Tease Victim ID:1a912bhj

      Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.You might be quite surprised. I was more than surprised.

  • Reply Antonio ID:1ep528o6xpmu

    I married my wife when we were 18 . A few years into our marriage I had to go out of town for work . That night our house got broken into , my wife was home alone and she got raped . ( raped anally ) That was the first and last time for her . Still with her years later and almost no sex.

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      So sorry to hear that Antonio ! Tara !!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dt7hil7nm0j

    She should bring somebody home and he can watch her get fucked

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapf49a

    Any red-blooded man gets turned on by rape. It’s natural that Reid would want to fuck your freshly raped pussy. Loved that James just said ‘Fuck you!’ when you tried to stop him cumming in you. What an A Alpha!

  • Reply M ID:1ep8w6jf8ymp

    I wish an older man would rape me before I turn 18!

    • admirer ID:3yw3cf2hm

      you can make that happen

  • Reply Sex lover ID:1dpneukafqpc

    I would love to watch my woman being raped rough

    • [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

      Me too. I want to see my son taking her

    • [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

      Bring hom home a big load, sit on his face and feed him

    • [email protected] ID:1dt7hil7nm0j

      He should’ve ate her pussy and tasted it. It would be so good.

  • Reply D ID:7n7gguh6ib

    I absolutely believe he wants to watch and maybe join in

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    That’s kind of what happened to me when i was at a party ! When i drank to much, i was taken advantaged of and woke up in a drunkin stupor with my legs up on a guys shoulders while he’s banging the daylights out of me and with no condom on !!

    • IncestFeelsGood ID:1cyit7azwpvh

      I would’ve loved to watch

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:2xn8xlep49a

    I bet your right

  • Reply H ID:7n7gguh6ib

    They’re absolutely has to be more to the story

  • Reply PO469 ID:1dl9k8kua3f3

    I bet he wants to sit in the car that is next to you and watch you fuck and suck another guy, next time.

    • Ren ID:phayta5dg7b

      That actually sounds good