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Pure bliss part 5

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Roofied Ophelia gets gang banged by me and some buddies.

Ophelia, the 5 foot tall pale goth princess who was molested by her uncle at a very young age setting her on a path of distrust with guys thinking they may do the same thing to her again. Then years later she gets close to some guy for the first time and decides to have sex with him but the moment he enters her she started to think back to her uncle doing whatever he did to her and freaked out yelling at him to get off her, the guy she was with was probly super horny and saw the beautiful naked girl before him and could only think of fuckin her sweet pussy and didn’t listen to her when she told him to stop. Thus making it impossible for her to create any sort of emotional or sexual connection with a guy again. If only she knew of the devious things I have done to her, the amount of cum that’s been inside her mouth pussy and ass she’d probly kill her self. And our next get together will be even worse, or better depending on your perspective.

I have 3 close friends that I speak to and hang out with, Johnny, Adam and Dylan and I’d like to think I could trust them with my life so I decided to gather them all one day and tell them how I’ve been having girls roofied and then I go over and fuck the shit out of them. Naturally they didn’t believe me, I mean who would? You’d have to be very openly visibly sick in the head for people to believe a statement like that. However I failed to mention that I took some pictures and videos on my phone and showed them.

Their mouths dropped and they couldn’t believe it even tho they were watching me in between the legs of a very small naked girl animalistically fucking her, that was Anna. And then I showed a video of me prone bone fucking Ophelia’s pale ass and cumming inside her. It was then I looked down and they all had clearly visible boners poking out their pants and I knew they were turned on.

I told them my whole deal, have a friend on the inside who will drug Ophelia or whoever and then I’ll go over strip down and do what I want. I asked them if they were interested in joining me one night. There was a long pause and they all looked at each other feeling out their answers and unitedly they said yes. I told them I’d get back to them with a day and told them obviously to shut the fuck up and not tell a soul. They agreed.

I’ve told them about Ophelia before and shown them a bunch of normal social media pictures and they all thought she was wicked beautiful too. I messaged Donna and asked if she was free this weekend but she said she was on her period which meant Ophelia was on her period and I wasn’t in the mood for a period gangbang, even for me that sounds gross so I said to text me when it was all over. The following weekend saying her period is gone and we’re all set. Meet up with Donna and give her the roofie and another muscle relaxer in case anybody wants to fuck her ass.

It’s Saturday night and me and the boys are at Dylan’s house pregaming psyching ourselves up. I’m worried that someone may get cold feet and wimp out so I bust out some of my percs to share and hope it lowers their inhibitions and gets them into the “I don’t give a fuck” state of mind. Well it works as when I get the go ahead text I ask the boys if they were ready and we all cheers to our last beer and storm out. I didn’t tell Donna that some friends would be joining me so I have them park down the street a bit and wait for me to text them. So I walk in the house and give Donna her pills and she goes to her room.

Ophelia is completely passed out as I enter the room and I lay down and cuddle with her for a little bit before it all starts, I very much enjoy my alone time with her. Ophelia was fully naked when I entered the room it seems Donna did me a favor. I lay down spooning with Ophelia for about 15 minutes hoping that Donna snorted her pills and wouldn’t notice my friends walking in. I text my buddies and tell them to QUIETLY walk in and to go to the room all the way in the back left of the house. A few minutes later and I heard the door knob turning and in comes Johnny Adam and Dylan. They all stop in the doorway when they see me next to this pale goddess but I quickly jump out and get them in the room and close and lock the door. What idiots.

I tell them i obviously have first dibs and they can watch and learn how to manipulate the body of a drugged girl. I strip down and go to meet Ophelia on the bed. I lay her down parallel to the length of the bed and I sit down perpendicular to her with my back against the wall. I pull Ophelia’s head over to my dick and I run my fingers through her gorgeous black smooth hair then go to rub her back and then play with her pale ass. I’m hard as a diamond now so I grab her head and place her mouth over my dick with one hand on the top of her head and the other one holding under her jaw to keep her mouth open so I don’t hit her teeth.

I have her head in my hands and I start moving her it up and down over my dick going slow over half of my dick. Then I start to push her head further down my dick having her nose touch my balls and a few minutes later I start pushing her head down all the way and leave my dick going into her throat and my move her head in circles around my dick. I start to hear a little choke so I ease off for a few seconds then dive right back in moving her head up and down much faster and harder and after 10 minutes of skullfucking her I bust my nut in her throat and some actually comes out of her nose.

Adam’s up next and he just wants to fuck her right away but I tell him to take it easy and to pace himself. I get Ophelia on her side and put a couple pillows under her head and tell Adam to get on his knees on the bed and fuck her mouth. He strips down gets on the bed and crawls up to Ophelia and before he puts his dick in he looks over at us and we all give him the thumbs up. Adam sticks his dick in her mouth slowly goes all the way in and pulls all the way out and gets maybe 6 thrusts before he’s about to cum already and stops for a minute and I can see he’s embarrassed. Adam sticks his dick back in her mouth and is still doing long slow thrusts, his dick is actually like 4.5 inches so it’s easy for him but then again after a few more thrusts he needs to cum again so he pulls out and cums all over her face. I’m not sure why he didn’t cum in her mouth but it must be instinct to pull out.

We all give Adam shit for a couple minutes for cummin early and then Johnny steps up and lays Ophelia on her side and lays down next to her with his dick at her head. Instead of him fuckin her mouth he uses her mouth to fuck his dick and grabs each side of her face and he pulls it towards his dick and back. He’s using her head as a flashlight for maybe 2 minutes but then he said he’s about to cum and unloads it all deep in her throat as he’s pulling her head onto his dick as far as he can and then does this little weird leg shake as he’s emptying his load.

Now it’s Dylan’s turn and he asks for my help to pick Ophelia up and bring her over to the chair where he’s sitting down and asks me to put her on his knees in front of him. I guess he didn’t feel too comfortable about skullfucking Ophelia and wanted a “natural” blowjob. With him sitting down in the chair and Ophelia on her knees hunched over his dick he guides her mouth over it and slowly moved her head up and down with one hand grabbing her hair. He gets about 5 minutes in and cums in her mouth but doesn’t hold her head all the way down so right after he cums it leaks out of her mouth and spills on him.

Now that we all had a nice nut at the expense of Ophelia’s mouth and throat it was time to delve deeper in her, pun intended. Rotations back to me so I lay Ophelia down flat on her back and push her legs back a little bit holding them down with my hands and start to pile-drive her with fast long thrusts. I tell someone to put their dick in her mouth and fuck it while I’m fuckin her pussy to make things interesting. They all fight each other with boners swinging and it’s Adam who wins as he wants some redemption for earlier. Adam inches up to Ophelia and grabs her head and hair and slams it on his dick this time. It’s a little awkward with me rocking her back and forth from fucking her and Adam moving Ophelia’s head In the opposite direction but we manage to get it to work.

Time for a shift change so I get off Ophelia and Adam goes to mount her while Johnny starts to facefuck her while Johnny blows out her cervix. Dylan’s gonna have to wait a bit. I told these guys to refrain from cummin inside her pussy just yet so if they were to feel it cummin they’d get off and cool down and let another guy go. Adam grabs Ophelia by the waist and is fuckin her painstakingly slow as to not blow his load fast again. Johnny on the other hand is fuckin her mouth fairly fast and I tell him to ease up a bit so she doesn’t suffocate so he chills for a second but then Adam pulls back once again cuz he’s about to cum.

Johnny flips Ophelia over and gets her into a doggystyle position with her legs spread apart and he’s in the middle behind her. Dylan finally gets to join the action again and gets in front of Ophelia lifting her head up and placing it over his mouth and just sits there. Johnny fuckin Ophelia is moving her back and forth providing the mouth movement for Dylan’s dick. Ophelia has just been spit roasted for the first time and I’m bummed out I don’t have the honor of doing it. Oh well.

Five minutes go by and Johnny pulled back giving way for Dylan to enter her and I get in front and shove my dick inside Ophelia’s mouth while dylan fucks her pussy from behind. I tell Dylan to put his hands up and I high five them creating the Eiffel Tower with Ophelia being the bridge between towers.

It’s time to try to double penetrate Ophelia. I don’t care much for fuckin her asshole again cuz her pussy is way better so I lay down on the bed and have the guys place her over me facing me and get my dick in her pussy while Adam gets behind her and fucks her ass. We try to time our individual thrusts to try to avoid our balls rubbing as best we can but eventually we stop paying mine to that and just fuck as we please. I have my hands on her luscious hips and Adam has his hands cupped around her small tits and the other guys are starting at us stroking their cocks.

Johnny and Dylan call for a shift change so we get down and let them have a go in the same position. They were fuckin her like that for about 10 minutes and felt they were both gonna cum soon so I tell them to get off and we’ll get our personal time with her and blow our loads in her pussy.

This time I say I’ll go last cuz I have a fantasy I need to live out and I’ll tell you what that is shortly. The guys rock paper scissor shoot for first dibs and it’s Dylan who wins. He lays Ophelia down on her back picks her legs up over shoulders and slams away. While he’s fuckin her he’s making our with her tiny feet. Dylan lasted 10 minutes and then loudly grunted with his cum filling Ophelia’s pussy. Next up is Johnny and he goes to grab a towel to clean up Ophelia’s cum filled pussy but I tell him to leave her alone and leave the cum there. He looks at me puzzled but I tell him I wanna fuck Ophelia’s pussy with all their cum inside it, I’ve seen many gangbang cream pie videos and I always wanted to fuck a girl who was cummed in by another guy using their cum as lube. I know it’s strange but I just imagine it makes the pussy so wet and slimy.

Johnny reluctantly agreed and then picked up Ophelia’s legs and fucked her the same way Dylan did. He lasted a little under 10 minutes and then emptied his balls inside Ophelia’s pussy. He said it was a good call leaving the cum in there cuz it felt amazing and that was the best orgasm he ever had. Next it was Adam’s turn to cream pie her and I recommended him to try fuckin her prone bone. He flips over Ophelia on her belly pushes her legs together and mounts her. Ophelia’s pussy is drenched in cum at this point from Dylan and Johnny and makes it super easy for Adam to enter her. Adam gets of 6 thrusts before he cums inside her, poor guy just has no stamina.

At this point cum is just oozing out of her pussy like Niagara Falls and it’s everywhere, all over the inside of her thighs and the bed. Now it’s my turn, I flip Ophelia on her back crawl over her in between her soft legs and wrap them around my back. I stick my dick inside her and fuck her nice and slow and it was amazing how wet Ophelia’s pussy was from the other guys cum, her pussy is super tight but my dick slides in and out with very little effort.

I’m not just fuckin Ophelia at this moment I’m actually making love to her, with each careful thrust I touch her soft pale body going from her amazing ass to her thighs to then holding her hands. I’m making out with her sticking my tongue inside swishing it around to kissing her neck in different places so I don’t leave a hicky. I was fuckin Ophelia nice and slow for about 15 minutes and then I started to go faster and faster and then after 10 more minutes I could feel my time was coming to cum so I slowed back down and wrapped my arms around her body and head and leaned into her with all my weight and exploded inside her with the cum from 100 guys. My favorite part of my nights with Ophelia is right after I cum in her I let go of everything and fall on her in between her legs. I get such a rush of dopamine cuddling with her it makes me feel loved.

Over the next hour we all took turns fucking her ass pussy and throat for one more cumshot each, I came in her throat again, Johnny came in her ass, Dylan and Adam both came in her pussy. By the end of the night we could probly have filled a 2 liter bottle with our cum. I took it upon myself to clean up Ophelia and dress her in some clothes and put her to bed.

I almost kinda feel bad for Ophelia, she went from having sex with one guy to probly vowing she’ll never have sex again to then getting fucked by 4 guys in one night cumming in every hole she has. But I’ll make sure she’ll never know, I could never allow her to feel that kind of pain. After all i am in love with her.

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    Lovely Series, Thank you

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    A wonderful series. Thank you.

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    This story is great i love getting girl drugged and gang raped

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    Are you going to make more?

    • James230 ID:va0xqwoyu6r

      I’m running a different series now but I’m sure I’ll find my way back to my first love Ophelia. Hope you enjoy my new work.

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    You should have Donna clean up her pussy. And take turns fucking Donnas ass while she’s eating her pussy.