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Oh Rosie!

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My god-daughter was the greatest sex of my life. It was an honour to be her first and I’m still fucking now.

My god-daughter is nearly 12 years old, Rosie is the daughter of my best friend, we’ve been friends since school days and now we’re in our late 30’s and still the best of friends, when he had Rosie he gave me the honour of being her god-father, but she calls me Uncle Tony.

I’ve taken care of her for years, whenever her parents want to go out, I have Rosie stay at my house and we play games and watch TV and it’s always been just a normal family type relationship between us.

However, on this particular night, things took a heated turn.

Rosie has her own bedroom at my house, that’s how close we are and shows how often she stays over at my house, she had her usual shower that night and then went straight to bed, she’s a good girl, a few hours later I went to take a shower before bed and I found she had left her clothes all over the bathroom floor.

I collected them and was placing them in to the washing basket when her panties got caught on my finger, they were pink with a frilly rim around them, so cute, for some reason I then placed them to my face and inhaled her scent off them, the smell was instantly recognisable, they smelt like pussy, it was so good.

I had been single for a long time and that was my first sniff of pussy in months, as you can imagine I got really horny, really fast and I couldn’t resist my urges, I walked out of the bathroom and in to Rosie’s bedroom, she was fast asleep under her blanket.

I stood in the doorway watching her and thinking about all the sexual things I wanted to do to her, but then I had a touch of conscience and changed my mind, I was about to turn around and walk out when she suddenly stirred in her sleep, she turned on to her side facing away from me, when she turned, the sheets came partially off her and I saw her from behind in her white nighty, I could see her bare naked legs, her round little buttocks and she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I closed her bedroom door and walked over to the bed, I’d already taken my clothes off in the bathroom so I was only wearing my boxer shorts, I took them off and climbed on to the bed and spooned her from behind, placing my arm around her and pressing my exposed cock against the crack of her warm soft ass.

For a few minutes I rubbed rotated my hips, rubbing my cock gently against her flesh and getting one hell of an erection, then I rubbed my hand up and down her arms, then up and down her silky smooth legs, as my hand reached her upper thigh I pushed her nighty up and slid my hand around the curve to her pussy and rubbed it tenderly.

She moaned lightly in her sleep and her legs opened just a little, I pushed my finger between her pussy flaps and forced it up her virgin hole, at this point she woke up and turned her head and looked at me, she realised what I was doing but said nothing at first, she just gasped and groaned a couple of times while I finger fucked her.

“Uncle Tony – Uh – Ung.” She groaned, trying to ask why I was doing what I was doing.
I pulled off her nighty and got her naked and then rolled her on to her back and I got on top of her and kissed her with passion, by this point my fingering had awakened her sexual instincts and she reacted instinctively and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back.

I pulled my finger out of her soaking wet pussy and sat up, shuffling myself closer to her head I aimed my cock at her face, “Touch it, darling. It’s okay.” I said, she grinned and reached out and curled her little fingers around my hard cock and stroked it for me, “That’s it.”

I wanted her to explore my cock, get used to it, be comfortable with it, “Suck it for me. Put it in your mouth.” I said, she pulled a hair off the end of my twitching cock and then lifted her head forward and slid my cock in to her mouth and started to suck it, god it was beautiful.

A few minutes later I slid myself back down on top of her and pressed my cock against her pussy, “Do you know what I want to do?” I asked.

She nodded and was breathing heavily.

I put my arms underneath and around her, then with a slow thrust of my hips, my cock pushed in to her virgin hole, her head shot back, her eyes closed, her mouth opened, and she let out a beautiful moan, “U-nnngh!”, I kissed her neck and slowly began to fuck her.

Her hole was very tight, it clung to my cock like a vice, “Fuck, that’s good!” I moaned, she was still moaning with pleasure, experiencing my feeling of my enormous cock filling up and stretching her insides out, her little nipples got hard so I sucked on them and pulled at them with my teeth, she was so innocent and beautiful.

As we got in to it I felt an uncontrollable urge to seriously fuck her brains out, I got up on my knees and bent her legs back, she reached out and held on to her knees, bending her own legs back to her chest, it lifted her ass off the mattress a few inches and created the perfect downward angle for me to fuck her.

I leaned over her using my hands on the bed to hold myself up, with my cock stuck in her hole, I thrust my hips back and forth rapidly, pushing my cock deep inside her, her moans got louder and more frequent, “Ungh – Ung – Ungh”, she opened her eyes and watched as I drilled her hole with my cock.

I could hear squishing sounds coming from her pussy, my cock forcing its way through her river of juices, *Squish* – *Squish* – *Squish*.

“Ung – UNGH!”

It was the best sex I had ever had in my entire life, no question, no doubt, her pussy was amazingly good, so satisfying to fuck, “Oh – Rosie – Fuck, baby – Oh yeah.”, and then I came and I came fucking hard.

I stopped pushing and my cock was half way inside her when I started to ejaculate, then I couldn’t help but push it all the way, only stopping when my balls blocked it from entering any further, and I shot my load in to her, I had never come so hard before, my entire body was shaking and I couldn’t take a breath, it was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced.

When my balls were empty I collapsed on to the bed unable to move and I was gasping for breath, my body was numb and still shaking from my powerful ejaculation, Rosie sat up, she was smiling and bouncing on the bed on her knees, “Again, Uncle Tony. Can we do it again.” She was saying with so much excitement.

My little Rosie loved getting fucked and she discovered something new to play with, my cock, which she did, we had sex again about an hour later once I had recovered.

In the morning we had a quickie before she left for school and ever since that night we’ve been fucking like rabbits whenever she comes over to stay, kids have so much energy, I can barely keep up with her and her constant hunger for more sex.

It was a true honour being her first, the first cock she ever took was mine, the first cock she ever tasted was mine, the first ejaculation she took was mine, no one will ever have that experience with her again.

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