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A slutty sleepover

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(This is a continuation of my last stories “Amy’s first tribbing” and “Best birthday ever” let me know if you have any ideas for future stories below)

“YOU WHAT” me and my wife shouted. Amy was looked so embarrassed and not in a cute way.
“I’m sorry, I meant to tell you guys last night but I forgot.”
DING DONG, they weren’t leaving “fine I’ll go greet them, Katy see if you can go to the store and buy some snacks”
“Nooo don’t leave I’m so close to cumming right now” Amy said pouting.
“ Amy please we don’t have time for this” I said while hastily zipping up my pants.
“Oh come on frank I’ll finish up and sneak out the back, just make sure to close the door okay.” I was in too much of a hurry to disagree, Katy just loves to spoil our daughter whenever she gets the chance, ever since she was a baby. “Fine but don’t make too much noise okay?”
“Okay sweetie, now come here you little cutie mommy’s not done with you.” Katy dives right back onto the bed and resumes grinding her and Amy’s pussy’s together while holding onto Amy’s leg for dear life and Amy tries her best not to scream in pleasure. I could hear Amy’s muffled squeaks and moans as I went down the stairs. I open the door and luckily three of Amy’s friends were still there.
“Hi girls how are you?” There was Mary, who was the same age as Amy as well as her best friend and had boobs even bigger then hers,
April who was 15 but when you looked at her you would assume she’s 13 but she’s just a late bloomer but on the plus side she had the most supple and yummy looking thighs I’ve ever seen.
And then Yoko, a 17 year old gorgeous Asian beauty and the only one in the group to have a boyfriend.
“We’re good Mr Clark is Amy okay we though She would answer the door.” I had to think of a good lie and quick.
“Oh she’s in the shower you know anyway come in make yourselves comfortable. My wife is at the store getting snacks for you gals.” I look around “so is it just you guys or are there more coming?”
Yoko spoke up “well my boyfriend mark was also coming but he got impatient waiting at the door and drove off.” April scoffs “I swear he’s such a child how are you guys still dating?” Yoko looks offended and soon they start a full blown argument m. Suddenly Katy starts coming down the stairs and gives me a glare.
“ANYWAY why don’t we go to the family room come come your our guests don’t be shy, I just gotta take care of something in the backyard.
“Okay Mr Clark” the girls say. I rushed my wife to the back door as quickly and quietly as I could.
“What the hell I thought you were gonna finish and go” I angrily asked.
“I’m sorry she just looked so cute and I couldn’t resist cuddling with her” I wanted to reprimand herl but I understood what she was talking about, Amy has that effect that you just can’t say no to her.
“Your right, god sometimes I wonder if we gave birth to the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself” I went back inside and to my surprise Amy was already there chatting with the others.
“Hey daddy we were just talking about you” Amy said happily
“Oh well that’s good I should probably make some kind of dinner”
Suddenly Mary stood up “actually Mr Clark there’s something I wanted to ask you in private” I was nervous but I couldn’t just say no.
“Okay Mary come on” we went to the bathroom and she leaned in and whispered “is it true you and Amy have sex.” My heart sank I didn’t know what to say
Mary continued “it’s okay Amy told me.” That damn slut she was never good with secrets especially the important ones
“And what if I said we were” Mary simply smiled and said “that’s great because I want in” before I can say another word she takes off her shirt revealing her massive tits. I was stunned they were so much bigger then I thought “you can touch them if you want” I did so without a word. Mary of course responds by groping my cock through my pants. We started making out and she was amazing even Katy wasn’t this good of a kisser but before we could continue the door swung open with Amy in the center
“Having fun you two” she said confidently
“I did it Amy I managed to drug him”
“Wait what do you mean by dr-“ suddenly my heart started racing and my dick felt very warm.
“Yeah I might have slipped an aphrodisiac into your mouth with that kiss” Mary said in a sorry not sorry way.
“Now come on daddy the others are waiting she said as she pulls me upstairs
“W-wait the others?! Amy please I-“ before I can finish I am greeted by the sight of Amy’s friends bare naked and waiting for me. I couldn’t speak I couldn’t even think. Soon they had me in the center laying beside me practically drooling with lust.
“OKAY GIRLS THE OFFICIAL BFF SLEEPOVER ORGY CAN BEGIN!!” Amy said with passion “April you go first you’ve been quite all night” April looks shocked “M-ME? but-“
Amy interrupted her “come on April I know how much you want that juicy thick monster inside you.” She didn’t respond she simply crawled in between my legs and started licking my shaft like ice cream.
“Ughh April holy shit your mouth feels amazing” I didn’t get it she looks like a freshman and yet can suck dick like a champ.
“ HEY APRIL SAVE SOME FOR ME” said Yoko before I knew it I had two babes sucking and licking every inch of my cock and balls while my own daughter and her best friend licked my nipples and kissed my face. It was pure and utter heaven on earth.
“God he’s way bigger then mark you weren’t kidding Amy.”
“I would never lie to my friends, now stand back ladies I’ll show you how a real slut takes a cock” Amy stands up and takes off her panties and sits her ass down on my cock, enveloping the whole thing in her pussy as she had done many times before “aaahh you see mmm it’s easy” Amy said trembling from the pleasure.
“Girls please” I begged “my wife is gonna be back any-MMHF” I couldn’t talk as Mary was currently Sitting on my face
“Upupup it’s rude to talk when your mouth is full Mr Clark” her pussy tasted like cherrys. “mmm ohh god Amy you were right this is the best ahhh”
“ see I told you now come here you” I couldn’t see what was happening but from the sounds I assume Amy and Mary are making out. At that point I just gave up and started slapping my cock into my daughter faster then she can keep up with.
“OOOOH HARDER DADDY HARDER MMMFH” I felt like I was gonna pass out when suddenly
“WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE!” that was Katy’s voice I couldn’t answer as my mouth was full of Mary’s pussy.
“oh hi mommy, we were just playing a little endurance game with daddy” Amy said while bouncing on my cock
“Frank do you not realize how bad this is we could get in actual trouble for this.” Mary got up from my face, I could finally speak.
“See Mrs Clark it’s not franks fault, now stop being a bitch and cut loose.” Mary said while playing with Katy’s pussy.
“ Yoko, April make sure Mrs Clark gets the full service
I turned my head and saw that they were 69ing this whole time.
“Hey w-wait a minute you two I do-ohh a-April y-your mouth”
“Mrs Clark your pussy tastes soo good.” April said while lapping up Katy’s cooch like a dinner plate covered in crumbs.
“She has some toys in the dresser.” Amy pointed out while smothering her face in my hairy but firm chest as I fucked her. “beads, vibraters, buttplugs you name it.” “Really?” Asked Yoko. “You really are dirty girl Mrs Clark” “that’s n-not true mmmh ooohh I ughh” eventually Katy gave up on trying to be a role model and soon Yoko, April, and Katy were absolutely going at it. Shoving anything they could find inside of them. “Mmhm you like that you little whores that’ll teach you to suck my mans cock without my permission.” Katy said as she was scissoring yoko who was eating April out “AHHH WERE SORRY MISTRESS, WERE SORRY FOR BEING SUCH NAUGHTY GIRLS OOOHH!” When it came to women Katy was a natural dom But I had enough. I was tired of being treated like a god damn toy. So the first chance I got I ripped my cock out of Amy and sprung up out of the bed, my cock still stiff as a plate. “Uh da-“
“Shut up” I said sternly enough to make everybody stop dead in their tracks
“You all think you can just drug me and treat me like a toy” “well I got I got some news for you” I whipped out a bottle of viagra and took two pills. The girls were now starting to feel uneasy even Amy was shocked and she practically worships my dick.
“You girls better get ready because we got a looong night ahead of us” I leap into action and what follows is perhaps the most insane one man orgy the world has ever seen I throat fuck yoko while fingering her relentlessly while she can’t even scream out in pleasure. I fuck april doggy style while the other girls can only watch and play with themselves. “AAAAH FUCK FUCK ME HARDER OOOH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOOOD.” I double team my wife with my daughter who is wearing the biggest strap on she could find. “ohh Frank I love you i really really really really love you HAAA”. I made sure to kiss Mary for a really long time while I fucked her as payback for earlier. And last but not least I make sure to absolutely ruin Amy’s anus by going in as raw as I can.
“YES DADDY AGHH I LEARNED MY LESSON ILL BE A GOOD LITTLE CUMSLUT” an evil smile creeps on my face. I did it, I finally broke her.
“Good now be a good girl and take your treat.” I yank my cock out of her ass and shove into her mouth “mmmhmm” she Moans clearly enjoying every last drop.
As I stand up I gaze upon the carnage. It’s currently 2:34 in the morning, this all started at 9:48 And I’m barely able to stand.
“Now what do you all say?” I asked in a dominating tone.
“THANK YOU DADDY!” They all say in unison boosting the hell out of my ego. “Good now not a word of this to anyone and maybe I’ll consider a round two in the future. Now get some rest all of you, you earned it.” I try to walk out of the room but end up collapsing from exhaustion. Ending what is was most likely the best night of my life.

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  • Reply Gray Wolf

    My 9yo old has mixed sleepovers in the summer. Mommy and daddy get to sample all the goodies.
    graywolf804 on kik

  • Reply AP

    Damn. Hot work, Goop.
    Since there’s no brother (which is good because I’m pretty sure that this chapter would have killed him), maybe the 14 year old triplet nephews need to come stay for a week or two because their parents won a surprise cruise.

    • Goop

      ooh good idea I’ll to remember that