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Summer on the farm with Aunt and Uncle

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A young girl spends summer on the farm having fun with the dog.

Visiting on the Farm
When I was in high school one summer my parents thought it would be a good experience for me to spend the summer with my aunt and uncle who lived on a farm and had lots of farm animals. I got settled in and as my Uncle worked in town, my Aunt took care of the farm animals. I really enjoyed watching the breeding process as the Sows were bred by the boars with a corkscrew penis and the boar stayed mounted for several minutes. The cows were bred by the bull with a very rigid cock and it was a quick in an out of the cow’s vulva. They had a couple of horses but I never saw them breed.

One day a stray female dog came by and their large male dog found him a play mate and I watched as he mounted, jammed his bone type cock into her swollen pussy. In a minute or so they were ass to ass hocked up. My Aunt said that is normal for a dog, they have a knot which swells up inside and keeps them together while the male empties his sperm into the female. I was very interested in that and as I watched I realized I was getting very wet wondering how the female was feeling, she seemed to be enjoying it.

One day my Aunt needed to go to town about a half hour away and I opted to stay. What was I thinking? Yes I had heard that some girls would let their dogs breed them,,,hummmm. I called the dog (Roy) into the house and into my bedroom. I played with him some and he started trying to hump me,,,,hummm. I was scared , however my hormones and my mind made me overcome my fears and I pulled my jeans and panties off and leaned onto the bed. I thought, if he does it on his own,,,I will not resist, then it is his fault and not mine that he rapes me.

Apparently a wet pussy and a naked bottom was too tempting for him as he licked my juices and mounted and hit my clit several times looking for a place to pump his puppy seed. He drove me beyond resistance,,He soon found my hot wet waiting female hole and drove his bone into it. OH damn, an orgasm to never forget. He humped me rapidly for a minute or two, and then held me tight as I felt his knot swelling and locking us together as one. I had an orgasm, then waited as his cock throbbed emptying his ball into my woman hood. As I rested on the side of the bed I had another orgasm thinking of all those doggy seed I was getting. He surely thinks I am just another doggy bitch for him to please himself and to breed. He stayed mounted holding tightly around my waist until his knot went down. He then moved down and started licking some more of my juices and it was so good I orgasmed again. He then lay down and licked his bone until it disappeared into its sheath.

I then realized that I was going to enjoy my summer at the farm,,,,being ROY’s bitch. I often think of the boar pig and wonder how sex with a pig would be. I hope that next summer I can spend time on the farm again. Maybe I will check out the boar pig.

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  • Reply Bob ID:1deo5fh0gu86

    The farm is a fun place to live for the summer. Do you like the big horse cocks too? They are amazing. So fucking big and gallons of cum to drink down. I hope you post more parts to this. Please let me know when you post them, otherwise I’ll miss reading them. Thanks.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it keep them coming in, love Emma from Aus.

    • Drew ID:4gm51dm99

      I lived in Sydney a few years back – great dog lovers community down under – love watching woman have a big O as the knot throbs inside her – love licking up all that love juice when he is done bringing her again and again… What experience do have? drew4k9@gmail

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Good story thank you. Yes I have seen a number of girls having sex with animals watching it is a very good thing saying the expressions on their face is unbelievable. Hopefully you can get to enjoy more.

  • Reply MaryLou ID:2t454fxzl

    Great story, sounds like a fun place to be