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She is just a little 11 year old “Bitch”

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She is my dogs bitch now. Since I am his master, that makes me her master too

I live in an area not far from the border and not close.  We have sum undocumented/illegals living here.  I don’t know how many families, but you can tell.  At least if they are new you can tell.
I have a group of friends that don’t like any of them here.  I have sort of a girlfriend in that group.
All of us are matched up and we have been for a while.  The girls don’t really put out for us.  We can get a hand job and that’s about it.

I know a girl that is from one of the new families.  They don’t really talk to anyone, not even other new families.  They keep to themselves.  The girl is Maria 11 and she is hot. I am Kenny 14 and my sort of girlfriend is Anna 13.  Maria is a hot 11 year old.  I am always nice to her and I got her a few ice creams when the truck came by and none of my friends were around.  I got her a soda once at the playground on a hot day.  I got her a few milks and a couple of lunches at school.  They don’t seem to have enough money and from what I understand she speaks English better than her parents and they are afraid to go to the government and ask for any help.

I always smile and ask how she is doing and wish her a good day.  I don’t ever see anyone else speak to her except her family.  But I always make sure no one sees me speak to her.
Other boys might do the same.One day I talked her into going to see a movie with me.  It was the middle of the day and my friends always go in the early evening like around 5-6pm.  I thought I might be able to cop a feel from her or something.  Without my friends knowing.

We sat in the back of the theater and I got her a small soda and popcorn. After the theater got dark I started to hold her hand and I could tell she was very nervous.  Her hand was sweaty and she was trimboling.  Once the movie started I took her hand by my other hand and slid it into my lap and I put my arm around her.  I then reached over and started to kiss her.  She had no idea what to do, She started to kiss me back, but I could tell I was her first romantic kiss.  She was scared and trying to pull away some.  By the end of the movie she was letting me kiss her and she was kissing me back like a pro.  I even had her hand on my cock. She didn’t give me a hand job. She just left it there but it was hard and she knew what her hand was on. she even put her fingers around it a little and gave it a couple of tender squeezes.

When the lights came on she wiped her hand back to her lap like lightning fast and sat up straight. afraid someone might see us.  I think she knew my friends didn’t like her or her family and was afraid that they could get her family in some kind of trouble.  so as we left she wouldn’t hold my hand as we walked out.  She said nothing to her family about going to the movie with me or anything else.  She was afraid to, her parents told their kids to keep away from the rest of us and just keep with each other.

Later that day I found out a couple of my friends did see me at the movies with her.  They were not happy about it. They said that they were going to tell our group and then no one would talk to me. I would lose all my friends and I would lose my Saturday evening hand job.  Not much but it was all Anna would do.  I told them I was just using her to get more than a hand job and that’s all.
I told them if I can get her to put it out then I could make her put out for them too.  If they kept it just between us.  They wanted to know how I could make her do them.  I told her what her parents were like and all I had to do was get pictures of her naked or even better doing embarrassing stuff and she would have to do whatever I tell her or I will show the pictures to everyone.

They liked that Idea but they wanted to know what I would get her to do. That is embarrassing.  I said just naked pictures would do it for her. I am her first and she doesn’t know what to do. That was her first date ever, by the end of the movie she was frenching me like a pro and squeezing my cock.
Then I remembered how long it took us to get our girls to do anything.  Then one of my friends had an idea, he showed me a video of a girl tied to a chair why a dog was fucking her and filling her with cum.  He said this way if anyone else sees us or finds out what we are doing, we don’t have to tell them that we wanted to fuck her we can tell them we just wanted to humiliate her.  So, instead of everyone cutting us out, they will make us heros.

I didn’t really want to do this to her. I really liked her, but I couldn’t lose all my friends. I was in a tough place and I had to follow through with this.  After all it was her family’s fault for coming here to begin with. She put me in this situation. The more I thought about it the more I got pissed off at her for it.
I met her in the brush a few times and she would make out with me and boy could she kiss so much better than Anna. She was already giving me hand jobs and she did that better too. She let me suck on her little tits and I know she would let me do more if we had a place to do it.
After a few weeks we finally had a place to do it and it was just in time. My friends were getting tired of waiting.  One of my friends’ parents was going on a 4 day cruise and he was supposed to stay at one of our houses.  So, we took my dog Maxy (English mastiff)  . He is a very large dog and put him in the backyard.   Then I met Maria in the Brush and we went to my friend’s house.
She was nervous, but I told her that his parents are gone for a few days and he is staying with friends so he gave me his key.  We started making out which was nice and she wasted no time pulling my pants off me and gave me a great hand job while I was sucking on her tits. This whole time we had 3 phones recording this from different angles.  I started to undo her pants and I didn’t know what she would do. Luckily she helped me pill off her tight pants.  In no time both of us were naked in my friend’s bedroom.

I went down on her tight little slit and started to stroke it up and down with my tongue and then I got into that pussy a little. My tongue was able to tell that she was very tight. I played with her clit as my hands squeezed her soft little tits. She was moaning up a storm of pleasure and twisting and grinding her pelvis into me. It only took about 15 min to get her to twitch and wrap her legs around my head as she squeezed and shouted out “Oh yes Papi yes.”  She had her first Orgsm and I was just trying to enjoy myself waiting to build my sperm back up after the hand job she gave me.
We then slid into a 69 position and I couldn’t believe how wet she was down there. She was licking my cock to start and then she started to suck on it and all I could say is OMG, OMFG, that feels so much better then a hand job.  What we were missing out on all this time. Now I was really enjoying myself and also a little pissed off at Anna for not doing this to me.

I was lucky my load wasn’t built up yet or I would have blown all of it in her mouth, her lovely full lush lips and magic tongue.  Before I knew it her legs were spread wide apart and I was in position and the head of my cock was kissing the entrance of her pussy with just a drop of precum on the tip.
I started off slowly pushing it in, I didn’t think of any lube so it was almost dry.
She was pretty wet.  I had a hard time getting it in at first. she was so tight and her pleasure moans switched to pain and that was making me slow down. I was trying to thrust in and out to get it to go in, but it wasn’t easy. I finally got the tip in and I could feel her hymen which just made my hard cock become a super rock hard cock and I slammed in and as she screamed I just kept thrusting in and out and her pain was making me harder and thrust faster. When I saw her tears roll down her face I went into overdrive.  I don’t know how long I was fucking her, but eventually at some point her pain grunting and screams changed to sweet moans of pleasure and she was thrusting her pelvis into mine and we both enjoyed it so much. She started having her second Orgsm I could tell because she wrapped her legs around me again and squeeze me into her as tight as she could and she started to make that same sound. As she did this I got all excited and that caused me to blow my load into her.
I shot more cum then I ever shot before this and it all went in to fill up her tight little pussy.

Next I had her get on her hands and knees into the doggy position. I once again Fucked the heck out of her. She was moaning more intensely and she said it felt like it was going deeper this way.
I couldn’t hold out long this way, she was rocking back and forth to meet my thrust and in just 10 min I blew what little I had left into her. I waited a few minutes then I pulled it slowly out and the cum mixed with her blood started dripping out. that was really getting me turned on.
I got off the bed and grabbed the phones. I transferred the videos all to my phone and then deleted what was in there.  Maria wanted to know what was going on with the phones.
I signaled my friends, threw the window and then told her what they were coming in for their turns.

She was really upset and started crying, she thought we were in love.  I couldn’t tell her I wanted to be. I had to keep up the act and make myself hate her or at least pissed off at her and that was not easy.  She started to get dress and she was very mad and upset at me. I told her she couldn’t leave until each of them Fucked her at least once in her pussy. She didn’t have to do anything else this time but she had to do that. She was mad she said no way and wanted to know what I meant about this time she said she never wanted to see me again. I then explained the phones recording and told her that if she didn’t want anyone else to ever see them which included her parents then she would lay down and spread her legs and let them Fuck her.  She looked at me with such a look of betrayal in her eyes. She layed back on the bed and spread her legs as each of my friends mounted her and they loved it. Since there girlfriends only gave them hand jobs it was there first time fucking as well.

When they got done she had cum all over the sheets and all over her. I told her she should use the shower before getting dressed. While she was in the shower we changed the sheets and put the ones with cum on them in the washing machine. We then put the straps on the bed so we would be all ready to strap her in for Maxy’s turn. I had his nails trimmed and we put thick sox’s on all his paws and taped them in place so he wouldn’t scratch her up. We almost were going to strap her to a chair like the video, but after studying it we felt this would work the best with maxy.
She came out of the shower and went right into the room to get dressed and that’s when I told her she had just one more to do. She was yelling no and wanted to get dressed, I reminded her she already had a lot of sex today and fucked 3 of us.  All of that would be on display for everyone to see if she doesn’t do this last one. she got on the bed and spread her legs again and I said no, he wants it doggy style. She then turned over and got on her hands and knees. We quickly strapped her in place.

She wanted to know why we put on the straps, we said so you don’t change your mind. We put a lot of pillows under her hips to keep her pelvis high in the air. I brought in maxy and she got the true look of fright. She started screaming and crying out no over and over. She struggled but couldn’t get loose of the straps. I had my phone recording all of this.  Maxy came into the room and he could smell all the sex and cum you could tell. his hips were already bucking a little and he was sniffing the air.
Maria was prepubescent, but I wonder how he would have acted if she was actually ovulating.
He got up on the bed and started to lick her pussy and ask both right away. She just screamed until she went hourse and her face turned all red while tears flowed down her cheeks.

Maxy’s cock came out and was bigger than ours, I mean it was a lot bigger. This was the first time I saw more than a little tip poke out. He looked like he was at least a foot long if not more.
He climbed up on her and he kept trying but had trouble getting it in her. We tried to help him get it in but he wouldn’t let my friends get close. It was like he was saying I’m Alpha and this bitch is mine.
He did let me come close and help. I guess to him I was his Alpha. Once I spread her lips apart and got his tip in he started bucking so fast that it reminded me of a rabbit at the pet store we all laughed at. He was thrusting in and out so fast. Maria got part of her voice back as she was trying to scream and kept begging me to stop, she kept asking me why I was doing this and I couldn’t tell her.
Then I noticed that Maxy had like a big part at the base of his cock swell up big like a soft ball and he kept going deeper as he was thrusting into her, until he finally got to the swollen part.
I thought he would stop but he didn’t. He forced that into her and she passed out.

I was so scared for a bit. I thought he killed her. I checked she still had a pulse and she was breathing. He finally stopped thrusting in and out of her. He just stayed on her like that. for a long, long while. She woke up while he was still inside of her. She looked at me and said please let me go.
I said ok this is enough, but I couldn’t get him off of her. I couldn’t even get him to pull his cock out.

She was crying so much. Maxy was pumping his dog cum into her little 11 year old pussy and he was really filling her up all the way. I told her her was pumping his cum into her and he won’t stop until he is done. This really upset her more to think a dog was putting his cum inside of her.
A dog was actually making her his bitch.  It was like a total of 30-40 min from the time he stopped thrusting to the time he started to pull out. We know he was pulling out because she started screaming again. His swollen area didn’t shrink, it stayed swollen and as it came out it stretched her as wide as a soft ball again and she was screaming loud again. He finally pulled out all the way and he started to clean himself. My friends wanted her to clean him by using her mouth. I said no this was enough we will save that for next time.

She wanted to know what I meant by next time she said she would ever do this again. I had to explain to her that My dog turned her into his bitch which means she belongs to him and since I am his master that means I am her master and she will do as I say.  I also reminded her that I have all the videos of her with us and her with Maxy.  What would everyone think in your family if they find out that you fuck dogs. So keep quiet about this and so will we, and you come to service me when I want you. She just got dressed and ran home crying.  She has been a good bitch for Maxy and me.
She doesn’t cry any more, she just does what she has to do.

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  • Reply Willy T ID:ph9j70v8qvu

    What a betrayal of beginning love. I couldn’t believe even a coarse teenager could betray a girl who loved him. -5 stars or at least a 1 star rating.
    Bill S.

  • Reply Friend ID:3ynyk8gf49d

    Okay hmu

  • Reply Kiddy Kisser ID:7zv190kk0a

    So hot, would love to here more about how you use her as a slave, maybe getting a male teacher to get you a better grade.

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    Fuckkk I’d love to be used like that (15f)

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      Your a good girl and want to be used as a cum slut for dogs?

    • N ID:3zxjp0lg499

      Best way to get ahold of you

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      Slutty cumdump I would love to use you like that and more!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

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      give me a shout [email protected]

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    They were way to gentle to her they should of tore her vagina to shreds

  • Reply nt ID:1a1r3bpv3

    this is sad bro, i was frowning

  • Reply Leo ID:87vr86ii

    Id like to see the vid of It

  • Reply Hu ID:2wdoer14k0d

    Kenny, is this true?
    Or a formed up story

    • Kenny ID:21z0lwqhrb

      7 months now. She still cries when my dog does her. I think she is in love with me and lets my dog so she can get fucked by me. If we lived someplace else I could would have her just for me. This sucks, but I still get turned on by it, big time. She is a sweet lollipop.

    • Maxwell ID:21z0lwqhrb

      what do you think. sounds hot. makes me hard

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    I recommend all people, men women and kids try dog cock it tastes great and feels wonderful inside you. Im male 59 been sucking dogs and getting fucked by them since i was 10. Will continue to do so as long as my health will let me.

  • Reply Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

    Stuff like this goes on all the time it is not reported for many different reasons. I have taught a few girls to be dog bitches. In my oplnion all girls should at least try it. They just might like it.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:19gnd2q18zfl

    Honestly if this is true I hope someone kill you for treating an 11 year old like this. SICK FUCK.

    • Geezus ID:8bvxdgx4qm

      Says the guy that just read a story whose description says “She is my dog’s bitch now. Since I am his master, that makes me her master, too” So you were expecting a beautiful poem about the life of fairies in medieval times and got this trash instead, huh?

    • Kenny ID:21z0lwqhrb

      I had no choice. I wanted to have something special with her and keep it quiet, but my friends found out and I would of been an outcast if I didn’t go along with them. This way I still get to have fun with her and my dog likes it too. So everybody is happy.

    • Tonguepleasureforyou ID:cmea9188rj

      Great story, loved every part of it massive orgasms, Jacking my hard cock for about an hour before I came. I love horny lil girls looking for huge cocks
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