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Sex Ritual – 1

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This a story about a ritual were village choose virgins as servent for their creator.

In ancient days there is Pervert king who loves to capture small kingdoms which are deep inside mountains and forest. Usually it takes more effort for the king and his army to navigate into the city and capture those. But he always prefer capturing kingdoms which are isolated by nature. One among those kingdom is rooch pero.
Pervert king once captured the rooch pero he orders women in rooch perro under 38 and above 15 to assemble in his newly formed hall. They all gathered in that hall and waited for the pervert king. King came and saw every one while he is standing on the stage. He choose one women from every type like a milf, petiet, curvy, perfect boobs, perfect body and he lets others to be fucked by his remaining soldiers as an celebration.
After this he starts ruling the Rooch pero as every other kingdom. But usually the above mentioned celebration was highly not like by the people. But rooch perro is different and actually they give good company in bed for the king and for the soldiers.
Pervert king only allows soldiers to have sex at the first day of capture and mostly it will be allowed only for an hour in a dark room. After that soldiers were send back to the capital nation. Law and order police and all sort of people management departments were created using rooch pero people and overlooked by pervert king appointed minsters.
But Rooch pero ministers never experienced a company in bed like this. One which they never forgot they pumped those womes like never before and the grip those pussy was still in the ministers head. But they were loyal to pervert king so they wont touch a women without pervert kings consern.
But pervert king finds something in rooch pero which makes its women so good in bed. Pervert king was like a mad scientist at his era. So one day he got some visitors from allied country. Those visitors were siblings Maya 29(elder sister) and Heboo 22(brother). Maya is already a perfect body female with perfect boobs. Pervert king made them live in rooch pero and gave them good food made from rooch pero poeple. Because pervert king about to find something. And Maya secretly asked pervert king to send some one daily night for sex.
Pervert king told accepts maya’s request but with some conditions. Those are 1. at night when maya is ready for sex her room should always dark. Not even moon light should enter in that room if needed sex.
2. Should not speak with person other than dirty talk.
3. She should wear a very light white single cloth around her.
So her firt day in rooch pero maya is ready for sex. Pervert king sent a young soldier owl who also had sex in the celebration day to maya room to see him whether he had the same experience.
Owl wnt into mayas room and Pervert king has a expert blackmagic team they made some rituals so maya and owl wont speak other than dirty talk or moaning.
Owl started felling mayas body and in the dark he found it is a young milf body. He started kissing her in the neck and kisses all over till her boobs and removed her white clothing made her in missionary position and started pumping her like a machine. He never let maya to take a breath he started pounding maya. Maya begs owl to slow down but owl fucks maya vigorously until he cums in her once. After first climax owl sits right next to maya in bed and made maya to lick his penis. Owl told maya to drink cum and what ever came out of his penis. Maya obeyed as he told. Maya sucks hard and owl ejaculates in mayas mouth. Maya took all the cum in mouth and reach near owls ear and swallows the cum. And maya continued to blow owls penis and got piss in her mouth and drank it. Owl kept his penis in mayas mouth until it gets erected again.
And he continued his fucking after the oral sex. He doea in this routine till morning. Owl was not allowed to stay in mayas room one day light shows so owl leaves maya at 4 am. Maya sleeps after that.
Meanwhile mayas brother heboo is offered with 2 milfs for the night. Next day pervert king asks Owl about his experience and Owl told king that the women was not bad but at the day one celebration fuck he fuked almost every type women on that day a milf teen preteen they all a flavour with a grip and the company they gave in bed was something else.
And on same day in some other place Pervert king asked Heboo. For kings surprise heboo told he never exprience such and amazing sex those milfs were also gave Heboo balls and penis massage which made him fuck them both until morning. And before leaving they even bath him and drank cum from him.
——–Pervert king experiment continues

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