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Uncle David Part 1

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David, who was 15, was sitting on the couch watching his step niece play on the floor. He was in charge of her tonight. Molly, who was 9, adored David. He was her big hero.

David now was more interested in that little ass of hers watching it intently as she played. “All right sweetie. Bath time.”, he said.

“Aw Uncle David!”, she said. He got up and picked her up and put her on her feet. He squeezed her ass cheeks in his hand and smacked her cute little butt. She looked back at him and smiled.

Molly went to her room and got her clothes. She went into the bathroom and undressed. She contemplated something then turned on the water. She opened the door to the master bedroom entrance to the bathroom and stood there naked in front of David.

David could feel his wood grow as he was watching her bald little pussy. “You know, instead of watching me from in here. You could just come in. I won’t tell! Silly!”, She said

David smiled at her. “How did you know?”, he asked

Molly said, “I just see the way you watch me all the time. If you want to see me naked just ask! Come on!”, she said and grabbed his hand.

David watched he luscious little body as she got in and as she played in the water. She stood up and asked. “Well you like my pee pee. I want to see yours.”, she said

David said, “Ok sport.” He stood up. He pulled down his shorts revealing his big dick.

“Oh my!”, She just stared at it in awe as it hung down.

She went to touch it. “No it will fall off!”, David joked.

She laughed and said, “NO IT WON’T! I watched my mom! She had it in her mouth. I thought she was eating it at first but she was just sucking on it.”

David got closer to her and hit her head with his dick. “You are bad watching them!” David picked her up out of the water. He gave her a towel and she dried herself. He sat on the toilet. “Ok come on. Grab it here and here with both hands and feel it up.” She did and it his dick got harder.

“Aw! It is growing!”, she said. David laughed. She felt it up and played with the head. She held it and kissed the head.

“Do what your mommy did!”, David said. She looked at David nervously but agreed. She put her tongue to his big mushroom. She saw it wasn’t that bad and engulfed his dick head. David was telling her what to do and giving her guidance. He stopped her.

“I wanna show you what it does. Ok? Stand in front of me.”, David said

He jacked off in front of her. She watched intently as he jacked his big member up and down. “Aw fuck…fuck…”, he said

“Are you ok?”, Molly asked. She gasped as droplets of sperm covered her chest. “Aw gross! What is that?”, she asked

He laughed. “It is sperm. That is what makes your babies. That is what your mom was after when she sucked your Dad’s dick. Taste it.”, he said

She touched his dick. “Ew it is all gooey! I ain’t eating that! I don’t wanna get pregnant either. Not yet at least.”, she said

“You don’t get pregnant by eating it!”, he asaid. She put a little from her chest on her finger and tasted it. She put the head in her mouth and cleaned it off. She got back in the tub and finished her bath. “My turn!”, he said. David took her to her room and laid her on the bed. He got over her and started kissing her whole body. Her kissed her forehead, to her lips, her neck down to belly, down to her crotch. He went up down one leg and up the other finishing at her crotch. Her spread her legs. Her cute little pussy before him. He licked her pussy. She resisted at first. Fighting with him.

“David stop!”, she said.

“Calm down! It will start to feel good.”, he said

It did. She got used to his tongue and the new feelings she never felt before. Her hips moved upward and down. She was really getting into it. She gasped as his thumb entered into her hole. She gasped again as his index finger entered her.

Molly was enjoying the new feelings. She could feel him rubbing his finger and thumb together in her pussy and ass. “Mmmmmmm”, she let out and twisted. “That was weird”, she thought as a second one came on. This one was worse than the first as her body twisted to the side. Her legs clamped around David’s head as her orgasm took control of her body. She collapsed on the bed out of breath. David laughed. He gave her pussy lips a big lick. As he kissed his way back up her body. He carried back to the bathroom and they got dressed. They went to the living room.

“I like your dick! It is sooooo cool!”, she said. She kissed his cheek and relaxed her head on her chest until her parents got home.

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