I’m 13, and I don’t know how to masturbate..

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Hi, my name is Li and I’m 13. I’m 103lbs about and 5’2, B/C Cup. Mixed race

All my friends talk about sex and masturbation like their techniques and what turns them on. Normally, I don’t mind not fitting in but I find myself feeling insecure because I feel more than different this time

As the title implies… I don’t know how to masturbate, I’ve tried so much and so many times infact I’ll make a list of things I’ve tried:

1. Using a toothbrush, I didn’t know lubrication was necessary so it just hurt, I was sore the whole day

2. Fingers, it didn’t hurt it just felt like nothing. I tried the “Come here” motion, still nothing

3. Rubbing the clit, ewww this sounds so weird to type haha but still it just felt tingly

And other stuff.. I forgot 😭 But you get the gist.

it’s not that I don’t have a sex drive… I get horny a lot and actually I feel really guilty about what turns me on, when I was 9 or 10 I sent a pic of my pussy to a guy on discord because i didnt think of it as something big? but then I found it circling the internet when i was slightly older and the comments were disgusting; they were in detail of what they’d do to me and rape me … But for some reason it made me so wet and now I can only get turned on when watching/reading videos of guys taking advantage of girls.

I’ve thought of actual sex but I don’t really know any guys.. and i think I’m too young to be desirable by anyone anyway. I don’t have boobs like nicki minaj or a flat stomach like a model

Might make an update story if anything changes. Sorry for any grammatical errors I have dyslexia

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  • Reply Peter....... πŸ˜‰ ID:fe82sdk0c


    Hit me up on session, let’s masturbate together one day. 🀩

  • Reply ExquisiteDolphin ID:8n9y1no0hj

    I’m a young teen too so if you would like to talk to me email me here: [email protected]

  • Reply Bob ID:2px1o1hll4h

    Id love to join your discord when you make it

  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Hey li you can depend on me πŸ˜‚ 😘 hmu πŸ€™

  • Reply moonshine ID:3v43mmxij

    What’s your email?

  • Reply dawdad ID:tszil9m3

    you guys are fucking dumb

  • Reply JoJo ID:1eozm110b7h9

    Reply to me here if you want to make contact

  • Reply Gabe ID:6rkls53k0b

    Li, my discord is Dragongod926#3579&

  • Reply X ID:3zxjp0lg499

    li what’s your discord?

  • Reply Daddy of my sweet princess ID:jsj36a16p5i

    Hey princess, maybe we can talk more about this, can we talk sweetheart, i want to make my beautiful little angel feel soo good

    • me ID:5vyj28gh8r9

      yes daddy

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi

    Ask your daddy to teach you

    • li πŸŒ… ID:3p68o1598r9

      that’d be quite awkward if im being honest..

    • Anon ID:2wcj27x7zi

      But fun

  • Reply miktig99 ID:v96zi5k3xnx

    Your not too young. Your very desirable. Hell I desire you so much Li

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    Hey Li do you have any social media?

    • li πŸŒ… ID:3p68o1598r9

      Only priv accounts but i could make a discord

    • Gun ID:1dyimr1lnm7r

      Li, you should

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Would love to talk to you on discord tell me when you make it 😊