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Saw her, raped her

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I saw a young girl, age unknown I’m guessing 14ish. Her skirt blew up and she was pantiless. I pulled over and grabbed her, and raped her

I have no idea what got into me. I’ve never before even been turned on by a young girl. I was 18 driving home drunk and this girl was walking. I slowed down to look and she was beautiful. Then the wind blew and showed me to most perfect ass ever. I immediately pulled over, walked over to her. She stopped and was obviously scared. I didn’t say anything, just looked at the ground so she couldn’t get a good look at my face. I immediately hit her in her jaw, and she went down. I picked her up, put her on the ground behind some bushes. It was already 2am, I figure this girl is in trouble for being late anyway and there is no traffic out here.

I opened up her blouse, unhooked her bra and looked at her nice B cup titties, with puffy areolae and nips that were a reddish color. I sucked on the for a while. She started stirring. I thought I’d be done before she woke up. I hurried up and pulled up her skirt. She had light blonde pussy hair. I rubbed her pussy till it got wet, then rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her pussy lips. Lubed enough, I moved down to her hole and pushed in. With that she gasped, and opened her eyes. I put my head next to hers so she couldn’t see me and started fucking. I fucked her for about 5 minutes, then pushed her head to the side, and pulled out. I held the flashlight on my phone while I took video of her pussy, there was blood on it and some on my cock. I busted her hymen. I rolled her over and rubbed some of her pussy juice on her ass hole, she started begging me not to, just to go back to where I was. I plunged full length deep in one stroke, and fucked her like a wild man. All she could do was cry and beg. I shot up her ass and told her in a mock accent, to thank me that I didn’t cum up her cunt and knock her up. I told her to stay there and not move while she counted to 100.

I ran to my car and sped off. I parked on a side street, and about 10 minutes later saw her, dressed again, and still crying walking down the road.

I raped a virgin who was natural blonde, and popped my load up her pretty little butthole. Damn both were tight as can be. Loved the feeling. I think of that feeling everytime I’m fucking my girlfriend.

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    Kirsten Archive

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    Woah,that must have been intense and incredible

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    Good on you, bro! Keep up the good work!

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    Damn that is a good story but I would have knocked her up just because I can