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Big Bad Brother

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I kept a look out for my little sister, but I should have looked in the mirror, first.

I didn’t check the bushes for perverts. I didn’t really think about it, until I had to go, but I went behind a bush, and watched the playground.

Just in case, I heard there was a sick child molester around, and this was just the place for one to try and grab a little girl. To run off with her, rape her, and then kill her.

Why did he have to kill them? I guess to keep them from telling anyone, anything that might get them caught, but by the time I finished pissing, and fixed up my pants.

My little sister ran up. “Danny, Danny.” She looked down at the puddle on the ground. “There’s no potty back here.”

“I know,” but she drank a lot on the way out here too. We shared a whole sports bottle, because mom made me take it. We don’t want to get dehydrated, but she probably can’t hold as much as I can. “Just squat down, real quick, so we don’t have to go all the way home, and come all the way back.”

I kept an eye out, for what, I don’t know. I imagined Stranger Danger, with no face, but creepy eyes peering out from under a black hat, and a trench coat with his collar pulled up, because that was the picture they showed us.

Be on the lookout for spy vs spy, only the black one, instead of the one in all white, from Mad Magazine. I guess, that’s what he looked like, with his big nose tucked behind his collar, like a vampire.

“Huh?” She stood up, and turned around. Twisted back to look at the wet spot on the back of her pants.

“Maggie, you’re supposed to pull them down instead of wetting them.”

“I did!” It turns out she pulled them all the way down, so when she squatted, they were right under her butt, and the pee fell right on the back of her pants, but she didn’t notice until she pulled them back up.

“Huh, well now we better go home.”

“Help me.” She held out the corner of the pants, so I had to squat down, and button them up.

“All right,” I took her hand, “Come on,” and walked her home, but there’s no way I was carrying her piggy back, or up on my shoulders, with her pants soaked in piss like that.

“Huh!” Right in the door, I heard mom and dad. Well, mostly mom, and the bed hitting the wall.

“Uh oh. Mommy’s been naughty again.”

“Never mind that, just take off your wet pants, and underwear.” We came in the side door, to the laundry room, so I could just pitch them in the washing machine, and run some water in the delicates sink, to wet a washcloth.

“Here, you better clean up.” I. I shouldn’t even have looked, but. All these thoughts about, that serial killer, and dad boffing mom’s brains out. Of course, that’s why he said I should take Maggie out for a walk, but I’m old enough to know that she’s not getting a spanking, for being bad.

She’s not even six, she’s barely even potty trained, and I’m not sure whether or not that was the first time she even tried to squat behind the bushes, but now she’s half naked, and bent over. Wiping her legs with the wet wash cloth with her little baby butt stuck out.

She’s not a baby, and she’s not even really a toddler any more, but “Ah ahhH! AHHHH!”

“Uh oh, daddy’s really mad.”

“Yeah, we better put some clean clothes on you, and get out of here.”

Before she sees my boner throbbing, and trying it’s best to rip out of my shorts. I shouldn’t tell her that, he’s not mad. Not at all, he’s yelling because he just pumped his nuts out into mom, to make another baby, I bet.

She found a dress at least, and pulled it on over her shirt, but it was dirty. Hell, the washcloth probably was too, before I rinsed it out, but we went out anyway.

She didn’t have any underwear on, though. “Come on, let’s go back to the park.”

Yeah, but we didn’t make it to the park. We made it to the bridge, over the creek, and I said “Let’s take a short cut,” but really all the dirty thoughts in my head were driving me nuts, and I didn’t even know what I wanted to do, but I told myself not to strangle her, or drown her in the creek, so that serial killer got blamed for it.

For one thing, she’s my little sister, I love her, and I’d feel bad enough if she went away, but it had to be a hundred times worse if I knew that she was gone, because i killed her. So, I had to explain it, just the right way to make sure she wouldn’t say anything, to anyone, ever about what I was going to do to her.

“You know, it’s easier for boys to take a pee, because we have a penis.”

“Uh huh?” She shook her head.

“You know what penis is?”

“Uh huh, your pee pee in your pants to go potty. How come you don’t need a potty?”

“Because huh!” I unzipped my pants, “I don’t have to sit down. I just have to pull it out, and pee. See?”

Her eyes went wide, and it swelled even harder when I saw her look at me like that.

“I don’t have one of those.” She pulled up her dress to look as much as show me.

“Uh!” Her hairless little lips hadn’t even dried yet! “Oh god.” What are you looking up at him for, you think he’s going to help you do this? “Huh, that’s right. That’s how you make babies. I put this in there, and. Uh. Then. Fgh!” I had to stop, and hold on, while it twitched out from between my fingers, and thumb. So I felt my balls, and the most amazing sensation, crawl up my back, and hit me in the back of my head like a baseball bat. “Uhhh fuck! Yeah!”

“HMN!” I blinked, and she giggled through both hands. Then, she pulled them down, and told me. “You’re not supposed to say that.” She shook her finger.

“Uh, I know. I’m sorry.”

“Only daddy gets to say words like that.”

“I know, it’s bad, but don’t tell dad, I cursed.”

“Okay, but if daddy doesn’t spank you, you won’t learn your lesson.”

“Oh, yeah.” I pulled my pants down the rest of the way. “You better spank me then, or I’ll never learn my lesson.”

“One!” She barely even slapped me with her little hand. “Two!”

“Slap the other side.”

“Three! Four! Four, four fourfour!” Back, and forth, I laughed.

“Okay, that’s enough.” I pulled them up, and buttoned them, but I didn’t bother with the zipper. Just yet, I hoped that maybe I could do it again, and again. Get that feeling, the best feeling I ever had in my whole life, but only if I make sure she doesn’t tell anyone she saw me doing it in front of her.

“I’m 4.” She held her hand up, with her fingers spread out, and her thumb sticking out.

“No, you’re 5 now, remember? You had a birthday.” I took her thumb, and tucked it in. “You were four, and now.” I pulled it back out. “You’re 5.” I touched her pinkie, “One two three four five.” And ended on her thumb.

“Five!” She jumped up and down, so her skirt flopped, “I’m five now!”

“Yeah, yeah. Stop jumping up and down like that without your underwear on. You’re not wearing any underwear.”

“Oh.” She held her dress down, in the back. “I forgot.”

“Yeah, and you’re not supposed to go out with out any underwear on, but I’m not going to spank you.”

“Don’t tell daddy.”

“I won’t, but it’s important, so listen carefully. I have to tell you why you can’t go out like this, or let anyone else see up your skirt. Even in your underwear. There’s a bad man. A very bad man, a stranger, so he could be anyone, and all he wants to do is feel up your legs like this, and touch your pee pee, and stick his penis inside you, but if he sees up your skirt, or your underwear, he’ll grab you, and take you away, and rape you.”

“What’s that mean?”

“That means hurt you in your pee pee. In here, but back here. You feel that?”

“Uh huh?” I slipped my finger out before I broke her cherry right then and there, but she held her skirt up, and felt it with her little fingers.

“That’s your baby hole, but you’re too small to fuck with a penis.”

“Uh oh. You said it again.”


She grinned. “You know what that means.”

“Yeah,” I bent over, but this time, I had my pants up. So her cute little swats hurt even less, but I didn’t feel naughty for saying fuck in front of her. I felt dirty for touching her, and a little proud of myself for coming up with a good story.

Actually, a true story to tell her, what would happen if a stranger tried to touch her like that.

“Five! Five!” She just kept saying five, until she got tired, spanking me. For being a bad brother, but at least I didn’t let her get snatched away by a stranger, who’d rape her, and strangle her, then dump her body in a lake, pond, the river or maybe even this creek.

I wouldn’t want to have to do that, to get away with it, but if she does tell anyone, it’ll just be exactly what I want her to.

“Now,” I sat up. “That’s enough, I learned my lesson, but you remember what I told you, about a stranger?”

“Never speak to strangers.” She nodded.

“That’s right, because what will they do, if you do?”

“They’ll grab me, and take me away, and kill me like the little girls in the news.”

“That’s right, now come on. We better get you home, and some underwear on you, before anyone else sees you dressed like a little slut.”

“What’s a slut?”

“It’s a word you’re not supposed to know yet, but you said it too, so we’re even. I won’t tell on you, if you don’t tell on me, so nobody needs a spanking. Okay?”

“Okay, were we going?” She looked around, by the creek.

“I told you, this is a short-cut, to take you home for a nap.”

“Yearh!” She stretched. “I’m tired.”

“Well, come along now, and we’ll make sure you have a nice place, where you can sleep…”

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