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Brother rapes & takes my virginity

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True story When I was 14, three of my older brothers started to take advantage/rape me. One on one ❤️

A little insight – I come from a big Hispanic family—4 older brothers and 1 younger sister. We were considering low-income family but were happy and had the basic things we needed but of course no luxury. So all 3 brothers had to share the same room. My sister and I shared a room with my parents. I was considered the smart one of my family but when it came to sex, I knew nothing about it. My parents never spoke of sex to us, much less teach us that incest was a big no-no.
(My older brother had already married and moved out).

Currently I am 45. When I was 14, three of my older brothers started to take advantage/rape me. My brothers at the time were 15, and the other 2 were 17, (not twins, just one born in Jan & one in Dec of the same year… my mom must’ve loved sex like I have grown to.) To clarify, this is my own true story & it was always one-on-one. Never 3some nor 4some although now looking back, I wish it would’ve been. ❤️

❤️ When it first happened, I was 14 & still a virgin. 🍒 I, myself, was curvy/a little on the chunky side, my boobs were plumb,—at the time maybe c/d cup. I had long curly hair and fair skinned with glasses. The middle of the brothers, whom we’ll call Bryan, one of the 17 yo, had become serious in his relationship. His girlfriend, Becky lived some 30 mins away. BTW, my brother was tanned, average built, and wore glasses. Looking back, I could say he was good looking. Anyways…..

Let’s begin 😍. One evening, while everyone was at home watching tv in living room, waiting for supper to be ready, Bryan asked me to come to his bedroom to help him with math homework. As I entered, he was laying on his bed and TV was on. He scooted over and motioned for me to sit beside him. After helping him with his homework, he began caressing my long curly hair. He told me it was beautiful and smelt good. I blushed and told him thank you. He sat up behind me, his legs on either side of mine I could feel his private limp part against my lower back. We were both wearing shorts, shirts and of course underclothes. As he continued playing with my hair, he placed a section of it over my shoulder to the front. In doing so, he ran his hand over my perky breast. It startled me and I froze not knowing what to do. My brother said he was sorry and didn’t mean to yet I felt something starting to poke me in the back. I squirmed around trying to figure out what it was. Bryan, my brother, let out a soft moan as he grabbed a handful of my hair and gripped it tightly. Scared and kind of knowing what would happen next wasn’t right, I tried to get up to leave the room. He managed to keep my sitting on his bed and whispered in my ear to be quiet as he licked it. I tried yelling out for help but he was quick to put his other hand over my mouth and muffle my scream for help. With our bodies still pressed together and my hair still in his hand, he leaned us both over to lay down on our sides. I could feel his dick more stiff against my back and my shirt had become moisted. The inside of my thighs also by now were feeling weak. My tight virgin hairy pussy had also become sticky. I remember I was wearing cotton panties that had child print flowers on them. They panties had become moist as well.

I was eager and wanting what was next but at the same time still squirming hoping to get away. Breathing heavily, my brother whispered to me to just go along with him and let him show me something. He promised I would like it. He told me he loved me and it would be ok. I began to cry softly and told him to please let me up…… to be continued 🍒❤️

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  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1e8obsudop2c

    Delilah that was very hot!! I can’t wait to hear more!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

    • Delilah ID:1dh7ga7eb876

      Hi Daddy! Thank you for enjoying my first sex story entry. I just submitted the ‘to be continued’ second part of my brother raping me. I will admit I am very shy. 🤗 but I will keep in contact. I still have several stories of sex with my brothers. Be on the look out 👀😍 BTW. How old you Daddy. I’m 45 ❤️

  • Reply D ID:3zxjp0lg499

    Whats the best way to get ahold of you

    • Delilah (author) ID:1edozukhubq3

      This is my first ever story entry…. There is still at least 5 more entries. What did you think? I’m still kinda shy but we’ll keep in contact 😍

  • Reply Jack ID:4o7qyz6ii

    Damn that was hot

    • Delilah (author) ID:1edozukhubq3

      Mmmm hi Jack 👅. This is my first ever story entry to the website. I wanted to share so much more but just remembering it all as I wrote it had me stopping to pleasure myself. Which I did about 4 times which is why I didn’t get to far. 😍🍒 I love using a mirror handle as a sex toy. A hand held mirror handle. I would love to post a picture once I’m over the shyness. I promise not to take too long posting part 2. Hopefully by tomorrow. Hope you came at least once reading this first part. 😍🍒

    • Delilah ID:1dh7ga7eb876

      [email protected] 😍❤️