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Ashley Gets What She Needs

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Ashley has sex with her teenage son while her husband watched.

Tonight my wife Ashley, our son Jason and myself went out to eat at a very upscale restaurant. My name is Jim. That ment the three of us would be getting dressed up in time for our reservations. Jason and I wore the usual dress pants a button up shirt. But when I went to check on Ashley because it was time to go, I found her putting a spermicide capsule up in her pussy. This is very odd because we haven’t had sex for weeks. We’d been having difficulty getting along and sex was off the table ever since we had a big fight.

“Hey why are you putting that in?” I asked. “Because I don’t want to get pregnant, I would imagine.” She replied in her usual smartass way. After she had it inserted she finished pulling up her panties and pantyhose. “Oh really, you plan on having intercourse with someone tonight?” “Yes, as a matter of fact I do.” She then went to her dresser drawer and pulled out a panty girdle and started pulling it on. It was a girdle I hadn’t seen before. “Did you get a new girdle?” “Yes, not that it’s any of your business.”

It was a very firm looking high waist long leg girdle. Very sexy, she looked amazing after struggling to get into it. While admiring her slim tightly girdled figure I watched as she put her dress on then she asked me to zip her up. I thought I’d play along with her little game. “So who do you plan on hooking up with tonight?” “None of your business.” She replied while checking herself in the mirror. “Definitely not you, tonight I’m having someone special.”

“Okay fine.” I left the bedroom in a huff before I completely lost my temper. She was just playing with my emotions and trying to make me jealous. She wasn’t having intercourse with anyone else. She was much to conservative.

Finally she came out to the car and got in. Our sixteen year old son was in the back. We went to the restaurant and had a nice meal and actually had some enjoyable conversation. She sat next to me in the booth and actually held my hand for awhile. Ashley was very sweet and even flirtatious. She even let me put my hand on her thigh, I enjoyed feeling her girdle through her dress. I was convinced I was getting laid tonight.

After paying the bill we went for a ride around town just because it was such a nice evening. After arriving home we went inside and watched some television for a couple hours. Ashley and Jason sat together on the sofa and I sat across from them in the recliner.

Ashley had thrown a blanket over herself and our son because she said she was chilly in her summer dress. After awhile she stood and while looking at me asked Jason to unzip her dress. After her dress was on the floor she cuddled next to Jason underneath the blanket, continuing to look towards me for my reaction.

“What are you doing, your in your underwear Ashley?” I asked very confused. “Well Jim you haven’t been satisfying my sexual needs for awhile now so starting tonight Jason is going to be taking care of me.” Ashley french kissed Jason passionately for several seconds before coming up for air. “Ashley quite pretending to seduce Jason, it’s so mean, your going to get him all worked up and horny.”

I’m not pretending, Jason and I are going to have sex, you can stay and watch or you can go downstairs, it’s up to you. But one thing for sure Jason is going to be fucking me, so don’t even think about interfering if you ever want to screw me again.”

Jim was shocked to say the least. He couldn’t believe what was happening, and quickly became insanely jealous. Was his son going to fuck his wife in front of him? Ashley must be bluffing, Jim thought. “Ashley your not going to have sex with Jason. That would be committing incest. I don’t think you’re going to do that.”

“But Jim, don’t you see, I want to have Jason inside me. Your the only guy I’ve ever been with. I want more. Not having sex with you has made me realize that. It’s your fault for not servicing me like you should, this is happening because you’ve neglected me. So stay or leave, it’s up to you, but shut the hell up and let me be with Jason.”

I didn’t know what to say or how to react. It became clear to me that Ashley was definitely going to have sex with our son. I could tell by the look on Jason’s face he was horny as hell and anxious to fuck his mom. He looked at her with lustful eyes, he obviously found Ashley hot and sexually attractive.

I then watched as Ashley got out from underneath the blanket and keeled on the floor in front of Jason. “Sweetheart let’s take your clothes off. Ashley took her son’s polo shirt off and tossed it aside. Then she undid his belt, and zipper on his jeans. Jason lifted himself up as Ashley pulled his jeans and boxers down in one motion.

Jason’s fully erect cock sprang up from being confined as Ashley pulled them down. At about 7 inches and a nice girth Ashley new she was going to have a wonderful time with her son.

Jim still couldn’t believe Ashley would actually fuck their son but it was starting to look that way. Actually she had to let Jason screw her now. If Ashley backed out now Jason would be devastated. To come this close to getting laid and getting nothing would be very cruel. Jim knew it was going to happen, his wife was about to have intercourse with their teenage son.

“Okay Jason I want you to take my underwear off.” Ashley stood and faced her husband and smiled. “Are you still here? You really want to see Jason’s cock going inside me?”

Jim said nothing at first but then in a panic said, “It’s been a couple hours since you put the spermicide capsule in. Don’t you think you should put another in before Jason fucks you?” “That’s probably a good idea Jim, while Jason gets me out of this tight panty girdle why don’t you go and get me one.”

I got up and went to the bathroom and found the spermicide where Ashley has always kept them. I opened the box, took one capsule out and returned to the living room. Ashley was just stepping out of her pantyhose and panties tossing them on the sofa next to her girdle and bra. She was completely naked in front of Jason for the first time, at least as far as I know.

“Okay Jim, did you get one?” “Yes right here” Jim showed Ashley the spermicide in his hand. Ashley walked over to her husband and after putting her foot up on the recliner said, “Okay then put it inside me as far as you can.” “I took the spermicide out of its wrapper and after finding Ashley’s wet hole I pushed it in with my middle finger as far as I could.

Then as I looked up at Ashley I started to rub her g-spot. She didn’t object and actually started to gyrating her hips to my stimulation. She got very wet in a few seconds and even knelt down and kissed me. “Okay honey nice try, but Jason is fucking me tonight.”

With that she went to Jason and sat on his lap. Jason’s cock was between his stomach and his mom’s. Ashley started to French kiss Jason and stroke Jason’s cock with her hand. After a couple minutes she started raising herself up running her pussy lips up and down her son’s very excited young cock. But never high enough so Jason could enter her. Jason kept trying to lift his mom up far enough but Ashley resisted. Ashley kept having sexual foreplay with her son as Jim watched.

Then after teasing her son long enough she raised herself up reached down and positioned the tip of Jason’s cock with her opening. Then very slowly lowered herself onto her son’s horny cock. All 7 inches were inside Ashley as she sat on her son’s lap. “Oh my Jason you feel wonderful. I’m so glad we’re doing this.” Jason was so overwhelmed he couldn’t even talk. He just hugged his mom tightly and breathed heavily.

From wear Jim was sitting in the recliner he could see Jason’s hard cock poking up into Ashley. He couldn’t believe he was watching his wife and son having intercourse. Jason’s cock was inside his mother and she was enjoying it. Ashley looked over her shoulder at Jim and with a very shaky voice said, “Are you jealous? Your son is fucking me with his beautiful cock.” Ashley was very turned on and about to orgasm at any moment. Suddenly she started riding Jason and had a strong orgasm as she hugged her son. The act of having sex with her son was making Ashley’s sexual fantasies a reality.

As Jim watched the two fucking he became insanely jealous. Seeing another cock in Ashley’s pussy was devastating. But he knew there was nothing he could do that wouldn’t just make matters worse. Jim saw his sons balls tighten up and knew Jason was about to inseminate his mother. He was glad this insane craziness would soon be over.

Then as expected it happened. Jason ejaculated his sperm into Ashley and she had another orgasm as he did. All was over in a few seconds. Jason quickly deflated and slipped from his mom’s pussy. Ashley climbed off Jason exhausted and trying to catch her breath. “Wow! Jason that was incredible, thank you. We’ll do it again sometime okay?” Jason was completely out-of-it trying to process what had just happened. “Okay mom……..I’d….ah I would like that.”
Jason just had his cock inside his mother, and he couldn’t get over how great it felt to orgasm into her. Now that he had had his sexual release he felt so embarrassed. Especially towards his dad. He’s violated his dad’s wife. He suddenly felt great remorse for what he had done. Jason jumped up in a panic, grabbed his clothes and ran off to his bedroom with his wet cock swinging between his legs.

That left Ashley and Jim sitting looking at one another, Ashley had covered herself with the blanket when Jason went to his room. After a few awkward moments Jim spoke, “So did you enjoy yourself?” “Yes very much, having Jason’s sperm inside me is very special. His young cock felt amazing.” “Are you going to have sex with him again or was this a one time thing?” “Jim, I already told Jason we would do it again, actually I want it as much as he does.”

Okay well, I guess I can’t change that. I’m tired, I’m going to bed, are you sleeping with Jason or with me tonight?” “I’ll sleeping with you, Jason needs some alone time I think.”

Ashley stood and put her panties on then grabbed the rest of her clothes and headed to their bedroom. After a few minutes they were both in bed staring at the ceiling. “Ashley why are you doing this? If you’re trying to make me jealous it’s definitely working. I about lost my mind when I saw Jason going inside you.”

“Jim, we haven’t had sex for quite awhile and I’ve been really horny for some cock. I saw Jason masturbating in the shower the other day and his cock looked so amazing. I knew I had to have it. Tonight just seemed to be a good time to have Jason fuck me and maybe get you to start paying attention to me again.”

“You know Ashley, all you had to do is come to me and ask for sex, I hadn’t pursued you because I thought you didn’t want me anymore after our argument.” “Oh, it was just a stupid disagreement Jim, I can’t even remember what it was about anymore. Honey I love you and I will always want you to make love to me. Just don’t ignore me, I hate that.” “Okay honey I promise. I hate it when we fight.” “Yeah me too. I’m sorry I had intercourse with Jason in front of you. But I was so horny and I wanted his cock so much.”

“But didn’t you get a little turned on watching me having sex with Jason?” “Well yeah, after awhile I did actually get a little hard. Seeing Jason inseminating you was definitely hot. Ashley, if you have the desired to keep having sex with Jason then I guess you should be able to. But please don’t forget, I need be with you sometimes too.”

“Well sweetheart I’m here now, do you want to fuck me?” “Well actually your new girdle is so cute Ashley, would you put it on for me first?” “Ah Jim, I know you like it when I’m wearing a girdle, but I just don’t feel like putting a tight girdle on right now, I had it on all evening. How about if I put it on for you tomorrow and we’ll go out to eat again. Then I’ll wear it to bed and you can enjoy me in it.”

Jim agreed and rolled on top of Ashley between her legs plunging his cock deep inside her. “Ashley, you feel so wet, you’ve never felt this way before.” “Sweetheart, I think that’s Jason’s sperm your feeling, he really emptied himself into me.”

Jim continued fucking his sexy little wife till she had an orgasm and loudly called out her husband’s name.. “Oh fuck me naked Jim, give me your cock.” Jim was glad Ashley called out, now Jason knew that he wasn’t the only one having intercourse with his mom tonight.

The next morning when Jim woke up, Ashley wasn’t in bed. The house was quite, Jim couldn’t hear anything. After what happened last night, Jim’s first thought was Ashley’s in Jason’s room fucking him again. So Jim got out of bed, and headed toward Jason’s bedroom. As he went through the kitchen he found Ashley sitting at the kitchen table having her morning coffee.

“Good morning Ashley, did you sleep well after last night?” “Yes I did actually. You guys really wore me out.” “When I woke up and you weren’t there I figured you might be in Jason’s room getting laid again.” “Oh I thought about it, I really do want Jason to make love to me again but I figured I probably shouldn’t.” “Really why not, are you feeling a little guilty about last night.” “Yeah I guess I am, I told you that today was going to be all about you. So I let Jason sleep. That reminds me, I’d better get my girdle washed up, I got it pretty wet last night. Do you still want me to wear it for you tonight?” Ashley teased. Jim smiled and replied, “What do you think sweetie,” Jim kissed Ashley and said, “You better get that girdle in the wash.”

“Ahhh Ashley……. honey, I guess if you really want to be with Jason then go and have him fuck you. I don’t want you to lust for Jason all day and not have him. That can be very frustrating” “Jim, are you sure it’s okay?” “Yes just don’t forget your spermicide.” “I won’t”

Ashley jumped up and practically ran to the bedroom. A few minutes later she came out wearing a sexy little bra and panty set. But most important she had a big smile. “Have fun Ashley, but don’t let Jason get you pregnant.” Jim said as he saw Ashley heading to Jason’s bedroom. “Aren’t you coming along and watch us honey?” “Well I thought you might want some privacy this time Ashley.” “Oh okay that might be nice thanks.” Ashley disappeared into Jason’s bedroom and didn’t bother closing the door. Jim could hear Ashley talking to Jason.

“Jason, could I get in bed with you? I’m really horny and I was hoping you’d let me use your beautiful cock again.” Jason didn’t say anything but Jim could hear Ashley getting into Jason’s bed. “Mom you’re not wearing your girdle.” “No I don’t wear it all the time sweetheart, just when I get dressed for a special occasion.

But just so you know, we’re all going out again tonight for dinner and I’ll be wearing it. Jason please don’t be disappointed but I’ll be having sex with your dad after we get home. Your dad gets really horny for me just like you did last night. Do you understand?” “Okay mom, I know dad wants to fuck you, but can I watch like dad did?” “Well I don’t know sweetie, I guess you can if you want.” Ashley quietly answered.

Ashley was surprised by Jason’s request. But she quickly realized that it could maybe lead to the three of them having sex together. Oh my god the two of them with her at the same time. Ashley’s imagination ran wild with the possibilities.

Jim heard Jason’s question about watching, but didn’t hear what Ashley’s response was. Things became very quiet for the next few minutes. He heard no more talking from Ashley or Jason. Finally Jim’s curiosity got the best of him. He quietly went down the hallway to Jason’s bedroom and carefully peeked around the open doorway. Ashley was on her back with Jason on top with his cock totally inside his mom. They weren’t moving at all, apparently just enjoying being connected together.

Ashley whispered quietly to Jason. “I love having you inside me sweetheart, you feel so big and hard. When I’m wearing my girdle tonight I’ll be thinking of you. Maybe when you’re dad is finished fucking me you and I can spend some time connected like we are now, would you like that Jason?” “Yes mom that would be awesome. Being inside you feels better than anything in the world. Can I start fucking you now?” “Of course you can sweetie.”

Ashley reached down and fondled Jason’s balls as he started to thrust in and out of her tight wet pussy. “Oh god Jason fuck me, fuck me deep!” Jim watched as his wife and son continued having intercourse. Seeing Jason between his wife’s legs thrusting into her was more than he could take. He had to look away for a few seconds and get his jealousy under control. How could Ashley be fucking someone else, even if it was her son. He and Ashley had had sex countless times even since before they were married. Now he was watching her have sex with someone else. She was giving her pussy to another cock. It should be his cock fucking her right now just like it had so many times before. Jim just had to watch and accept what was happening. His sexy wife had found another hard cock to pleasure her.

Jim continued to watch his wife take another cock. She was so focused on her son fucking her she didn’t see Jim watching from the doorway. Then it started, Jason was orgasming into Ashley as he thrust himself hard into Ashley and shot millions of sperm inside his mother. Ashley could feel Jason’s cock twitching and pulsating. Ashley knew she was being inseminated and she loved it. She just laid there on her back enjoying the feel of her son shooting his sperm inside her. In a few seconds it was over. Jim couldn’t believe what he had just seen again. Jason orgasming into his beautiful wife.

Jim went back to the kitchen and waited for Ashley. After around ten minutes she went through the kitchen in a rush on her way to the bathroom. She was holding her hand over her pussy as she went so she wouldn’t drip Jason’s sperm on the floor. In a couple minutes she went to get dressed and then joined Jim in the living room.

“Thank you so much honey, that was amazing.” Ashley said as she kissed her husband. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t get enough of fucking Jason. When he’s inside me my hole world stops.” “Well Ashley, maybe it’s because having intercourse with your teenage son is incest and very taboo, like having a forbidden fruit.” “Yeah maybe, that’s part of it I guess. But it’s a thrill to have sex with someone different. His cock feels different inside me. A when he orgasms it feels different, and his tight young body is a huge turn on. And even though I’m using spermicide that fact that he might get me pregnant is exciting. Anyway I’m crazy about having sex with Jason. I’ve never been so obsessed with a hard cock in my life.

Oh, and Jim, your not going to believe this but Jason wants to watch you fucking me tonight. How do you feel about that?” “Actually it doesn’t surprise me Ashley. I think it would be fine if it’s okay with you.” “Yes I think he should watch. Sooooo……..Do you think he could maybe even join us at some point?” “You mean a threesome?” “Well yeah, I guess that’s what it would be.” “Ashley, I thought tonight was going to be all about fucking me.” “I know honey, I just thought it would be pretty exciting to include Jason.” “Okay, tell you what, we’ll see how it goes and if you still want Jason to be involved maybe you can suck his cock while I’m fucking you.”

“Ok that’s sounds nice. I’d love to suck Jason’s gorgeous cock. Oh that reminds me I need to throw my girdle in the washer before I forget again. And we need to go to the pharmacy and get some more spermicide. Now that I’m having sex with Jason a box doesn’t last very long.” “You know, you should maybe get some condoms to. Jason should be wearing a condom at least some of the time.” “Okay, your probably right, I’ll get some.”

The rest of the day went along pretty much normal. Ashley and Jason flirted when ever they thought I wouldn’t see. But that’s fine, there having a great time acting like newlyweds. I’ve never seen Ashley so perky and alive. She’s obviously thrilled with her new sex partner. Actually she’s really cute when she acts like a horny teenager. The way she dresses has even changed, today she is wearing some short shorts and a crop top. She looks hot as hell. Seeing her dressed like this was making me horny and very excited for tonight.

Finally it was time to get dressed for our night out on the town. Ashley decided to take her shower first since she takes longer to get ready. Soon she was done and it was my turn. After a few minutes I went to the bedroom to get dressed and Jason headed for the shower.

Ashley was sitting at her dressing table doing her makeup and hair in her panties and bra. Her dress, pantyhose, and girdle were laid out on the bed. The dress she had picked out was a cocktail dress she had bought for a formal dinner we had gone to a couple years ago. Very figure hugging and she looked amazing in it. I could see she was trying to make tonight special for me. Well, Jason too I’m sure.

“Ashley your going to be wearing that dress tonight?” “Yes is that okay? I thought you liked it.” “Yes I love you in that dress, it’s perfect.” “Good I’m glad you like it. I’m hoping my new girdle works with it. This dress fits so snug I need a girdle so everything doesn’t show.

While I got dressed I watched Ashley as she finished her makeup and hair. After putting her pantyhose on she stepped into her panty girdle and worked it up her legs to above her waist. After she adjusted the legs down some, she looked in the mirror while running her hands over her tightly girdled body. “I like this girdle honey, it’s pretty tight but it smoothes me out and holds me together. Actually it feels pretty nice.” “You look awesome in it Ashley, I’m glad you like wearing it” Jim helped Ashley get into her dress and zipped it up for her. “You look stunning Ashley, wow!” “Awww thanks, so you still want to fuck me tonight?” “Sweetheart you’re going to have two guys wanting to screw you. I hope you’re ready.” Ashley smiled and whispered, “I’m looking forward to it.”

When Ashley and I came downstairs Jason was waiting and ready to go. “Mom you look awesome.” Jason kissed Ashley deeply while holding his hand on his mom’s firm bottom. “Take it easy stud, you had her this morning, tonight she’s with me.” Jim growled. Ashley removed Jason’s hand from her butt and quietly said, “don’t worry sweetheart you’ll have me again, I promise.”

Tonight the three of them went to a nightclub that admits teenagers as long as there with an adult. It’s a typical club with dancing, drinking and a menu with some great food options. As they walked in and found a place to sit, Jason checked out all the women dressed sexy and having a good time. After they ordered some drinks and something to eat, Jim asked Ashley if she would like to dance. Ashley accepted and they headed to the dance floor.

It was a slow dance as Jim held Ashley tightly against himself. Ashley ground her pussy against Jim’s thigh. “Oh honey, feels like someone is hard already. Is he anxious to get home and fuck me or is he just thinking about my girdle?” Jim kissed Ashley and said, He’s excited because he gets to screw a very sexy girl tonight.” “Awww that’s sweet honey, I’m glad you’re looking forward to it, I am too.”

Jim let his hands slowly go from Ashley’s lower back to her firm bottom as they danced. “Oh sweetheart, your bottom feels really tight, I love it.” “Awww I’m glad you like it.”

Ashley noticed their food order being served so they made their way back to their table where Jason was waiting. “You’re looking pretty lonesome over here by yourself sweetie. Maybe your dad will let you have a dance with me after we’ve eaten.”

After enjoying a great dinner Ashley took Jason’s hand and led him to the dance floor. As luck would have it, a slow song was playing and they held each other tightly. Jason whispered in Ashley’s ear as they held each other close. “Mom you look so freaking hot tonight, you’re perfect.” “Awww that’s sweet, thanks Jason.” “I really want you tonight.” “Oh Jason I know you do, but I came to your bed this morning and we made love, it was a beautiful thing receiving you inside me.

But I’ve promised your dad to be with him tonight. Please understand that I can’t just ignore your dad’s needs and expect to keep being intimate with you. But your welcome to watch if you still want to Jason. I’d like it if you did.” “Okay mom but seeing dad inside you is going to make me jealous, I want you to myself.” “I know you do sweetheart, it’s only natural for you to feel that way. It means a lot to me knowing you feel that way.

After dancing with Jason a couple more songs they went and joined Jim at the table. “Hey guy’s my high heels are killing my feet, why don’t we go for drive and then head home.” They all agreed and went to the car. They all sat in the front seat with Ashley sitting in the middle. Ashley cuddled up next to her husband and put her head on his shoulder. She enjoyed knowing that after a while she’d be having sex with her husband. It excited Ashley that Jason would be watching Jim’s hand cock as it fucked her

As Jim drove around town, Ashley felt Jason’s hand slid up her pantyhose covered leg and start to go under her short dress. “Jason, not now” Ashley removed her son’s hand from under her dress and gave it a little slap. “Maybe later if you’re lucky?” Feeling Jason’s hand going up her leg made her pussy tingle. She hoped that Jason would be able to join her husband fucking her sometime before morning. Time would tell.

As Ashley felt her husband’s hard cock through his pants she whispered, “Honey, let’s go home and take care of this. I’m horny for my husband.” After a few minutes they walked in the house and headed straight for the bedroom with Jason not far behind.

“Jason would you unzip my dress please.” Jason couldn’t believe he was undressing his mom so she could have intercourse with someone else. Ashley stepped out of her dress and laid it over the back of a chair. Her husband was already down to his boxers and getting into bed. Jason saw his dad’s cock pushing against the front of his underwear ready to screw his mom.

“Okay, I have to run to the bathroom and insert some spermicide. Jason aren’t you going to get undressed. You have to be undressed to watch.” Ashley hurried down the hallway in her panty girdle and bra to the bathroom. She was so excited and horny knowing there would be two hard cocks in the bedroom tonight. She could only imagine what might happen.

Jason slowly got undressed eventually exposing his excited cock to his dad. “Why don’t you sit in your mom’s chair to watch, your really hard for her aren’t you.” “Yes mom’s amazing.” “Yes she is definitely that. You’re very lucky to be having sex with her.”

Ashley returned to the bedroom with her birth control in place and a couple condoms. Oh Jason your really hard aren’t you. You must be really excited to watch us.” Ashley put the two condoms on her night stand as she crawled into bed with her horny husband.

“Jason I forgot, would you turn the light off by the doorway and turn on that little lamp on my dressing table please. Okay that’s perfect thanks.” Ashley saw her son’s erect cock standing straight up as he adjusted the lights. She felt bad she couldn’t do anything to help relieve the pressure in his erection. After all, she was the reason for his being so sexually excited.

Then quickly her attention shifted to her husband as he rubbed his cock against her silky smooth girdle. “Ah you’re so fucking sexy Ashley, you feel amazing.” They started making out kissing and rolling around the bed. Actually it was hot foreplay and Ashley was getting pretty worked up. She couldn’t resist, she pulled the covers back and started sucking on her husband’s cock while looking at Jason. She took him down her throat and held it there till she pulled off gasping for a breath. Then back down again till Jim’s balls were at her chin.

Jason sat with his mouth open holding his cock in his hand. Ashley kept looking at her son while deep throating her husband.

Ashley lifted off her husband long enough to briefly speak to Jason, “Next time we have sex I’ll do this to you sweetheart.” Ashley went back to running Jim’s cock down her throat never taking her eyes off Jason. After another ten minutes or so of this Ashley could tell her husband was getting close to orgasming so she lifted her mouth off Jim and motioned for Jason to come and join them on the bed. “Lay down sweetie on my side of the bed.”

Jim realized that this was going to quickly turn into a MFM threesome. But that was okay, he couldn’t stand to see Jason sitting there needing his mom’s attention so badly.

Ashley got between Jason’s legs and while looking up at him, slowly took Jason’s cock down her throat holding it there. After a few seconds she gasped for air and asked her son, “How does that feel sweetie? Do you want me to keep deep throating you or just suck you?” “Omg mom that felt great! How about some of each, could you do that?” “Absolutely Jason I can do that.” Ashley then looked at her husband and reassured him, “Don’t worry my love, anything I do with Jason I’ll do with you first. This is still your night sweetheart.” “Okay Ashley, I’m glad you invite Jason to join us. It’s hot to see you pleasure him in our bed.” Ashley smiled and mouthed “thank you” just before taking Jason’s cock deep in her throat again.

While Ashley laid on her stomach sucking on her son’s cock Jim went behind her sitting on Ashley’s legs. He then started giving her a massage from her bra to mid-thigh. Jim’s hands easily slid along Ashley’s silky long line girdle. When he began rubbing Ashley’s pussy he found her girdle was soaked with her wetness. Ashley moaned as she kept giving her horny son head.

Suddenly Ashley looked over her shoulder and demanded, “Jim! pull down my underwear and fuck me now!” Jim took Ashley’s girdle by its waist band and firmly rolled it over itself down her body till it was around her ankles. Then he did the same thing with her pantyhose and panties. They all laid on the floor in a heap.

“Hurry up Jim, get your cock inside me. I need it now!” Jim spread Ashley’s legs and positioned himself over her back. Jim’s cock found Ashley wet hole easily and slid in with one stroke. “Oh fuck that feels good!” Ashley said as she felt her husband filling her with his hard cock. “Now keep it inside me.” Ashley couldn’t deep throat Jason anymore, She just laid her head on Jason’s stomach with his cock in her mouth sucking lightly as Jim started fucking her tight pussy.

Ashley was so excited about having two cocks she orgasmed as soon as her husband started fucking her. Her whole body shook as her orgasm took over. After it subsided she regained her composure and out of breath said, “Oh my god Jim, that was fucking amazing. Please give me another orgasm with your hard tool. Jim started fucking Ashley again, he couldn’t get over how wonderful it felt to be inside Ashley again. Her pussy was so wet, warm, and tight.

Jim felt himself building to an orgasm so he withdrew from Ashley. He didn’t want cum yet, he wanted tonight to last as long as possible. “Hey get that cock back inside me.” Ashley demanded. “I need you all the way in me.” I know sweetheart, but I thought you might like Jason to fuck you for awhile.” “Oh yeah absolutely Jim, thanks. I didn’t know if you’d let Jason inside me tonight or not.”

Ashley slid herself up Jason’s body till his cock was at her entrance. As she reached down to guide him into her pussy she whispered to Jason, “See I told you it was possible you’d fuck me tonight.” Ashley slid down taking Jason’s cock inside her. It was the first time in her life she was fucked by two different cocks in the same sex session. Jim watched Jason’s cock go where his had just been. They started fucking and Ashley had another orgasm almost immediately. “You guys have got me so turned on and excited. I’ve never orgasmed so easy. We’re definitely going to be doing this again and again boys.” Ashley was in sexual heaven.

Jim had a surprise for Ashley. He got behind her and placed the head of his cock at Ashley’s entrance up against Jason’s cock. “Jim is that you? Is that your cock I feel?” “Yes sweetheart it’s my cock.” “Well what are you doing? Jason is fucking me right now.” “I know Ashley, I can see his cock is buried inside you.”

Jim kept rubbing his cock around Ashley’s wet pussy and Jason’s hard cock getting their natural lubrication on himself. Then he pushed and slid himself inside Ashley along with Jason. “OMG Jim what did you do? Are you inside me too?” “Yes Ashley you have two cocks fucking you at the same time, how does it feel?” “Holy fuck it feels amazing! I’m so stretched and full. “Jason sweetheart, are you okay with having your cock rubbing against your dad’s?” “I love it mom, it makes you feel really tight. Dad’s cock sliding along mine feels good.”

Ashley was very glad to hear Jason was enjoying what had just happened. It was a fantasy she’d had for as long as she could remember. “Oh fuck you guys feel amazing inside me. Jason could you start fucking me again?” Jason carefully returned to fucking Ashley. “Oh fuck me this is incredible.” We’re Ashley’s last words before she has an body shaking orgasm from her core to her toes. “My god this is amazing, holy fuck I love having both of you inside me.” Ashley went into another orgasm just as strong as the last. She actually passed out for a few seconds. When she calmed down somewhat she could hardly talk but she did manage to say, “This isn’t the only time we’re doing this, I want you both in my pussy again sometime. My god this is the greatest feeling ever.

Jim and Jason started to fuck Ashley in unison. Ashley was besides herself trying to process what was happening. Just then Jason orgasmed into Ashley filling her with sperm. When Jim felt Jason’s cock swell and twitch he orgasmed as well, mixing his sperm with Jason’s. That sent Ashley into another mind blowing orgasm. The thought of having sperm from two different cocks mixing together inside her was incredibly erotic.

The three of them laid tied together as one. Ashley could feel her two lovers slowly deflating inside her. Quickly they slipped out and Ashley felt so empty, She could feel sperm dripping from her well inseminated pussy. Tonight was far beyond anything she ever imagined.

Jason laid on one side of Ashley and Jim on the other cuddling. “Mom?” “What is it sweetheart?” Ashley answered almost asleep. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” “Of course you can Jason, just cuddle close.”

πŸ‘„This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.πŸ‘…

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